Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 24: It’s over! A slip of tongue!

Chapter 24: It’s over! A slip of tongue!

The north wind whistled through the streets, and the air turned chilly. However, everyone’s hearts were even colder than the cold breeze.

“Could this person be Li Ran?” There were people speaking with unbelievable looks.

Liu Sheng laughed bitterly. “He’s from the Youlou Temple, and he’s so young, yet his cultivation is profound. Other than the Sheng Zi of the Devil Sect, who else can he be?”


Everyone seemed to be splashed with cold water.

Li Ran, the Sheng Zi of the Devil Sect. His innate talent was beyond compare, and he was born with a Daoist Mark.

At the age of eight, he entered the Youlou Temple. At the age of twelve, he had reached Foundation Establishment, and at the age of seventeen, he had entered the Golden Core realm.

This terrifying cultivation speed was something that was rarely seen in the entire Vast Lands. He could be said to be the reincarnation of an immortal emperor!

He was Leng Wuyan’s successor, the future sect leader of the Youlou Temple. If he had enough time to grow, he would definitely be a demon king who could trample on the entire vast land in the future!

He was also listed as the focus of the major sects.

Who would have thought that Wang Yue’s drunken words would actually provoke such a person to personally take action?

Wang Yue’s death wasn’t unjust.

Liu Sheng stood up and said, “This is the enmity between Youluo Temple and the Wang Family. It has nothing to do with our Liu Family. Brothers, I will take my leave first!”

He then turned around and left directly.

The others all reacted.

“This matter has nothing to do with our Zhang family!”

“So is the Sun family. Wang Yue and I are not familiar with each other at all!”

“I’m just passing by tonight. The Meng Clan didn’t participate in this!”

Just now, they had exchanged cups with Wang Yue to seek cooperation, but now, they were itching to get rid of him.

They were done with the Wang Family and they didn’t want to be buried with them.

That was the might of the Youlou Temple!

All the clans and families in Coldwind City were tied up together, but with all clans tied up together, they were incomparable to the Youlou Temple!

“This group of old dogs! Just now, you were flattering Young Master, but now that something happened, you wanted to be clear of responsibility?!” Wang Yue’s bodyguard shouted angrily.

They had come from Lin City to protect Wang Yue’s safety. Now that Wang Yue had died, they definitely didn’t have any good juice to eat!

“I will report it to the Patriarch! Just wait for the Wang Family’s punishment!” the leader of the guards spoke righteously.

Hearing this, everyone paused for a moment and looked at each other wordlessly.

“Wang Family isn’t worthy in the eyes of the Youlou Temple… However, for us, this is indeed quite a problem.” Liu Sheng sighed.

Hmph, it’s good you’re afraid!” The leader of the guards said complacently.

The crowd didn’t pay any attention to him and went on to exchange views with a low voice.

“Therefore, this matter must not spread.”

“Then we can only exterminate them.”

“Zhang Family seconded.”

“The Sun Family seconded.”

“Meng Clan…”

The guard leader was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go.” Liu Sheng revealed a sinister smile.

“Kill them!”

Blood sprayed out, and the empty street once again howled in pain.

Li Ran returned to the sect and took a warm bath under Aqin’s services.

Today was the first time he had killed anyone since he had crossed over. However, he didn’t have any guilty feelings. Instead, he took it for granted.

This world was originally a chaotic world. It was a world where people had to kill each other to live an extra day!

It would take tens of millions of reasons to survive, but only one reason would be enough to get killed.

Wang Yue was indeed a damned person.

When the system released the mission, it displayed the evil that the other party had done.

Of course, Li Ran was not interested in speaking for the righteous.

Even if there were no missions, Wang Yue would also die today!

As for that wretched man…

It was purely because he heard what this wretched man had said earlier, “Superior goods…They’re all from good families. They’ve been drugged… “. He felt that this fellow was too disgusting and just cut him off by the way.

He summoned the system.

【Mission complete】

【Degree of completion: Perfect】

【Obtained an advanced treasure chest *1.】

Li Ran opened the treasure chest.

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the divine ability ‘Demon Thrashing Fist’】

“Divine Ability?” His heart skipped a beat.

This was the first time he had received a divine ability as a reward. He looked closely at the introduction to the reward.

The Demon Thrashing Fist was a Buddhist Divine Skill. When one uses his full strength, his arms will erupt with golden light, and Qi will be manifested on his fingers like a spinning wheel, emitting out dazzling light!

With a single punch, the fiendish demons would wail and howl!

It was said to be a powerful skill both for traveling and at home, killing demons, and eliminating evil spirits!

“Good stuff!”

Li Ran expressed his satisfaction.

He extended his right hand and circulated his divine ability. His hand immediately erupted with blazing white light, illuminating the bedroom like it was daytime.

His right hand was translucent, and he could even see the bones and blood vessels beneath his skin as if they were made of white jade!

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Aqin excitedly clapped. “Sheng Zi, what’s the name of this move?”

Li Ran raised the brightness of the skill by three levels, then waved his hand and the white light went out.

“This move is called a ‘flashlight’.”

“What a powerful flashlight!”

“Oh?” Li Ran said curiously,” Can you understand this move?”

Aqin shook her head and said seriously, “I don’t understand. However, Sheng Zi’s divine ability is definitely the most powerful.”


Li Ran couldn’t help but laugh as he pinched her little face. “You’re such a blind idiot.”

“Hehe.” Aqin smiled charmingly.

Although she didn’t know what blind idiot was, this kind of contact made her very happy.

“By the way, Lord Sheng Zi, you came back late today. Have you been cultivating?” as she massaged him, she asked.

Li Ran leaned comfortably into the bucket and replied casually, “No, I went on a date with the Sect Master tonight.”

“A date with the Sect Master?”

Aqin stared at him blankly.

Li Ran: ┌(。д。)┐

F*ck, my mouth slipped!

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