Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 221 – A vow, what use is there?

Chapter 221 – A vow, what use is there?

Sure enough, after frowning for a good while, Doctor Liu was left speechless. His forehead continued to have cold sweat run down continuously.

Bai Ruoqi’s eyes suddenly shone with hope.

How did she not think of this earlier? What Doctor Liu was saying earlier was nothing more than pure slander. If he really wanted solidify her sins, he still needed to rely on facts. Any ‘so called’ confessions were useless!

“What? Can’t take out anything? Due to lack of evidence, it means you are framing me! Explain yourself, why did you frame this lady? Your purpose for harming my good name, what is it? Is it because a certain someone wishes to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine, so she came to find you for help?”

“I……I am not a falsely accusing anyone! It is you who wishes to the Imperial Concubine, thus harming others!”

“Then take out the evidence? Take it out for me to see?”

“I……I can swear to God, every word I said is true. Otherwise I will be struck down by heavenly lightning!”

“Previously you just committed a crime against the monarchy. A vow, what use is there?”

Under Bai Ruo Qi’s pressing questions, Doctor Liu took in a sharp breath. He was not her opponent at all.

Huang Yueli wrinkled her eyebrows slightly.

Bai Ruoqi did not make a mistake. Doctor Liu was truly unable to obtain evidence, so it is impossible to confirm her as guilty. As a dignified Marquis daughter, if she can be taken down by only a few words from a sinning doctor, that must be a joke!

Nonetheless, Huang Yueli’s purpose had been reached.

Bai Ruoqi had lost all face today and in the presence of so many young ladies; almost all of them daughters of some minister.

Once outside of the Palace walls, her shameful actions will spread throughout the entire country. After today, she will become the object of ridicule by all; no longer able to put up the pretense of a cold immortal fairy.

Moreover, the beautiful image of Bai Ruoqi the Empress Dowager had of her, has also completely shattered.

Even if there is no irrefutable evidence, the Empress Dowager has already made it very clear that it was all irrelevant.

Empress Dowager felt that it is absolutely impossible for such a viper-like woman to become the Palace’s Imperial Concubine!

The Emperor is very filial to his mother, if there is fierce opposition from his mother, Bai Ruoqi chances to become Imperial Concubine is basically zero!

And her purpose, had always been the prevention of Bai Ruoqi’s ascension to Imperial Concubine.

This being the case…….

Her final act against Bai Ruoqi was almost complete.

Today’s act and show, was to portray her as a weak and little girl. And with a tired appearance…… it was about time to wrap things up!

Huang Yueli secretly yawned a little.

Then, with her eyes slit open, her she began to moan softly.

The Empress Dowager immediately went to her side.

“Li’er, you finally woke up? How do you feel? Does your chest still feel uncomfortable?”

Huang Yueli shook her head while clutching the chest. She seemed to struggle up.

“Li’er, lie down. Do not get up!”

Huang Yueli shook her head and said: “Your Highness, Li’er is okay. Just……just then, second sister and Doctor Liu’s words, I heard them…..”

Bai Ruoqi immediately sneered, “Well, since you heard them, what else is there to say? Can you come up with evidence to prove Doctor Liu’s claims?”

Huang Yueli looked at her, then looked at the Empress Dowager. She then slowly shook her head.

“No, I can not. I have no evidence.”

With great pleasure, Bai Ruoqi almost jumped up, “Since there is no evidence, then you must I was framed?”

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