Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2714

Chapter 2714: Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (232)

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“Brother Nan, did you see that? Miss Qiao and President Mu’s relationship is not as simple as you think,” Wen Ke’er said.

“Just now, I even saw her being entangled with President Qin, and now she’s in a room with President Mu. Sigh, don’t be fooled by her innocent look.”

She could not hold it in any longer and clenched her fists. The veins on her forehead popped out as she gritted her teeth. She was surrounded by an overbearing storm and could explode at any time.

“If she dares to cheat on me, she’s dead!”

After saying this, Feng Yunan walked towards the lounge in a bid to see what was going on.


Wen Ke’er stopped him in time. “Brother Nan, calm down. If you go and look for her now, she will only think that you care about her very much. And she will only rely on your care and look down on you even more. You should go back to the venue first!”

Feng Yunan stopped in his tracks and calmed down. He looked down at Wen Ke’er and felt that her words made sense.

If he were to rush in like this, that woman would think that he cared about her so much that her tail might even rise to the sky.

Qiao Ruoxi lay in the lounge with her eyes closed for a while before she felt better. Her head no longer ached as much as before.

Mu Yunli sat on the chair and rested his hands on the back of the chair. He looked at the girl on the sofa calmly. Seeing her open her eyes, he asked with concern, “Are you feeling better?”

“I’m fine now, Mr. Mu. You must have a lot of things to do. You don’t have to keep me company.”

Qiao Ruoxi was a little apologetic. She shouldn’t have delayed Muyun Li’s time. He was the host of the party tonight and definitely had a lot of things to attend to.

“Nothing is more important than you.”

Mu Yunli’s eyes were filled with tenderness. His deep eyes did not hide his love and admiration for her.

The man was gentle and polite, and his tone was mellow. It would definitely be a great pleasure to be in love with such a man because he was a considerate and gentle man.

Unfortunately, no matter how gentle and considerate he was, she could not accept him.

Under his passionate gaze, Qiao Ruoxi felt a little lost.

She turned her eyes away and stood up from the sofa. She changed the topic. “Let’s go, Mr. Mu. We should go back to the party. If we delay any longer, people will gossip.”

Mu Yunli stood up and smiled. “You can say whatever you want!”

The two of them appeared at the party again. A lot of people came to socialize, and Mu Yunli was surrounded again.

After a while, the crowd parted and Feng Yunan appeared with Wen Ke’er.

The man did not show it on his face. The anger in his heart had been forcefully suppressed by him. He deliberately said, “I heard that you were very good at playing poker when you were abroad, Mr. Mu. Do you want to play a round?”

Poker was Mu Yunli’s forte. He smiled and replied leisurely, “Sure!”

The banquet hall was set up with a special card table for poker. Feng Yunan and Mu Yunli each took a side with their female companions. Many people gathered around to watch the show.

Qiao Ruoxi sat in the crowd and gradually calmed down. If she stayed here, at least she wouldn’t have to worry about Qin Xuming harassing her.

Before handing out the cards, Mu Yunli suggested, “Since it’s a game of poker, there will naturally be a winner and a loser. I want to ask, if President Feng loses, what will you bet?”

“It hasn’t even started yet. How can you be so sure that the loser is me, Mr. Mu?”

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