Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 217 – The motive

Chapter 217 – The motive

Huang Yueli was a bit surprised.

Bai Ruoqi unexpectedly came up with this trick. Worthy of being her cousin; smart enough, but also…….shameless enough!

In a timely manner, Huang Yueli made a frightened expression. Staring with a pair of innocent eyes she confidently said: “Second Sister, you…….. how can you say that? How can I slander you?”

She bit her pinky lower lip, about to burst into tears.

In the Empress Dowager’s eyes, her heart felt more pity when she thought of her many years of grievances.

“Li girl, do not be sad. Ai Jia believes you are not such a person! Qi’er, how can you say that about your sister? Ai Jia really did not think you were such a person!”

“Empress Dowager, you are too biased. Qi’er has evidence!”

Bai Ruoqi grinded her teeth, loudly crying out in defense.

“Before Qi’er fainted, she only drank that cup of wine with Third Sister. So she suspects the likelihood of her poisoning the wine is the largest!”

Surprised a moment, the Empress Dowager looked back at Huang Yueli, “Is that true?”

Huang Yueli said: “Yes, we did drink a cup. But it was obviously Second Sister who came to me. The cups and jugs were also provided by her. Furthermore, Second Sister is such a powerful cultivator, how do I have the ability poison her, under her eyes?”

“You mean, I poisoned it myself and drank the poison? Am I stupid?”

Huang Yueli pursed her mouth, a look of innocence plastered.

“I………you are calling yourself stupid, I did not say………”

Hearing these words, a lot of people could not help themselves and laughed out.


“It’s too funny. There are still people who call themselves stupid!”

Red faced, Bai Ruoqi could not believe that a moment’s carelessness caused her to fall into Huang Yueli’s trap!

“You… are mocking me! When Doctor Liu came over, is it not you who suggested the idea of examining via silk sheet? If you do not have ulterior motives, why do you perform such superfluous things? Clearly you and Doctor Liu are in cahoots with each other!”

“What I am colluding in?”

Huang Yueli displayed an innocent expression.

“Second Sister, the examination through a silk sheet was indeed my proposal, but I did that under the consideration for your good name! After all, your area of bleeding………that place……. if the Court Doctor were to see…….”

“What do you mean ? !”

“Besides, I really do not understand why during the examination of silk sheet, Doctor Liu would ‘misdiagnose’. Are you implying that he would not misdiagnose if he saw the patient’s face? In the end, who is his target?”

A pair of curious eyes, Huang Yueli asked in a very confused manner. She needed Bai Ruoqi to clear these doubts.

Faced with this question, Bai Ruoqi met with a sudden loss of words!

She did not expect Huang Yueli’s reaction to be so fast. Once again seizing the flaws in her words!

If Doctor Liu saw Bai Ruo Qi and thus did not ‘misdiagnose’, it would only serve to further consolidate the hidden mastermind. Wouldn’t that mean she be unable to break from that suspicion, Bai Ruoqi?

In attempts to gloss over this topic, Bai Ruoqi continued: “In short, only the two of us drank. If the poisoner isn’t me then it is her, and naturally I would not poison myself. The suspect would fall to Bai Ruoli and she has quite large motive for this!”

“Oh? What motive?” The Empress Dowager asked.

Everyone also erected their ears.

Bai Ruoqi loudly said: “Bai Ruoli has always considered herself as the fiancee of the Crown Prince. So she wanted to eradicate me, one of her competitors!”

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