Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1238 - Destined to pamper wife (2)

Chapter 1238: Destined to pamper wife (2)

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As for those female disciples who were lying on the ground, also stopped their groaning, as a quick sensation of revenge surfaced in their hearts.

Hmph, who asked Ye Xiao to be so complacent? Wasn’t her karmic retribution about to happen now?

Now that Young Sect Master was here, how could she still display such a look which was flushed with success? If Young Sect Master were to disregard yesterday’s relationship, and throw a huge temper towards her, then she would find out that… she was merely a plaything in Young Sect Master’s heart. No matter how good her innate talent was…. how could she possibly enter Young Sect Master’s eye?


Under the public glare, Li Moying’s right hand hooked and wrapped around Huang Yueli’s slender waist, as he familiarly took her into his embrace, while the other hand tucked in the messy strands of hair behind her ear, as he smiled at her.

“What’s the matter? I’ve only not been with you for a little while and you’ve been bullied?”

His tone had a tinge of ridicule, as the gaze he laid upon the young lady in his arms, were filled with warmth and concern.

Everyone nearby was all dumbstruck, as their gazes fixed deadly onto Li Moying’s face, with only one thought in their minds: This…. surely this wasn’t true right? What kind of hallucination were they having? Or had Young Sect Master been struck by lightningand his brain wasn’t functioning properly?

Huang Yueli raised her chin, as she spoke unhappily, “How am I the one that’s being bullied by others? Why can’t it be that I’m the one bullying others? Am I that weak?”

Everyone’s eyes almost dropped once again.

This… what was this situation? This young lass’ brain was also malfunctioning?

Young Sect Master was concerned if she had been bullied by others but not only had she not took the opportunity to lament and whine, asking Young Sect Master to vent her anger, she actually used such a high and mighty manner to speak to Young Sect Master?

Did she really treat herself as someone important?

For highly revered man like Young Sect Master, which one of them did not wanted their woman to be docile and obedient to them. Based on her attitude, no matter how much Young Sect Master pampered her, he would definitely be angry!

However, Li Moying’s reaction made everyone unable to believe in the truth.

He pinched her face with absolute pampering, as he smiled, “Alright, my Li’er is the more incredible, who will be able to bully you? Even I, am bullied by you!”

Huang Yueli pouted, “That’s more like it!”

Li Moying gave a deep laugh and wanted to lower his head to kiss her but thinking that there were too many spectators around, he was afraid that she would explode because of embarrassment, so he endured with the urge.

He held Huang Yueli as he turned around, his gaze swept towards those few female disciples who had been sent flying by Huang Yueli.

Instantly, his face turned extremely gloomy, as that pair of cold sharp eyes, made others not dare to look straight at him.

From his current look, they totally could not tell that just a couple of breaths ago, he used that gentle expression towards Huang Yueli.

The female disciples’ souls had already flown out of their bodies!

Earlier when Li Moying appeared, they thought that they would be able to see Huang Yueli cutting a sorry state. No matter what, they would be able to vent their frustration!

But in the end, all they saw was Li Moying embracing her with such deep sentiments. That kind of safeguard and that public display of love in front of everyone was something which anyone with eyes could see, that Li Moying was absolutely true hearted towards Huang Yueli!

At this moment, when they recalled the ridicule which they said to Huang Yueli earlier, that was like a resounding slap, fiercely striking on their faces!

Li Moying had used his own attitude to prove how ridiculously wrong they had been!

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