Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 151: Defiant Disciple, Bullying Master again!

Chapter 151: Defiant Disciple, Bullying Master again!

At first, when she saw Lin Langyue massage Li Ran, Leng Wuyan was not only jealous, but also happy.

After all, Lin Langyue was Yi Qinglan’s disciple.

However, looking at her disheveled clothes and how she treated Li Ran, Leng Wuyan felt like she was about to vent her anger.

She didn’t bother about it anymore.

But now?

The head of the Myriad Sword Pavilion, the Holy Maiden of Joyous Unity Sect, the Princess of the Sheng Dynasty.

Which one of them wasn’t a national beauty, a supreme genius?

At this moment, they were all gathered around Li Ran, asking him for his warm words and caring.

“You call this a man of integrity and never flirt around?” The corners of Leng Wuyan’s mouth twitched.

He had probably seduced all the beautiful girls in this world!

Her heart was as sour as a bottle of vinegar.

“This rebellious disciple is truly infuriating!” Leng Wuyan stood to the side, silently infuriated.

Li Ran sensed her emotions, and his heart skipped a beat. He stood up and walked to her side.

Only then did the girls react.

Leng Wuyan was still here!

She was an Emperor Realm great being, the sect leader of the Youluo Temple, a demoness who could kill as easily as swatting a fly!

“This junior greets Sect Leader Leng.” They hastily bowed.

Leng Wuyan looked at them calmly, not saying a word.

The three of them broke out in cold sweat.

Could it be that there was something that violated the taboo?

Leng Wuyan didn’t say anything, and they didn’t dare to get up. They just kept bowing.

Ahem, Master,” Li Ran said, “They are only concerned about this disciple.”

“Oh?” Leng Wuyan said indifferently, “Holy Daughter Qin and Princess Sheng, I won’t say much. But this Myriad Sword Pavilion disciple.”

Her gaze was like a torch as she stared at Yue Jianli and said, “Righteous and Devils are different. As a genius of the Righteous Path, why are you so concerned about Ran’ er’s safety?”

“I…” Yue Jianli didn’t know how to reply.

The Youluo Temple forbade men and women from having personal relationships. If she was to reveal the relationship between the two of them, it was likely that Li Ran would also be unlucky.

Thus, she immediately fell silent.

Li Ran couldn’t help but feel a bit distressed.

As a man, he naturally dared to act. Furthermore, he did not want to hide it from Leng Wuyan.

But Sheng Zhixia was still here!

If this matter were to spread, the Myriad Sword Pavilion wouldn’t be able to accommodate this chief!

But how could he have known that Sheng Zhixia had already seen both of them…

“Master!” In a rush, Li Ran whispered something into her ear.


Leng Wuyan’s body trembled, and her pretty face instantly turned red. She almost couldn’t stand still.

He said this kind of trick!

Moreover, there was someone else in front of her. Her shame was about to explode.

She glared hatefully at Li Ran and sent a voice transmission, “Rebellious disciple, if you dare to speak nonsense again, I’ll ignore you!”

Li Ran cleared his throat and said via voice transmission, “Master, when I return to the sect, I will explain to you properly. Why make things difficult for others?”

Leng Wuyan grunted and said, “You’re feeling heartache now?”

Li Ran didn’t say anything. He merely reached his hand behind her back.

Leng Wuyan’s legs went limp as she stammered, “Alright, everyone, get up.”

Only then did the girls let out a sigh of relief and stand up.

Qin Ruyan looked at Sect Master Leng, whose face was flushed red. She then looked at Li Ran, who was standing at the side with righteousness. But, nevertheless, she felt that something was wrong.

Leng Wuyan didn’t dare stay any longer.

Otherwise, this disciple might have done something ridiculous.

“I’m going back to the sect first,” she said.’

Li Ran nodded. “Let’s go back together.”

“No need,” Leng Wuyan said.

Leng Wuyan shook her head and said, “You’re not allowed to use the teleportation array.”


“Could it be that I have to fly back? Master, this could be considered as crossing the Vast Land!”

Leng Wuyan raised her brows and said, “I see that you’re usually too lazy, and this can be considered a method of cultivation.”

“???” Li Ran covered his face.

What cultivation? It was clearly a self-serving hatred!

Seeing his dejected expression, Leng Wuyan smiled.

Hmph, if I don’t properly punish you, do you really think I’ll let you bully me?”

She took a step forward and instantly disappeared from the secret room.


Li Ran sighed. “What a sin!”

Sheng Zhixia said cautiously, “Sheng Zi Li, have we provoked Sect Leader Leng?”

Li Ran shook his head. “It’s none of your business. It’s my problem.”


At this moment, Sheng Zhixia recalled something and asked, “Right, where’s Fairy Lin? Why didn’t he see her?”

Li Ran was stunned.

Looking at the tables, chairs, and beds around them, he recalled the time the two of them had spent in this secret room. He couldn’t help but smile.

“She should be in the sect now, right?”

Bai Yunfeng…

Deep within the clouds.

The master and disciple of the Sect Master’s bedroom sat face to face.

Yi Qinglan looked at her beloved disciple with mixed emotions. “Langyue, can you explain to me why you did this?”

Lin Langyue whispered, “I’ve let you down.”

Yi Qinglan frowned slightly. “Was that Devil Sheng Zi forcing you? Don’t worry. If you speak out, I will definitely help you get justice!”

Although Leng Wuyan was very powerful, she couldn’t just watch her disciple being bullied over and over again.

However, Lin Langyue shook her head. “Master misunderstood. Those were all done by your disciple voluntarily.”

“Voluntary?” Yi Qinglan’s brows jumped. “You’re saying that you’re willing to massage that Devil’s shoulder and legs?”

Lin Langyue lowered her head and answered with a soft “Yes.”

Yi Qinglan’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Just a few days had passed, yet her disciple with a firm Dao Heart had turned into this?

Could it be that Li Ran could confuse people?

“Langyue, our Tianshu Institute seeks the Heavenly Dao. Do you want to cripple your cultivation and allow your Dao heart to dissipate?”

“Master, this disciple’s Dao heart has never been as stable,” Lin Langyue said.


Yi Qinglan stared blankly at her, and her brows couldn’t help but frown deeply.

Lin Langyue’s Dao Heart was firm, and her thoughts were clear. Her qi circulated more smoothly than before.

Her cultivation rose instead of retreating!

“What’s going on?”

Even someone as powerful as her was now a little confused.

Lin Langyue said softly, “Master, you’ve always protected me so well.”

“So much so that after losing a single battle, my mind trembled, and my cultivation base declined.”

“Such a weak Dao Heart, can it really climb the immortal path, compete with all things?

“Li Ran is right. The flowers in the greenhouse definitely won’t bloom on the Immortal Path!”

“This disciple wants to be an indestructible tree, not a greenhouse flower that can be shattered with a flick of a finger!”

Lin Langyue raised her head, and a star flickered in her eyes. “No matter if it’s Emotionless or Extreme Love Path, as long as this disciple has a firm will to ascend to the Immortal Realm, then one day this disciple will ascend to the peak!”

Yi Qinglan stared blankly at the familiar and unfamiliar disciple.

The atmosphere was quiet for a long time.

“What did you just say? Extreme love?!”

Lin Langyue: (O_O)

It’s over; I slipped up!

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