Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 22 – His Highness the Crown Prince (1)

Chapter 22 – His Highness the Crown Prince (1)

Eldest Uncle struggled to speak a few a words, “Xuemo, you’re wrong. Even if you don’t compensate your Second Aunt, you still won’t be able to spend all the a thousand taels of gold by yourself. In that case, isn’t it better to use it to help your family? You should know that every family goes through problems. In our case, we’re really lacking funds.”

Ning Xuemo smiled. Her smile was full of irony. She opened the chest of gold, randomly picked up one golden ingot and weighed it in her hand, “You said you’re lacking money and I, a lone girl, have to give it to you without condition? What fallacious reasoning is this?! The gold ingots are mine, even if I don’t want them, I prefer to feed them to dogs and you have no right to interfere in this!”

With a toss of her hand, she threw the gold ingot and it landed into the Chastity Testing Beast’s cage.

The Chastity Testing Beast looked at the gold ingot by its feet. There was confusion in his big eyes.

It naturally knew what gold was, but it just didn’t know what Ning Xuemo’s intentions were.

Using its paws, it maneuvered the gold ingot such that it was holding it up with one paw.

Everyone was startled and shocked.

As if she was a fairy scattering flower petals, Ning Xuemo threw more gold ingots into the cage. By the time they reacted, half of the box of gold had already been emptied into the cage!

Those that knew martial arts all charged towards her, “Stop! Stop!”

“What are you doing?!”

Countless hands stretched forward, aiming to snatch the remaining gold ingots inside the chest.

A cold light flashed in Ning Xuemo’s eyes, she kicked the lid of the chest which closed on the outstretched fingers that had been greedily reaching towards the gold.

Amidst the miserable screams and shouts, Ning Xuemo’s figure flashed past. She twisted and turned before managing to escape their encirclement. It was so fast that they almost couldn’t see her move, and before they realised it, the box of gold had been taken away by her.

By the time they finally reacted, the whole chest was already inside the cage.

The cage was so big but by contrast the entrance was very small, allowing only one person to enter at a time. The chest of gold was placed right at the entrance, the gold inside gleaming brilliantly.

Ning Xuemo conversed with the Chastity Testing Beast in that strange language before turning around to face them, “If you really want to get the gold then go inside the cage to get it. Whatever you manage to take out will be yours.”

When they saw the proud and fiendish looking Chastity Testing Beast inside the cage, who would dare to make a move?

However they just couldn’t give up as the gold was right in front of them.. For a while, they stood there, looking distracted.

Ning Xuemo crossed her arms and said coldly, “I’ll count to ten. If no one is willing to enter the cage after ten, then be good and get out from here! One!”

Her melodious voice started to countdown, clearly echoing through the hall.

Everyone was in a panic. Eldest Uncle was gloomy, but, as he glanced at Ning Xuemo, he was struck by inspiration.

If he forced this brat to go in and get the gold, wouldn’t that be the best solution?

He remained calm and collected as he approached Ning Xuemo, but just when he was about to make his move…

Suddenly, from the outside, the sounds of orderly footsteps could be heard. Soon after, through the dark entrance of the hall, eight valiant youths marched in, their footsteps light, their movements swift. Their martial arts skill was clearly not low and in the blink of an eye they were already in front of Ning Xuemo. Altogether they bowed, “Young Mistress!”

That vulgar Second Aunt was shocked. Right after they entered, Old Zhong entered and bowed to Ning Xuemo before reporting, “Young Mistress, these are the guards I’ve found. The weakest had a level 2 psychokinesis. They are true warrior and are completely willing to follow and to protect Young Mistress’.”

It turns out that while those people had been making a racket, Old Zhong had snuck off to hire people as per Ning Xuemo’s orders.

When a high reward is offered, brave fellows are bound to come forward. The starting salary offered by the Marquis House was so high that it wasn’t a surprise when the hiring notices attracted many capable talents.

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