Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 27: Marriage Annulment!

Chapter 27: Marriage Annulment!

His Second Uncle mentioned in the letter that he actually had a fiancée surnamed Xiao!

“Why do I not know about this?” He was dumbfounded.

After carefully listening to the contents of the letter, he finally understood.

The marriage contract was decided by the two family’s elders. At that time, Li Ran was still young and no one told him about it.

In the end, when he was eight years old, he had been chosen by the Youluo Temple and entered this top-tier sect. After that he became a renowned genius.

The gap between the Li family and the Xiao family also grew larger. Coupled with the fact that the Youluo Temple prohibits marriage, there was no longer any mention of this marriage.

This was the first time Li Ran even heard of it.

His Second Uncle mentioned this in the letter.

[Following the passing of the ancestor of the Xiao clan, the entire Xiao clan was shaken by the storm and had been reduced to a second-rate clan.

Xiao Family’s young miss had lost all her talent overnight. She was now an ordinary person.

Their family suddenly mentioned the engagement. They wanted to hug our Li family’s thighs and survive this calamity.

The two families now were no longer in the same standing, so this engagement should be annulled.

However, it was an agreement between the elders of the previous generation, so we couldn’t deal with this matter too curtly. Ran’er, you should go to the Xiao Family to personally annul the marriage.

[With the existence of the Youlou Temple’s prohibition, the Xiao Family wouldn’t be able to say anything about it…]

Li Ran was speechless. “……”

Xiao Family, lost talent, marriage annulment…. what the f*ck is this!

But why did it seem that he had heard of this before somewhere?

Thinking back carefully, he could indeed remember there was a little girl who he used to play with when they were small. However, ever since he entered the Youlou Temple, Li Ran had rarely returned home after so many years and they had never seen each other again.

“Sect Master shouldn’t know about this. With her jealous personality…” Li Ran shivered.

Although this marriage annulment was the definition of hitting someone when they are down, it was the best solution.

“I need to find a chance to go down the mountain and annul this engagement,” he made a decision.

Before this matter could spread, it would be best to have it settled.

It was almost noon when the deacon found him.

“Sheng Zi, the Sect Master is summoning you to the Demon Peak.”

“!!!” Li Ran’s brows twitched.

Master summoned me? Did Master already know!

“Sheng Zi?” When the deacon saw that he did not react, she called him again.

Li Ran returned to his senses. “Alright, I got it.”

He put away the letter and gave it to Aqin for safekeeping. He then headed to Demon Peak.

Leng Wuyan paced through the palace with a nervous and expectant expression.

Hearing the door being knocked, she hurriedly sat back in her chair and picked up a book.

“Come in.”

Li Ran pushed the door open and walked in front of her.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I made Master wait for a long time.” He cupped his hands.

Flying was forbidden within the main peak, so he could only walk.

Leng Wuyan casually said, “Long time? I’ve been reading a book and didn’t notice.”

As she spoke, she turned a page.

“Master…” Li Ran wanted to interject.

“What? If you have something to say, say it.”

“Your book is upside down.”

“…… Cough cough!”

Leng Wuyan was a little embarrassed as she said stiffly, “I like to read books upside down. Can’t I do that?”

“As expected of my master. I admire you.” Li Ran couldn’t help but laugh.

Leng Wuyan blushed.

“Alright, there’s no one else here. Don’t be so serious,” Leng Wuyan said.

Li Ran scratched his head. “Does that mean I’m unserious in private?”

“What do you think? Since you are serious, why did you dare confess to me before?” Leng Wuyan said in an indescribable tone.

“……” Li Ran’s face turned red as he giggled awkwardly.

Leng Wuyan rolled her eyes at him. “Silly, come with me.”

The two passed through the hall and arrived at the dining hall.

Li Ran couldn’ t help but be stunned when he saw a large table of rich delicacies. “Master, this is?”

“Since I have nothing to do, I cooked. However, I accidentally cooked too much, so I called you to help me clean it up in order to not waste the food.”

Li Ran looked at the dishes on the table. Each dish was full of color and fragrance, and not a single mouthful was taken.

How could she have accidentally cooked too much? It was clearly a feast prepared with her heart!

“Wait, what did you say just now?” Li Ran asked in shock, “Did you cook these dishes yourself?”

In his memory, Leng Wuyan was a master who never touched the pan and couldn’t even recognize normal ingredients.

“Of course,” she crossed her arms and spoke proudly.

Li Ran sat down, picked up the silver chopsticks and placed a piece of Snow Eagle meat into his mouth.


His eyes lit up.

Leng Wuyan asked in anticipation, “How does it taste?”

Li Ran gave a thumbs up and said vaguely, “It’s delicious! Master, your craftsmanship is too great!”

This was not flattery. The taste of the dishes were indeed great.

Although the dishes were not on the level of peak chefs, it was definitely at a high level.

“That’s good.” Leng Wuyan let out a sigh of relief. “It’s not in vain for me to get up early this morning to learn how to cook.”

With her innate talent and comprehension skill, no matter what kind of dish it was, she would be able to perfectly replicate it after reading the cookbook.

In fact, she even managed to create many novel dishes.

But even so, this large table of dishes took her four to five hours.

Li Ran looked at her fair face and felt a slight stir in his heart.

“Master, you are really kind to me.”

Leng Wuyan’s face turned red as she turned her head and said, “I’m just using you to practice. It’s not like I specifically made it for you. Why are you so cushy…”

Even so, the sweetness in her eyes couldn’t be turned away. Li Ran had long since gotten used to her arrogant personality. He pulled her to his side and made her sit down. “Master, let’s eat together.”

Leng Wuyan felt his warm palm, and her heart began to beat faster. She let him pull her like a puppet and sat down dizzily.

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