Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 23: Dark Moonlight, Breeze, Night of Murder!

Chapter 23: Dark Moonlight, Breeze, Night of Murder!

The same night…

Wang Yue’s group wobbled along the empty street.

Because their destination wasn’t too far and they wanted to sober up, they chose to walk instead of sitting on a sedan chair.

At this moment, the pedestrian light in the city had already been extinguished.

What’s left were the extinguished red lanterns on both sides of the road that were hanging high and the reflection of the dark moonlight that remained.

The winter night wind whimpered, blowing the floating snow off the ground and fluttering in the air.

Hiss, why does it feel a little chilly here…” one of them whispered.

“Chilly? Are you afraid of ghosts?” Wang Yue laughed.

“No, but I feel a little chill from behind,” the man explained.

“Do you feel your back aching too? When you pee, you probably also can’t empty your bladder.” Wang Yue patted him on the shoulder. “Brother, you’re probably crippled down there.”


“Liu Sheng, I said you can’t…!” There was a burst of laughter.

Wang Yue chuckled and said, “If there are women in your family, I can help you take care of them for free. Don’t thank me. It’s all a brother’s responsibility.”

Liu Sheng’s face turned red and he gritted his teeth, saying nothing.

Wang Yue strutted forward and that wretched man suddenly grabbed him.


“What? You’re also afraid of ghosts?” Wang Yue said impatiently.

The wretched man shook his head and pointed at the front. “There seems to be someone ahead…”

“Huh?” Wang Yue looked and saw a man standing in the middle of the street. His white clothes were very conspicuous in the night.

“It’s just some person? Are we not humans as well?” Wang Yue scoffed and did not take the white figure seriously.

When they got close, he even made a joke. “Brother, are you pretending to be a snowman in the middle of the night?”

Li Ran smiled. “Young Master Wang is quite humorous.”

“You know me?”

“Lin City Wang Family’s Eldest Young Master, how could I not know you?”

The few of them looked at each other and noticed that something was wrong.

However, Wang Yue didn’t realize it because of the function of alcohol.

“You have a good eye! I didn’t expect my big name to reach this Cold Wind City. Haha!”

Li Ran nodded. “Of course, Young Master Wang is notoriously bold.”

“Huh?” Wang Yue was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Li Ran’s smile was chilly. “You were rude and insulted the Sect Master of the Youluo Temple and the Emperor-level expert Leng Wuyan in public. Do you think you’re brave?”


No matter how slow Wang Yue’s nerves were, he could also realize something was wrong at this moment. He took two steps back and said sternly, “Who are you?!”

“There were many people talking behind her back in the world, so you think I couldn’t kill them all? I’ll come at them one by one!” Li Ran’s eyes were deep. “Let’s start with you.”

“Stop him!” Wang Yue exclaimed and quickly retreated.

The bodyguards rushed forward. However, in a blink of an eye, Li Ran’s figure had already disappeared in place.

Wang Yue had just taken two steps when someone patted him on the shoulder.

His body froze and he turned around in shock. What came into his sight was Li Ran’s smiling face.

“Let me go, let me go ……”

Li Ran shook his head. “You may have ten thousand reasons to live, but just one reason to kill you is enough.”

With that, Li Ran raised his finger and lightly touched his forehead.

The air seemed to freeze at this instant.


Wang Yue’s body exploded like a balloon. His flesh and blood splattered across the snow like fireworks on a winter night.

He was only a mortal and to Li Ran, he was just as fragile as a baby.

Li Ran’s white clothes didn’t even get stained by the fine dust. He turned around and smiled. “Tell me, is he too courageous?”

Everyone was shocked and their backs turned cold.

At this moment, the wretched man said with a trembling voice, “He is the young master of the Wang family in Lin City. His father is Wang Feng, a Nascent Soul realm expert. Aren’t you afraid of the Wang family’s revenge!”

He originally wanted to intimidate Li Ran so that he could save his own life.

He didn’t expect Li Ran to nod his head and said as if thinking something, “Yes, that’s right. Looks like I have to kill you to silence you.”

“Ah?” The wretched man was stunned, and a dark light flickered in his eyes.

His expression froze at the last moment. His head fell and rolled on the ground for some distance before stopping.

The rest of them covered their mouths, trembling and not daring to speak.

Li Ran said calmly, “If you want to avenge them, you can come to Mount Xuanling to find me. My name is Li Ran. I’ll fight you any time.” After saying that, he flew up and left.

The reason why he said his name was not to be pretentious. He just didn’t want to blame Leng Wuyan for this murder.

She had already restrained herself. He was the one who had the killing intent.

Everyone stood there for a full fifteen minutes.

After confirming that Li Ran had really left, the rest of them staggered and slumped on the snow. Looking at the blood and flesh on the ground, someone couldn’t help but vomit.

“Wang Yue died… just like that?”

“Just now, that person said that he belongs to Mount Xuanling. Isn’t that the location of Youluo Temple?”

“It’s just a drunken spout, yet it can’t escape their ears and eyes. The top-level Devil Sect is truly terrifying!” Their faces were filled with fear.

They would never have thought that the Sect Master of Youluo Temple was just sitting next to them…

“Wait!” Liu Sheng exclaimed, “What did he say he was called? Li Ran?”

They became silent.

“Li, Li Ran?!”

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