Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3911 - 3911 Their Relationship (3)

3911 Their Relationship (3)

She just felt that she had to rush to the training grounds, because the matter was very urgent.

However, Li Zijun also knows that such a reason was simply too whimsical for Li Shihong!

Moreover, she couldn’t tell Li Shihong directly about the bet she made with Huang Yueli.

Li Leyun’s thoughts were spinning rapidly in her mind, and she was so entangled that she wanted to come up with a suitable reason to prevaricate.

But the more impatient she was, the more she couldn’t think properly.

At the moment of the stalemate, there was another sound of footsteps on the trail behind the mountain, as if someone was coming up the mountain again.

One of them immediately said, “Patriarch, did something happen to the training ground just now? Why was the defensive array touched?”

Li Shihong snorted coldly, “I was just going to ask Li Zijun about this!”

Li Yuntao looked at Li Shihong, and then at Li Zijun, who was very anxious, full of suspicion.

He hesitated for a moment, but he still asked the question he wanted to ask more, “Patriarch, what is the situation in the training ground now? I heard that many of our clansmen are dissatisfied with Divine Doctor Liu and Divine Doctor Li, and want to go in and bet with them to see how long they can stay in the Illusion Array. It can’t be …can’t be that the two sides are fighting, can it? What happened?”

Li Shihong’s face was ashen, before he continued: “The trigger just now was that Li Zijun touched the defensive array, not something that went wrong in the training ground. But you reminded me, I don’t know what’s going on inside now, let’s hurry up and go in to have a look!”

Li Zijun listened from the side, and opened her mouth wide in surprise.

She felt a little strange just now, why Li Shihong and Li Qingsong suddenly appeared in the back mountain, near the training grounds, just in time to save her.

Normally, they wouldn’t come here if they had nothing to do.

Now it seems that it should be about her bet with that damn girl, and somehow the news got out.

Li Shihong and the others were worried that the two Divine Doctors were not strong enough and that something would happen in the bet, so they rushed over to stop them…

Thinking of this, Li Zijun was startled, and couldn’t help but shrink back, hoping that she could disappear in front of Li Shihong and others immediately.

Previously, she did not expect that Huang Yueli would stay in the tower for so long, so her followers came in and out, changing several groups of people.

When there are too many people, it was inevitable that news will leak out. It was not too strange for Li Shihong and the others to know.

Fortunately, Li Shihong and the elders don’t seem to know that she was the instigator of the bet!

However, there was no other way to get rid of this matter now…

Li Zijun wished that Li Shihong would forget her, but of course this was impossible.

Li Shihong turned his attention to her and asked, “Li Zijun, you were in there just now, tell me, what happened inside? Betting with two Divine Doctors? It’s outrageous! I personally gave the token for them to enter the training ground, so they don’t even listen to my orders?”

Li Zijun shivered secretly, only then did she realise how irrational her actions were.

However, this was something she couldn’t have predicted in advance.

If Huang Yueli was the same good-for-nothing as she imagined, then it only took half an hour for her to slap Huang Yueli in the face, and there would be no chance for this incident to reach Li Shihong’s ears.

Now that it had been delayed for so long, things were getting out of hand.

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