Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 1237 - Destined to pamper wife (1)

Chapter 1237: Destined to pamper wife (1)

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Those female disciples present, were all in third stage realm and the highest cultivation among them was merely third stage realm fifth level. So, who could match her?

Huang Yueli totally didn’t need to strike, just using a higher-up’s coercion and she could made them all suffer serious injuries!

The few of them had finally realised that, as all of them were terrified that they had offended someone whom they could not afford to offend, as they had met with huge trouble.

But, it was all too late.

Huang Yueli laughed coldly, as she unleashed all the Profound Energy in her body. The few female disciples were all sent flying on the spot, as each of them spat out blood in mid-air, crashing heavily onto the ground far, far away.

Many bones in their bodies were fractured, and more than half of their meridians were shattered, as they could only flip around painfully on the ground, not even able to climb up.

Their groans were heard repeatedly and everyone who saw this had a change in their expressions as they moved backwards in terror!

At this moment they were all feeling lucky that they didn’t follow these few dumb women in ridiculing Huang Yueli. Actually, quite a number of them had the same thought but they hadn’t expressed it out yet!

But now, everyone had no choice but to admit, that Huang Yueli was someone whom they could not afford to trifle with!

Even without Young Sect Master as her backing, just based on her age, having such powerful ability, her future was definitely going to be boundless. This person was no longer in the same world as them! They could only look up at her!

No matter what entanglement she had with Li Moying, it wasn’t something which people of their level could comment or discussed on.

After Huang Yueli had got rid of those eyesores, she turned around and spoke to Yuan Zeyu who had retreated to a far distance away, “Senior Brother Yuan, are you alright? So sorry, I’ve implicated you. earlier I haven’t finished talking with you…..”

She had yet to finish her words when Yuan Zeyu waved his hands towards her, trying all his might to indicate to look behind.

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment and following the direction which he was pointing at, she turned around to take a look.

She only saw Li Moying’s tall statue leaning against a big tree on the right hind position behind her, that suave face was hidden by the tree shade which made her unable to see his expression clearly. But that powerful presence surrounding him, was totally unconcealable.

Instantly, everyone noticed his presence as they sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

No one knew when did Li Moying appeared at this place, what he had heard or seen.

He straightened his body, as he walked over slowly.

Huang Yueli raised her head to watch his action and couldn’t help but exclaim that this was an exceptional handsome man, no wonder so many young ladies were fighting over him.

Those good looking features and deep contours, totally had not a sliver of flaw. His tall built was filled with the feeling of a man’s vigour, along with his astonishing innate talent and exceptional potential….. even she was not able to resist his temptation, not to mention those ordinary female disciples?

Li Moying walked to her, as he lowered his head and looked at her deeply in her eyes.

That moment made everyone’s sights gathered onto the both of them.

Everyone wanted to see, after Li Moying heard Huang Yueli’s overhearing declaring, what response would he give?

Even though Huang Yueli’s strong innate talent was a reality, and it was also true that she had spent time together with Li Moying yesterday, but Li Moying’s image towards the majority, had always been a cold and harsh man, not allowing any woman to stop momentarily in his heart.

How would Huang Yueli…. possibly be an exception?

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