Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 218 – Let’s act together

Chapter 218 – Let’s act together

“Wow, two sisters fighting over a man. This is a really rare show!”

“In order to be the Imperial Concubine, both have torn their faces ah? Who would you is saying the truth in the end?”

“Wuwei Houfu face really lost a big deal this time!”

All kinds of whispers echoed. Not only did Bai Ruoqi and Empress Shu’s faces turn ugly looking, even the Empress Dowager’s turned darker and darker.

She forcefully hit the table, exclaiming: “All of you shut your mouths! Bai Ruoqi, what are you talking about? What competition for the Imperial Concubine! Is this something an upstanding young girl like you should say?”

Bai Ruoqi was startled, and quickly fell to her knees.

She also knew that it was very shameful to say such a thing. But she had lost enough face anyway!

Why can that little slut Bai Ruoli remain virtuous?

Losing face, let’s do it together! In all today, she is determined to pour a bucket of dirty water onto Bai Ruoli as well!

Bai Ruoqi disregarded everything and said: “Your Royal Highness, Qi’er also knows this is something I shouldn’t say, but if it is not said, we may never know the truth! In recent years, the reason why we did not allow Third Sister to enter the Palace, was not only because of her poor health. Is was also due to countless of ugly things, only hidden because of my father! We were afraid she would do shameful things in the Royal Palace, so…………”

Huang Yueli looked coldly on at Bai Ruoqi’s performance and felt a bit of admiration!

At a time like this, she was able to respond quickly with such a story. Struggling on her deathbed, this sort of psychological quality is really good.

Just………it is too shameless!

“Empress Dowager, you do not know, but a month ago, Third Sister had a scandal. It occurred in the back garden of the manor and was witnessed by quite a lot of people!”

“When she did such a thing, she was afraid that it would travel to the Crown Prince’s ears and affect her chances of becoming his Imperial Concubine. Not only did she intend to harm my standing, she also wished to wash herself clean.”

“Empress Dowager, if this was planned in advance, why does she insist on Doctor Liu’s presences again and again? This is her plot, you can not be tricked by her ah!”

Crying, Bai Ruoqi seemed to be really suffer a great injustice!

Cold faced, the Empress Dowager did not interrupt her, but allowed her to finish.

Seeing she did not speak, Bai Ruoqi bit down and loudly said: “Your Highness, you must take action for Qi’er!”

Huang Yueli let her finish and secretly hooked the corners of her mouth.

Since Ruo Bai love acting so much, then they will act together!

Choking out a few drops of tears, her eyes turned red eyes.

“Second Sister, I really did not expect this. I usually respect you, yet you think of me like this………’s okay, I do not want to say anything more. What you want to think, you can think…….”

Saying, she clutched her chest and tottered.

“Li’er, what happened to you? Go and support Third Miss Bai!”

Queen Mother was shocked and instructed the Palace ladies to hold her.

However, Huang Yueli did not give them the chance to hold her. Leaning over the edge, she fell to the ground.

She secretly felt lucky, her pale face instantly bleached; pale as white paper.

“What’s wrong with Li girl? Hurry, the the Court Doctors to examine her!”

After a burst of chaos, the Court doctor gave their diagnosis: “Your Royal Highness, Third Young Miss Bai fainted due to a heart attack! This was caused from anger.”

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