Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 1: Romance? I am a master at this!

Chapter 1: Romance? I am a master at this!

Xuanling Mountain, the apex of the Immortal Ascension Platform

A tall and imposing figure stood against the wind, his white clothes and long hair elegantly fluttering. Several disciples stood whispering not far away.

“Sheng Zi* has been watching the scenery for three hours now, doesn’t he need to cultivate?” a young disciple curiously asked.

[T/N:圣子/Sheng Zi, The disciple with the highest advancement in cultivation in the whole sect]

“Hush, what the heck do you know! With Sheng Zi’s cultivation level, a flash of enlightenment is far more important than cultivation. Be careful where you’re headed lest you disturb Sheng Zi’s comprehension!” the senior disciple reprimanded in a low voice.


The young disciple immediately fell silent. Thinking of Sheng Zi’s rumored ruthless persona, he couldn’t help but shrink back and dared not say anything more.

On the other side, the female disciples looked at Sheng Zi with adoring gazes.

“Sheng Zi is worthy of being the reincarnation of the Great Immortal Emperor. He is entering a deep comprehensive state again!”

“His Excellency’s comprehension has gone on for half a month, right? What a powerful comprehension skill!”

“Sheng Zi is so handsome!”

“Even with his back facing us, I can still feel his aloof temperament!”

“Ah, I really want to become his Human Cauldron*…”

[*TL note: “Human Cauldrons” are victims who are drained of their vital energies by a malicious person. This is normally done through Dual Cultivation (sex).]

However, at this moment, the “Sheng Zi” Li Ran’s mood was not good at all.

“What the hell are they talking about?”


Yes, he knew every letter of this word, C-O-M-P-R-E-H-E-N-S-I-O-N. But when talking about the action itself, he could not understand a single thing about it. In fact, he stood there pretending to be in a deep state of comprehension.

Half a month ago, upon arriving in this world of cultivation, Li Ran had just acclimatized to his new identity- Sheng Zi of the Devil Sect. The one well known for having temperamental outbursts and ruthless actions.

He had once coveted a treasure. In order to attain it, he stirred up a fight between two big sects, leading to one of them being completely annihilated. He had also chased righteous sect disciples thousands of miles for an immortal inheritance once and completely wiped them out.

Even for the disciples in his sect, as long as they offended him, the lightest punishment was suffering the pain of the flesh, the worst being crippling their cultivation. In short, he was a man devoid of the slightest compassion. He was an extremely indifferent egoist. A typical villain.

But such a villain actually had a handsome appearance as if he was blessed by the Goddess of Beauty. He had star-shaped brows and sword-slitted eyes, even the sun and the moon would be eclipsed by his peerless appearance.

So, no matter what wicked things he did, girls would still swoon over him.

“What a fuck, even if I am a villain, why cripple my cultivation base? Are you playing tricks on me, God?” Li Ran couldn’t help but grumble in his mind.

He came to this world with his old memories intact. But the original cultivation base in this body was sealed, and he couldn’t even utilize the most basic technique, let alone cultivate. In short, he was now a cripple with a Golden Core cultivation.

In order to conceal the fact that he couldn’t cultivate, Li Ran had to come here every day to pretend that he had sudden Dao enlightenment. But even so, he now couldn’t stand pretending anymore.

“Your sister… Isn’t this a scam!?”

Others have golden fingers when they transverse through other worlds. Some having peerless magic weapons, some having peerless Cultivation Methods, some having powerful experts as their followers. But what about me?

Except for a lot of enemies, there isn’t even a blade of grass left!

“System, if you don’t show yourself now, do you believe that I will jump off this cliff and die with you together?!” Li Ran gritted his teeth.

【A strong fluctuation has been detected from the host’s emotions. The Daily Mission System has been activated. 】A cold voice sounded in his mind.

Li Ran was startled, then he became excited. “I just said that casually, but it turns out there really is a system!”

【The Daily Mission System, a system of doing one good deed every day, dedicated to rehabilitating host’s bad personality and turning over to a new leaf…】

With a lot of information inundating his mind, Li Ran quickly collected his thoughts. To put it simply, the system would issue random tasks, and he could get rewards as long as he completed them. The higher the difficulty of the task, the more generous the reward would be.

“Do a good deed every day? You won’t make me help an old woman cross the road, right? After all, I am the Devil Sect’s Sheng Zi!” Li Ran murmured silently.

Why did he feel that this system seemed a bit unreliable?

But having something was better than nothing. This was the world of cultivation where the strong prey on the weak. The law of the jungle was interpreted to the extreme here.

In his current state, as long as he walked out of the sect, he would be devoured by enemies, and not even his bones would be left.

“System, hurry up and issue a mission! I have to quickly regain my strength.”

【Since the host is too cold-blooded and isn’t close to anybody, please go and seek a passionate love!】 the system sounded.

【Mission: Within 24 hours, confess to the opposite sex and obtain the other party’s consent to be her lover. After the mission is completed, you will get rewards! The quality of the reward depends on the task’s completion progress!】

Li Ran: “——”

Fall in love with the opposite sex? This is a good deed?

Why do I think that helping an old woman cross the road is better now?

“Please! I am Sheng Zi!!! The cruel reincarnation of the Great Immortal Emperor! Now, you want me to confess? Can’t this bitchy system respect me a little?”

【If the task is not completed, the system will go to an indefinite sleep. Does the host choose to give up?】

Tsk, isn’t it just making someone fall in love with me? I am a master at this!” Li Ran’s expression quickly changed as if he was a puppy trying to please its owner.

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