Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 222 – Escaping a calamity

Chapter 222 – Escaping a calamity

Huang Yueli bit her lips and whispered: “Second sister, I……..”

Bai Ruoqi looked at her pale face and assumed that she had scared her. She couldn’t help but feel proud.

“Hehe, as I said earlier, I did not do those things! And you guys wished to splash dirty water on me? What will you do now? Regret it? Let me tell you, it’s too late!”

Believing that Huang Yueli was at her rope’s end, Bai Ruoqi regained her initiative. Continuously talking, she hoped to overpower her in this momentum!

“Framing her cousin and doing so many secret things! Quickly knelt down and apologize to the Empress Dowager. Only then will I consider opening the net from the side, to allow the horse to escape! How about it? Quickly do it!”

Huang Yueli maintained her calm expression.

She sighed deeply and softly said: “Second sister, I have no evidence. Even if there were evidence, I would not bring them out. Today’s events, whether or not done by you, it does not matter. I do not want to pursue whose fault it is…….if you insist it was due to your younger sister’s treacherous intent, then I……then I……… “

The more she spoke, the softer her voice became until it became nothing more than chokes.

Seeing her this way, the Empress Dowager immediately felt very uncomfortable.

Look at how pathetic this girl is ah. Form young till now, she has had no father or mother, alone in the Manor while also bullied by Uncle and cousins!

Now that her second sister has climber over her head, with various reasons to slander her and throw dirty water on her, she continues to be so pure and kind. Not wanting to account for anything, just wishing to rest the matter.

In contrast, Bai Ruoqi has already been identified but unwillingly to forget the matter and continue to quibble.

Both young ladies from the Bai Family, yet there was such a gap!

Taking Huang Yueli’s hand, the Empress Dowager patted it gently and said: “Li girl, Ai Jia understands your intentions, but the country has its laws. If there really is a crime, the proper investigations must occur!”

Be as it may, Bai Ruoqi was still a child she had watched grow up. Furthermore, she once appreciated this girl.

The Empress Dowager had always had a kind heart. So when the time approached to deal with things appropriately, she could not bear it a little.

Bai Ruoqi practically spit out blood!

Why could that damned girl act so well?

Every time when she assumed she had gained the upperhand, about to win, a few words from Huang Yueli had changed cliff hanging positions!

Time and again, she could not make a comeback!

Was this damn girl her nemesis?

Why was she unable to kill her? Instead it was she who suffered?

Now, she was once again overturned by this damned girl. Was today the day where her reputation truly swept the ground?

Teeth clenched, Bai Ruoqi desperately worked her mind.

No matter what was said, she is only a step away from the position of Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine. She absolutely must be condemned by the Empress Dowager today!

As long as it was not today…….

Maybe Bai Ruoqi’s thoughts were too strong, or it may be something she did not deserve.

Not knowing what to do, GuGu Li suddenly spoke up from the corner.

She whispering into the Empress Dowager’s ear, she said a few words.

“Empress Dowager, Eunuch Qin just came to report that the banquet in the Palace of Peace and Tranquility is ready. The Emperor and Imperial Empress are waiting in the Palace. They are requesting for you and the ladies to……….”

“What? It’s already at the wu hour? How does the time fly so fast?” The Empress Dowager asked in surprise.

(Z: Wu hour is between 11am-1pm. For below, the 2 quarters is self-explanatory but just in case, half an hour approx.)

“It is already two quarters past the wu hour. Seeing no movement from you, the Emperor sent someone to ask.”

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