Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 24 – “Comes knocking for a beating”

Chapter 24 – “Comes knocking for a beating”

Which Armament Refiner didn’t anxiously and cautiously watch their flames while oh so carefully put the materials into the furnace, one by one? Only when the first item’s impurities were eliminated, did they dare to add the second item. Just this process of eliminating impurities would take several hours.

This was even more stressful in the forming of the weapon’s actual shape. Each and every palm strike could incur a different reaction. If you were to make even the slightest error, all your previous effort would have gone to nought while also wasting all those materials.

(Z: These old cougars. -.- They really like to waste time and steal techniques as soon as they seem them. But I guess prudence is necessary, since it out be like seeing your card tower collapse infront of you.)

A more serious consequence would be an explosion.

This was especially concerning for fires of such intensities and sizes like the one she was using. If this fire were to explode, then it could raze the surrounding area to the ground.

Yet Huang Yue Li’s current actions were the complete opposite of careful and cautious. She directly threw all her materials into the furnace in one go and afterwards, they condensed and solidified together.

In the time it took burn half a stick of incense, Huang Yue Li snorted out and stopped her hand movements.

The raging inferno gradually calmed and died down into a weak and small flame.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she opened up the lid.

Lying quietly at the bottom of the furnace lay three different armaments. These three were emitting a vibrant cyan glow. With a single glance, you were able to tell the immense energy contained within them.

Taking out the armaments, Huang Yue Li gave them a look and let out a sigh.

“Third Rank Armament…..isn’t this a little too trashy! As expected. Without any profound qi, my dreams of refining top quality armaments is a bit too far fetched….looks like I need to quickly obtain those herbs to begin my cultivation. Otherwise I will not be able to refine higher quality armaments……”

If anyone else whereto be informed of her thoughts, they would spit out mouthfuls of blood on site.

For an ordinary refiner, the success rate was only around ten percent. Not only did she succeed in one try, she also refined three armaments.

Furthermore, these three armaments were all formed from low quality materials.

This type of monstrous result was too hard to imagine. Against all expectations she was this displeased with this result!

Putting the newly refined articles to the side, Huang Yue Li allowed herself to rest for a awhile and recovery her energy. Afterwards, she threw in another batch of materials and began refining again.

Diligently without much rest, she refined the entire night. By the time the morning rays had started to creep out, her finished goods were littered in small mountains around her.

Since she did not use pround qi to refine these, her consumption of physical strength was great. Without choice she was forced to return to her room. Falling onto her soft bed she immediately dozed off.

Sleeping beside her, the little phoenix was startled awake by her movements. “Zhi ” he cried out as he awoke and flapped his wings. But very quickly, he returned to his world of dreams.

It was like that one person and one pet slept all the way to the afternoon of the next day.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Huang Yue Li was awoken but a series of knocks at her door.

Rubbing her eyes, she sleepily asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Third Young Miss, not good! Second Young Miss has brought a group of people over. She is adamant on meeting you. I have no way to obstructing her…..”

In a single and smooth motion, Huang Yue Li pulled the door open, asking: “What’s the situation?”

Anxiously Cai Wei informed: “Third Young Miss, hurry up and find a place to hide! Second Young Miss has already heard the rumors spread yesterday, that’s why she came here. It’s probably to vent in the place of Fourth Young Miss……”

It was at that moment following a ‘bang’ sound, were the back courtyard’s gates kicked opened roughly by someone.

An old woman shouted out loudly: “Open up! Hurry and open up! Did everyone die? The Second Young Miss has graced her presence here. Why aren’t you all rushing to pay your respects?”

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