Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 23 – His Highness the Crown Prince (2)

Chapter 23 – His Highness the Crown Prince (2)

Although Old Zhong had grown old, his ability to pick talents was extremely high. He carefully selected eight guards and had brought them back.

Those eight men were as vigorous as dragons and as fierce as tigers[1] and gave off an imposing aura just by standing there.

They caused that Second Aunt’s group to involuntarily shrink back.

When Ning Xuemo had counted to three, she let Old Zhong take over and went to lay down the rules to the eight guards.

She simply stated two points. The first was that they’d each get 10 taels of silver at the end of each month, if they did particularly well they would get a bonus.

The second point was their obligations. Henceforth, without her permission, they couldn’t allow just anyone to enter the Marquis’ Mansion. For every person who had trespassed, two taels of silver would be deducted from their salaries.

Her rewards and punishments were vocally accepted by the eight guards.

Eight voices, each trying to surpass the others, rang out loud and clear as it combined. their voices nearly shook the shingles off the roof and, once again, it caused Second Aunt and her group to shiver. Their gazes towards Ning Xuemo were now quite complicated.

They would have never thought that the once weak Ning Xuemo, who was often pushed around by them, underwent such a heaven-defying changes! It was as if she was a completely different person!

In the future if they want to come to the Marquis House and rely on their family relationship to obtain benefits, it’s very likely that they wouldn’t even be able to enter.

But to depart just like that with their tails between their legs… They weren’t willing!

When Old Zhong had counted to six, Ning Xuemo smiled while she swept them with a look, “What’s wrong? No one dares to go get it? I’ve given you the opportunity, but you’re the ones who don’t want to seize it…”

As her melodious voice echoed throughout the great hall, those people held their breaths. The atmosphere was extremely tense.

However, nobody noticed, that on the rooftops, there was a black-clothed figure who was listening to their conversations. It was unknown how long he had been there.

The few roof tiles in front of him were faintly transparent which allowed him to see the situation inside the great hall from a bird view..

He was the Sixth Prince Ji Yunhao’s personal shadow guard and an expert in martial arts. He had been ordered to spy on Ning Xuemo by Ji Yunhao.

Ji Yunhao was greatly humiliated in public and his heart was really unwilling to accept it. Knowing that Ning Xuemo’s relatives weren’t easy to deal with, he purposely delivered gold with great fanfare. It was actually a plan to ‘borrow a knife to kill someone’[2]. Therefore, the shadow guard was sent to observe the result.

At first the shadow guard had only been casually watching, but now, his attention was completely focused.

Every single action of that girl had exceeded his expectations, she not only knew how to speak the Beast’s language, she even knew a strange and never before seen martial arts and was extremely clever too. Additionally, the way she handled things was much better than some adults!

Who said she is trash, people must be blind!

If Sixth Prince offended her, it would be an unprecedented grievous mistake!

His eyes gleamed at Ning Xue Mo with unrestrained interest. He focused all his attention on her and was completely enthralled.. Suddenly someone tapped on his shoulder and a voice drawled out from behind him, “Did you have a good time watching?”

That shadow guard nearly jumped up in fright! He swiftly turned his head to look.

Under the bright moonlight, the roof tiles seemed like they were covered in frost. Behind him, a young man in a moon-white robe was gracefully standing there.

His hair was black as ink and the hair on his temples were trimmed sharply. His eyes were clear as autumn waters and his lips were as pink as a peony. He was gracefully standing underneath the moonlight An exquisite jade emitting a faint green light hung on his waist. On his thumb, he wore a big jade ring and, in his palm, he held a white jade flute. The width between his eyebrow highlighted his elegance and pose, like a gentle and refined scholar. He looked extremely noble and his demeanour suggested that he was someone of high status.

The shadow guard almost trembled in fear, “Your Highness, the crown prince!”

Ji Yunhuang, the crown prince of Chang Kong Country, was a legend.

There are two types of cultivation on the Tian Ci Continent.

The first type is the most common martial cultivation which is cultivated by people who possessed psychokinesis level 1 and 2.

[1] An idiom used to express someone who’s powerful

[2] Using someone else, usually a third party, to achieve one’s goals

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