Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 28: Leng Wuyan’s Dilemma!

Chapter 28: Leng Wuyan’s Dilemma!

Leng Wuyan sat on his side, her right hand tightly held by Li Ran. Feeling the heat akin to a scorching furnace flame surging through their hands, blood gradually rushed onto her cheeks.

This was their first, real skin contact.

“Master, you should also eat.” Li Ran continued eating the meal with one hand.

Leng Wuyan stammered, “You, you’re still holding me…”

“Ah…” Only then did Li Ran react and quickly let her go. “This disciple is reckless!”

“It’s fine.” Leng Wuyan turned her head and felt her heart flutter.

Looking at the embarrassed Li Ran, a wave of unprecedented courage suddenly surged inside her. She took the initiative to put her delicate hand back into his palm and whispered, “I can eat with my left hand…”

“Master?” Li Ran stared at her in a daze.

Leng Wuyan was a little shy and angrily reprimanded, “Why are you staring at me? Hurry up and eat.”

“This disciple will obey!” Li Ran saluted with his left hand.


The two of them looked at each other and smiled brightly.

While eating, Leng Wuyan said, “Ran’er, I’m very curious about something……”

“Master, go ahead.”

“You’d rather die that day than to not confess to me. Just what do you like about me?” Leng Wuyan said.

She was a little embarrassed, and nervously looked at Li Ran.

In Leng Wuyan’s heart, she was cold and aloof. Her personality was old-fashioned, and she carried the name of a demoness. Logically speaking, no one in this world would like her.

Li Ran put down his chopsticks and thought for a while before saying firmly, “Face.”

“Face??” Leng Wuyan was stunned.

“That’s right,” Li Ran said as a matter of fact. “Master’s face is very pretty. Your face is rosy, your lips are like jade, and your eyes seem to be filled with boundless stars. I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful before.”

Leng Wuyan was a little shy by his honeyed words, but she couldn’t help but ask, “Other than that?”

“In addition to your beautiful face, your figure is also perfect from top-to-bottom. The part that should be bountiful is bountiful; the part that should be thin is thin. It’s not an understatement to say that you’re perfect.”

“Is it just appearance…” She had imagined countless answers, but she had never imagined that Li Ran’s reply would be so superficial. For a moment, she didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

“Under the beautiful face lies a skull. Under the perfect skin and figure lies a pile of white bones. Even an Emperor-level expert would not be able to live forever. This superficial appearance would eventually fade under the passage of time. At that time… would you still like me?” Leng Wuyan pondered for a moment and decided to voice out her dilemma to Li Ran.

“Of course.” Li Ran did not hesitate. “People are visual animals. The reason Master attracted me was naturally because of your appearance. But if you are to ask what I liked most about Master…”

“What do you like most about me?” Leng Wuyan asked.

“I like master’s seriousness when master is conducting lessons, I like master’s serenity when master is listening to music, I like master’s loveliness when master is eating candy, and I like master’s cuteness when master acts tough.”

“In my eyes, Master, you are both reliable and gentle. You are valiant and adorable. You are simply a perfect existence!” Li Ran spoke without end.

Although the confession that time was an accident, these words were his true feelings.

“Do I have that many advantages? Lovely?” Leng Wuyan’s face turned more rosy the more she listened. In the end, she almost buried herself under the table. Her heart was truly jubilant. “I know, I know”

Li Ran raised his hand and smiled. “One more thing, Master’s hand is really soft.”

“Nonsense…” Leng Wuyan was so shy that her ears were about to release smoke.

“I have one last question. Since we’ve confirmed our relationship, why do you still call me Master?” she whispered.

This had been bothering her for a long time. They were already lovers, but him using honorifics with her would give her a feeling of estrangement from him.

Li Ran scratched his head. “I’ve been calling you that for ten years, and I can’t change it at a moment’s notice… And don’t you think that this kind of address is even more exciting for our relationship?”

“……” Leng Wuyan almost vomited blood.

“Exciting your sister!” She wanted to pry open Li Ran’s brain and see what was inside.

The dining hall once again fell silent.

She was absentmindedly holding the plates when Li Ran suddenly broke the ice, “Yan’er?”

“Ah?” Leng Wuyan almost dropped her chopsticks as if she had been electrocuted.

No one ever called her that before.

Too embarrassing!

Li Ran shrugged. “I have already changed my address to you. It’s your turn now.”

“Me?” Leng Wuyan calmed down and said curiously, “Didn’t I call you Ran’er? That’s a good name.”

“That’s not right. I want you to change it to…” Li Ran whispered into her ear.

“!!!” Leng Wuyan was so ashamed that she almost lifted the table.

“I-I can’t call you that!” She shook her head like a rattle-drum.

“All right.” Li Ran sighed, his expression was somewhat regretful.

Leng Wuyan could not bear to see this. When she was just about to say something, her expression suddenly turned solemn.

“Someone’s coming.”

“Who’s here?” Li Ran was stunned.

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