Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2715

Chapter 2715: Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (233)

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Feng Yunan narrowed his cold eyes as a hint of confidence flashed across his eyes. “But since President Mu asked, I can tell you that I’ll use the land in South City to gamble with you. If you lose, it’s yours…”

As soon as she said this, everyone gasped in surprise. Everyone knew that the Feng family had a land in Nancheng that had a sky-high price. There were many people who wanted that land. Even the Mu Group had their eyes on it.

Now that Feng Yunan had offered to use that land as a stake, Mu Yunli was shocked. “Okay,” Mu Yunli said.

But Feng Yunan still had something else to say. “But if I win, I don’t want President Mu to accompany me. I only want this female companion of yours to accompany me tonight…”

Mu Yunli’s smile stiffened and he interrupted him. “I’m afraid that’s not very appropriate. How could President Feng take advantage of my female companion in front of your girlfriend?”


Feng Yunan added, “I’m talking about dancing with me tonight. That’s not too much, right?”

Everyone else chimed in, “Not too much, not too much…”

“…” Mu Yunli smiled coldly and snorted at Feng Yunan’s overbearing behavior.

“Are you scared, Mr. Mu?” Feng Yunan asked.

“Of course not!”

Mu Yunli had never known what it meant to be “afraid”. He smiled calmly and confidently, his peach-blossom-shaped eyes glittering.

He subconsciously glanced at the quiet girl beside him.

Even if it wasn’t for the land, he would still fight for Qiao Ruoxi.

Feng Yunan’s provocative gaze shifted from Mu Yunli’s face to Qiao Ruoxi’s fair and clear little face. Qiao Ruoxi lowered her head gloomily.

What is Feng Yunan trying to do?

What right did he have to bet on her?

She felt that Feng Yunan must be deliberately trying to embarrass them.

The man was ready to torture her.

Wen Ke’er was the one who looked the most embarrassed. She was Feng Yunan’s real girlfriend, but he was betting with Qiao Ruoxi in front of everyone.

‘Is Feng Yunan crazy?’

The game began. The two of them each had a trump card on the table.

Mu Yunli was given an Ace of Spades while Feng Yunan got a Q of Hearts.

He continued to play the third card. Mu Yunli’s card was another Ace of Spades, and Feng Yunan’s card was 10 of Hearts.

Mu Yunli was winning. He raised his head and looked at the man opposite him. He smiled and asked, “Does President Feng want to follow?”

Feng Yunan’s expression was cold and stern. He met the other party’s provocative gaze and said, “There is no going back. I, Feng Yunan, have never had a precedent of withdrawing halfway.”

Mu Yunli calmly ordered his men to continue distributing the cards.

The fourth card was handed out. Mu Yunli got an Ace of Spades, but Feng Yunan got a J of hearts.

There was no doubt that the odds of winning with three Aces were even higher. Mu Yunli was confident of winning. He rubbed his chin and said, “It’s not too late for President Feng to admit defeat now.”

Feng Yunan smiled. “How are you so sure that I’ll lose?”

Mu Yunli smiled. “Don’t tell me you still expect to get a straight flush.”

Based on his experience, the probability of having a straight flush was really too low. Moreover, one look at the situation and it was clear that Feng Yunan was not good at playing poker.

Playing cards was just an excuse he made at the spur of the moment to take back Qiao Ruoxi.

The people at the side began discussing incessantly. “Maybe Mr. Feng really has a straight flush!”

“That’s impossible. The odds are so small. There are only two cards left. How could it be such a coincidence?”

“It’s an incredibly expensive plot of land in Nancheng. President Feng, you’re really gutsy enough to use it as a stake.”

“So what if it has a sky-high price? It’s nothing to the Fengtian Group.”

“That’s true.”

The result of everyone’s discussion was that Feng Yunan would definitely lose tonight.

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