Pet King

Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813: [Side Story] the memory of the internet

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Any pet owner who had raised a male cat that met the three conditions of not being sterilized, in heat, and not being kept outdoors should know how annoying such a male cat was. Your house would be full of smells and urine stains, and the cat would pick up the urine in the corners that were difficult to clean.

The urine of a male cat in heat was so pungent that no normal person could stand it. If he didn’t keep it in a cage and let it pee in the cage, but peed everywhere in the house, the house would be filled with a sour and refreshing smell.

There was more than one breeding zhongs in the cattery, so the consequences of keeping them indoors were obvious. Not to mention that they could fight. Wouldn’t it hurt if their beautiful appearance, which was worth nearly 100000 Yuan, was damaged in the fight?

If you want to refute this argument, you have to change the habits of cats in heat. But if you can change the habits of cats, why do you still open a cattery? Hurry up and go to Sweden to receive the Nobel Prize.

“But … Why didn’t you just say it? Even if it was a male cat in heat, keeping it in a cage was not something to be ashamed of, right? Why did you have to lie and say that all the cats in the cattery are free-range?” The girl wearing glasses didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Because it sounds good. There are two explanations. One is that all the cats in this cattery are free-range, and the other is that only kittens are free-range, and the nursing female cats are dependent on the situation, while the adult male cats are locked in cages. The former is a lie but sounds good, and the latter is the truth, but will the customers admit it? People always liked to hear nice words, just like why scumbags always had many girlfriends, even if nine out of ten sweet words from their mouths were fake, while honest people would be single for the rest of their lives. It’s the same for catteries. Other catteries are all sweet-talking, but if you tell the truth to your customers, you can just wait to close down. ”

It was not only the pet industry, but any industry was like this. When lying became the default rule, if you told the truth, then you would either become the target of all your peers, or wait to go bankrupt. It was that cruel.

“To think that I’ve seen those catteries on Weibo. Whether it’s pictures or videos, whether it’s kittens or big cats, all of them are playing freely in the house …” The girl wearing glasses felt that her worldview had been hit.

“It’s a pose, classmate, it’s a pose!”He said bitterly. Could it be that in this day and age, they couldn’t even distinguish between posing and real life? When the male cat is done, it will either be thrown back into the cage or locked in a separate room. There is no way it will stay with other cats. ”

“As long as the customers don’t come to the door, the lie will never be exposed. It’s easy for you to prove your innocence. Buy a few second-hand mobile phones and live stream 7 x 24 hours in the cat activity area without any blind spots. It won’t invade your privacy and you don’t have to play the sound. Just play the live stream and let everyone see if your cat is not in the cage 7 x 24 hours. A gentleman is magnanimous, there’s nothing to hide. ”

Even if there were catteries who had done live streaming, it was basically at a specific time period, no different from posing. There was no cattery who dared to play 7 x 24 hours live streaming with no dead angles. This was obviously a great opportunity for the top catteries to promote their catteries and further gather popularity, so why didn’t anyone do it?


In fact, many catteries had their own difficulties. They also knew that cages were not evil and were necessary in many cases. However, if people in the same industry knew that you had a cage in your cattery, you would be dissed by your peers. Even if they dissed you for using cages secretly, as long as it was not exposed, you would still be a White Lotus.

There were too many Chinese people, and they were too smart. In any profitable industry, the pressure of competition was like a Red Sea. Just look at the mobile phone industry. Mobile phone manufacturers called each other “friends” affectionately on the surface, but in their hearts, they could not wait to burn and kill their “friends” first. They would never let go of any opportunity to stab each other in the back. Friends were the ones who hated friends the most.

Similarly, the catteries spared no effort in exposing each other’s shortcomings and stabbing each other with knives. They even abandoned the false warmth of calling each other “friendly merchants” on the surface.

“Of course, there are exceptions. If you rent or buy a villa to open a cattery, like the houses in the United States, and the villa has to be big enough to give each adult male cat a separate room, to give each breastfeeding female cat and its kittens a separate room, and the rest of the female cats and weaned kittens to share a larger room, this is possible. This way, you don’t have to keep the cats in cages, but the initial investment is very large. Even if you rent a villa, spending a few million in the first year is already considered a small amount. A cattery that can meet this standard … Will definitely be very few. ”

“I’ve done a lot of homework to find a proper cattery,”the girl with glasses sighed.” It seems that I’ve done it for nothing …”

“Speaking of homework, there’s a post on Tieba titled ‘help, a deposit made five years ago. At that time, the cattery was small, and there was no such thing as a non-refundable deposit.'”

Zhang Zian said. The post had left a deep impression on him.

“The poster might be a girl who said that in 2015, she paid a deposit of 1000 Yuan in a cattery. At that time, she also did her homework and thought that she had chosen a regular cattery. At that time, the cattery had not given birth to kittens, but the customers had to pay a deposit in advance … It was like asking the customers to buy a house before the foundation had been dug, and in the end, it became an unfinished building. In 2015, the cattery said that the price of a cat was about 8000 Yuan. At that time, there were no cats in the cattery. After a year or two, the cattery had cats, and the price rose to 16000 Yuan. Do you want to buy?”

“If you don’t buy it, the 1000 Yuan down payment will go down the drain. I will never return it to you. If you buy it … Can you take this lying down?”

The boy was indignant and stunned.”Raising the price on the spot? There’s such an operation?”

Zhang Zian nodded.”Yes, as you know, pet cats are priced according to their quality. The problem is that when you pay the deposit and wait in line at the cattery, the kittens are often not born yet, so there is no way to set a price. When the kittens are born, what if the cattery offers a price that you can’t afford? if you don’t buy it, you will continue to line up like this girl for five years. What will you do when you see the price rise?”

“What about you? Other than posting complaints on Tieba, Douban, and Weibo like this girl did to carry out the so-called exposure, what else could he do? Do you think you can punish this cattery by exposing it and make it lose business? The memory of the internet is only 7 seconds!”

Several customers couldn’t help but feel discouraged. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack if they wanted to find a real cattery on Weibo instead of stepping into a trap. The problem was that they had to step into it to know if it was a trap or even a bottomless abyss.

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