Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 152: Yi Qinglan: Defiant Disciple!

Chapter 152: Yi Qinglan: Defiant Disciple!

Yi Qinglan asked in confusion, “I didn’t hear correctly. Did you mention the path of Extreme Love?”

Lin Langyue replied seriously, “Master, you heard wrong.”

“???” Yi Qinglan was speechless.

Did you think this poor Daoist’s ears are dilated?

She frowned in contemplation.

Something was wrong.

The cultivation method of the Tianshu Institute was based on the Heavenly Dao. If Lin Langyue really fell into the mortal world, her Dao heart would instantly collapse. But how could her cultivation not retreat and advance instead?


Yi Qinglan thought of something and said in shock, “Don’t tell me you’re treating Li Ran as the Heavenly Dao?”

Lin Langyue lowered her head and said nothing.


The entire mountain peak trembled, and the sea of clouds surged above the peak!

“Evil disciple! Evil disciple!”

Yi Qinglan was distressed. “Do you know that you’re crippling your future?”

No wonder she had done such intimate things, yet her Dao Heart was still as steady as a rock.

It turned out that she was visualizing Li Ran as the Heaven Dao. The closer the relationship between the two of them was, the closer she was to Heavenly Dao, and the more stable her Dao Heart became!

To Yi Qinglan, this was no different from the Corrupted path!

There might not be any problems right now, but what if Li Ran’s cultivation stopped?

What if he died?

That meant that Lin Langyue’s Immortal Path had also been severed!

How could a person compare to the Heavenly Dao?

“Defiant disciple, why are you doing this?” Yi Qinglan said with pain in her heart, “Could it be that you gave up the opportunity to ascend to the Immortal Realm just because of that man’s clever words?”

Lin Langyue fell silent for a moment.

Then, he said in a low voice, “Master, please investigate your disciple’s memories.”

“Hmm?” Yi Qinglan was stunned. “What did you say?”

Lin Langyue sat down cross-legged and released her divine sense. “Master, you’ll find out after seeing it.”

Because she was the one who took the initiative to cooperate and wouldn’t harm her soul, Yi Qinglan hesitated for a moment before she lightly tapped her forehead.

From the day the beast tide attacked the city.

One memory after another appeared before Yi Qinglan.

Scenery from the city wall.

Behind her was a terrified cultivator, and in front of him was a surging beast tide.

Li Ran soared into the air, his entire body burning with golden flames.

“Let these beasts know who is the prey!”

Like a shooting star, he dragged his flame tail and smashed it towards the beasts!

One person’s power blocked the beast tide!

On the battlefield.

Li Ran’s blood boiled as he stepped on the Nascent Soul Thundererous Feral Lion and raised his hand to catch the beating heart before crushing it!

All of a sudden, the demons were in dire straits!

In front of the waterfall.

Li Ran saved her between life and death, and a great battle broke out with Yu Ye!

The giant star pierced through the heavens and the earth, the enormous thunderbolt that struck down with a bang, the Nascent Soul body, ferociously killed the deity!

In the secret room.

Li Ran lowered his eyebrows and lowered his eyes, his back shining brightly. Then, holding the flower and holding the sword, the ancient corpse angrily glared at him.

A single sword strike destroyed the Tribulation Realm ancient corpse!

Yi Qinglan withdrew from her memories.

In the future, it would be their ambiguous actions that would be unbearable to look at.

Lin Langyue opened her eyes. “Master, did you see it clearly?”

“I saw it clearly.” Yi Qinglan’s expression was complicated.

Li Ran was indeed not a prodigal son.

On the contrary, his will was firm and determined, advancing bravely.

In his twenties, he was a dual cultivator of Buddhism and Daoism.

His physical body was steady like a dragon.

His talent was unbelievable!

That enormous Giant’s manifestation was something that no other major powers had.

There was also the world shaking divine lightning and the Six Words of Truth…

She even felt that even Leng Wuyan wouldn’t be able to teach such a disciple.

“If this kid doesn’t fall, he will definitely become the Emperor!”

At this moment, she seemed to understand Lin Langer’s choice.

In her memory, Yi Qinglan heard Li Ran’s words:

What if I am the Heavenly Dao?

If the sky above me is covered in a river of stars, wouldn’t your moon naturally be in my palm?

“No matter how powerful his talent is, he’s only a Nascent Soul now. He wants to replace the Heavenly Dao?”

Yi Qinglan shook her head.

She didn’t know why, but she didn’t remember the figure looking down at her under the pressure.

“Truly arrogant to the extreme!”

Lin Langyue couldn’t help scratching her head when she saw her master nodding, shaking her head, and gnashing her teeth.

“Master, what’s wrong?”


Yi Qinglan snapped back to her senses and cleared her throat. “Cough cough, it’s nothing….”

“Langyue, you’re still too impulsive!’

“I admit that Li Ran is indeed a great emperor,” she said thoughtfully. “However, the world was fickle. With his arrogant personality, wouldn’t he die on the Immortal Path if he were to succumb to an accident?”

“With Master here, I can rest assured,” Lin Langyue said with a smile.


Yi Qinglan was confused.

Lin Langyue continued, “Li Ran’s strength is extremely powerful. Coupled with the escort of Leng Wuyan and Master, how could he possibly fall?”

Yi Qinglan frowned and said, “Why do I have to protect him?”

Lin Langyue said pitifully, “Could it be that Master wants to watch her disciple’s Dao Heart disappear?”

Yi Qinglan was both angry and amused.

“Alright, you dare to plot against me!”

“How is this a scheme? The disciple liked her master the most.”

Lin Langyue chuckled as she hugged her arm.

Yi Qinglan was stunned.

Lin Langyue had always respected her, but she had never been so close to her. This made her heart warm.

“Langyue seems to have changed, but I like it.”

“As for Li Ran…”

“For Langyue, I can’t let him die.”

Thinking back to that arrogant little thief, the mocking voice seemed to still ring beside her ear.

A daoist nun who has never been in love has the right to say that she has forgotten her feelings?

Yi Qinglan was so angry that her teeth were itching.

“How refreshing!”

Southern Wind City…

Li Ran was drowning his sorrows in wine, and empty wine jars filled his feet.

Yue Jianli, Qin Ruyan, and Sheng Zhixia looked at him helplessly.

“Sheng Zi Li, you’ve been drinking for an entire day. You’ve almost finished the wine in the Autumn Wind Tower,” Qin Ruyan said helplessly.

Li Ran shook his head and sighed. “What do you know? I’m just using alcohol to drown my sorrows, but why don’t I get drunk? Where’s the boss? You’re selling fake wine?”


Qin Ruyan said in a speechless manner, “You’re already a Nascent Soul. Forget about drinking, even if you soak yourself in a wine jar, you won’t be drunk.”

Li Ran’s eyes lit up. “In the wine jar? Good idea!”

The three finally managed to hold him down with great difficulty.

“Sheng Zi Li, what are you worried about?”

Li Ran sighed. “You’re still young. Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand.”

Sheng Zhixia looked down unconvinced. “Liar, I’m not young at all!”


Li Ran propped his chin up with a worried expression.

“Master is really jealous this time. What should I do when I return to the sect?”

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