Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 2: Confession Artifact!

Chapter 2: Confession Artifact!

Confession… Li Ran fell into deep thought.

This seemed very simple, but it had two difficult problems. First, the Youluo Temple* was a top-level devil sect. It had numerous rules and precepts, among which was a prohibition that could not be broken. It was forbidden to have a relationship amongst disciples.

[*T/N: Youluo Temple is the name of the male lead’s sect.]

This rule had been personally issued by the sect master, Leng Wuyan, in hopes that the disciples would focus on cultivation. She herself set an example. She never had a scandal with anyone. There were even rumors of outsiders calling her a “Cold Steel Old Woman”.

Thinking of his beautiful master’s punishing methods, Li Ran couldn’t help but shiver. If this matter were to be revealed, he would be dead meat. However, in order to complete the mission, he could not waver.

The second problem was whom to confess to. Li Ran was the Sheng Zi of the Youluo Temple, he should be indifferent and vicious. Confessing to a girl did not fit his personality.

In order not to arouse others’ suspicion, he had to guarantee his success in one swoop.

Who do I choose…

After deep contemplation, Li Ran finally chose his junior sister as the confessional target. That girl was obsessed with him. She was like a bug creeping on him all day so his success rate should be very high.

The most important point was that she was usually absent-minded, it seemed that her IQ wasn’t high, so she wouldn’t get suspicious.

Thinking of this, Lin Ran decided to take action. Right now, he didn’t have the mood to continue pretending anymore and descended from the mountain.

Due to his cultivation base being blocked, his senses became duller. If he personally confessed to his junior sister, it’s very likely for his confession to be seen by someone. So he decided to confess using a shadow stone, which was a lot safer.

Inside the quiet room, Li Ran sat on a chair with a cyan stone in his hand. The cyan stone was called a shadow stone. It was a low-level artifact that couldn’t even be regarded as an artifact.

Due to its low quality, one’s Qi was not even needed to activate it. As long as you injected your consciousness into the stone, the shadow stone would automatically generate the scene and voice that you wanted, and other people could see the content as long as they put their consciousness into it.

In Li Ran’s eyes, this was simply a confession artifact. But when he was planning to record a video, he discovered a major problem.

He actually didn’t know his junior sister’s name!

An insignificant character such as that junior sister was just a passerby for the previous owner of the body, why would he remember an insignificant person’s name? This caused the current owner, Li Ran, to be less likely to know!

Alright, since it is so, it’s better not to say her name than to get it wrong.

Li Ran closed his eyes and focused his mind on portraying the scene he wanted to show inside the stone.

He first praised her beauty then expressed how much he loved her. Omitting ten thousand words @$%#* that aren’t suitable for children here…

With junior sister’s innocence, he was certain his video would make her heart skip a beat and she would cry wanting to have his baby.

In just a half of an incense stick’s time, the video was done. Li Ran carefully checked and confirmed that there was no problem with the scene and then put the stone in a sandalwood box. He then furtively headed to the junior sister’s residence.

When he arrived, it just so happened that her window was open. Once Li Ran made sure that there was no one nearby, he threw the sandalwood box through the window and watched it land on the table.

Anyway, the time limit is twenty-four hours. Even if the shadow stone doesn’t work, I still have enough time to confess in person.

With that, Li Ran clapped his hands and then left.

After a while, amid a bustle of chatterings, several young female disciples appeared…

Sigh, Elder Sun has already delayed me for too long. When I rushed to the mountaintop, Sheng Zi had already left,” said one pretty girl.

She was obviously disappointed at not being able to catch a glimpse of Li Ran in time.

“Xinran, You keep pestering Sheng Zi every day. Be careful, if you were to displease him, he might catch you and turn you into his Human Cauldron!” others joked.

[TL note: Dual cultivation is consensual and has both sides benefit and get stronger, while cultivation using a human cauldron is closer to rape and only the person using the human cauldron benefits, not both parties. Usually, capturing a person as a human cauldron will provide faster results than dual cultivation.]

Lu Xinran clenched her small fist and firmly said, “If I can increase the cultivation of Sheng Zi, what’s wrong with becoming his Human Cauldron? I am willing!”

“Tsk, you really are a loyal supporter of Sheng Zi.”

“Of course, I like lord Sheng Zi the most!”

The girls talked as they returned back to their respective rooms.

After entering the room, Lu Xinran languidly collapsed on the chair.

“So tired~”

At this time, a female disciple passed by her door and asked, “It should be the time to handle the pill for the assessment. Since I am visiting the sect master, do you want me to take yours to the sect master?”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

Lu Xinran caught a glimpse of the sandalwood box on the table. Then she picked it up without much thought and handed it to the female sister, “I have to trouble Sister.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

The female disciple took the box and threw it into the storage ring alongside several boxes with similar designs.

Leng Wuyan, the master of the sect, although a murderous female devil, she was very caring to her sect disciples. Especially for direct disciples on the main peak, she would regularly check their cultivation progress.

Alchemy was one of the most important cultivation paths.

The elders once advised her to not do everything personally. After all, she is an emperor-level powerhouse, so she had to keep her solemnity. But Leng Wuyan was very enthusiastic about this matter, so it became a tradition after the elder’s efforts were in vain.

Demon Peak

Winter of the twelfth lunar month

It was snowing heavily. A beautiful and peerless figure stood amidst the snow, her robe fluttered in the snowstorm looking like white waves.

Leng Wuyan’s eyes were filled with profoundness as she looked at the mountains in the distance. Nobody could guess what was on her mind.

At this moment, a female disciple came over and presented her a jade stone.

“Master, this is the information from the central mainland.”


After Leng Wuyan took the jade stone, the female disciple backed off.

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