Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3912 - 3912 Their Relationship (4)

3912 Their Relationship (4)

It was not that easy to wrap things up and keep it from them.

The hatred in Li Zijun’s heart soared!

She didn’t reflect on what was wrong with her own actions at all, but attributed her embarrassing situation to Huang Yueli.

If it wasn’t for that damn girl who was clinging to the Young Master, she wouldn’t have made a bet against her on the spur of the moment!

If that damned girl was a little more straightforward, instead of delaying time in the tower on purpose because of her mental strength, she wouldn’t…

Suddenly, Li Zijun’s eyes lit up.

That’s right! Why didn’t she think of it!

She saw that damn girl seduce the Young Master with her own eyes! If the Patriarch knew about this, he would definitely not blame her again.

Li Zijun quickly walked up to Li Shihong, with a look of guilt on her face, she lowered her head, “Patriarch, actually…the one who proposed to fight with Divine Doctor Li and the others was me…”

“What? It was you?” Li Shihong was taken aback, and looked at her incredulously.

“Li Zijun, what happened to you today? Why did you do such a thing? Divine Doctor Li is the benefactor of our Cloudy Qilin Clan! Why don’t you even have this measure? And you even tried to trespass to the training grounds… You! You I’m so disappointed!”

Li Zijun’s heart tightened.

If it weren’t for her having another trick, hearing these words would have dealt a fatal blow to her.

The mistakes she made today were enough for Li Shihong to remove her from Li Moying’s list of fiancees.

“As the Patriarch, I will not tolerate today’s incident. You will go to the punishment hall later…” Li Shihong’s face was full of disappointment.

But halfway through his speech, he was interrupted by Li Zijun.

“Patriarch, please calm down! Although I am indeed impulsive, there’s a reason for me to do these things, and I did it all for the sake of the clan!”

Li Shihong didn’t believe this at all. He frowned and said, “For the sake of the clan? How dare you say such a thing? If Divine Doctor Liu and Divine Doctor Li are injured, people will definitely say that our Cloudy Qilin Clan is ungrateful!”

Li Zijun hurriedly said: “But… Patriarch, you don’t know what I saw! I was in the training grounds, and I saw Divine Doctor Li hugging the Young Master, obviously throwing herself into his arms! She…she clearly took the opportunity when healing the Young Master and deliberately seduced the Young Master!”

“What did you say?” Li Shihong’s face changed suddenly!

Behind him, the elders and other clansmen who followed also looked extremely surprised.

“What’s going on? Divine Doctor Li seduced the Young Master?”

“Isn’t it? It’s groundless, so to say that the doctor…”

“Wait, I just remembered that Young Miss Leyun also said earlier that Divine Doctor Li had an affair with the Young Master, and she would be kicked out because of this, right?”

When someone said that, Li Shihong’s expression became even uglier.

No one knows what happened to Li Leyun better than him. After all, every time Li Leyun made a mistake, he witnessed it with his own eyes.

At that time, Li Leyun also insisted that the relationship between Li Moying and Divine Doctor Li was not normal.

It’s just that Liu Buyan and the others flatly denied it at the time.

In addition, the two of them did cure Li Moying, so Li Shihong didn’t think too much about it. Instead, he felt that it was Li Leyun’s obsession with Li Moying that made her lose her mind.

But now…

Even Li Zijun said that!

It may be slander for one person to say such a thing, but what if two people say it?

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