Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 23 – “True Phoenix Flames”

Chapter 23: “True Phoenix Flames”

Huang Yue Li’s refined eyebrows arched upwards, “You said you cannot? Little brat, you have already free-loaded for two days. You also absorbed so much profound qi too. I just ask you do a little bit of work and you are complaining you’re tired?”

Suffering her glare, his voice turned soft.

“What freeloading, eating and sleeping for free. I only ate two meals here, and they were all thin rice gruel…….”

“Oh, I know now. You lied saying you are some ancient beast, you definitely deceived me. You can’t even spit out a mouthful of fire. You can only be a phoenix, or your phoenix race isn’t some godly race at all…forget it, forget it. Go to the side. Seeing as you are still young, I won’t fuss over your lies. But you must remember, lying to people is not a good thing to do. You must be a honest child…….” Purposefully Huang Yue Li said this.

“Who said I can’t release fire!”

When he was questioned, the arrogant little phoenix immediately jumped up!

‘You can insult this little lord, but you could not insult this little lord’s race!’

Jumping up, he breathed in and let out a large breath of air.

“Swoosh” it sounded out.

A bright golden flash appeared. That stream of golden coloured flame lit up the entire study brightly!

Huang Yue Li couldn’t help herself but excitedly step forward.

“True Phoenix Flames! This is the legendary Phoenix True Flames!”

In the top ten rankings of flames, the True Phoenix Flames were ranked first. It was also said that it was only the God Realm that possessed this type of heaven defying flame. With it, you were able to greatly increase the armament’s grade and efficiency.

This was a flame type that she never saw in her previous life. Yet today, she easily saw this flame enter her possession!

Smiling joyfully, Huang Yue Li rubbed the phoenix’s head, “So clever. Your performance today was very good. So tomorrow this older sister will add meat to your meal!”

Looking at her for a while, the little phoenix suddenly with a “swish” shrunk, changing back into its fluffy feather ball shape.

Flabbergasted, Huang Yue Li stared at it.

Looks like what the little brat said was true. Just blowing out that ball of fire was really taxing on it. It wouldn’t really affect its growth?

Feeling a bit guilty, she cupped the little phoenix in her hands and placed it on a soft surface.


Heading tilting to the side, the little phoenix fell asleep.

After rubbing its fluffy stomach briefly, Huang Yue Li returned to the furnace.

In her previous life, she was a grand ninth rank Armament Refiner in the Tian Ling Continent. Her techniques in the refining had reached the pinnacle.

But the current her didn’t possess the slightest shred of profound qi or dual attributes in fire and metal. Not matter how high her skills, it would be hard to succeed.

But now she possessed the True Phoenix Flames, making it an entirely different story altogether.

Huang Yue Lie threw in all the materials she bought in the afternoon in one motion. Holding her breath in concentration, she then closed her eyes.

As the golden coloured phoenix flames burned around the furnace, it cast a disk of light on her face.

She sat there without moving for a long time before abruptly opening her eyes.

In the next moment she sent a palm towards the fire, then another one and another one……

In a blink of an eye, she had already sent out more than a hundred palm strikes!

The originally weak golden flames burst into a raging inferno. The materials instead the furnace also gradually began to merge together. At speed in which normal people could still see, they gradually molded into a distinct shape!

If a true refiner were to stand by her side, they would most definitely by stunned by the sight.

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