Pet King

Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812: [Side Story] illusory character setting

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Consumers who wanted to buy cats in catteries often had the most puzzled and entangled problem. Most catteries did not allow visiting cats at home, and it seemed to have formed a strong seller’s market. Not to mention visiting cats at home, if you didn’t buy them, there would be a large number of people waiting in line for cats, even waiting for the next year.

The earlier you paid the down payment, the earlier you would be able to choose the cats after the litter was born. Of course, you could choose the cats through video. If you were not satisfied with the cats in this litter, it was okay. You could continue to choose the next litter … It sounded very human, but it was equivalent to binding the person who paid the down payment forever. You couldn’t just wait forever, could you? I’ll wait until you’re old, but you still haven’t chosen the cat you like.

If you don’t get a cat that you’re satisfied with, or if you regret it, then the deposit you pay will be in vain and can’t be returned. Even if you hang yourself at the door of the cattery, you can’t return it. You don’t even know which way the door of the cattery will open, so in the end, you can only make do with it.

Even with all kinds of inconveniences, there were still many people who chose to pay the deposit to buy cats in the cattery. In addition, with the public promotion that the Pet Shop = backyard, the cattery seemed to have become the only reasonable and legal channel to buy cats, which further consolidated the confidence of the cattery to refuse to visit the cat.

“Customers who have bought cats in our shop know that I have always emphasized that choosing a cat is choosing a character. Dogs have similar characters, and they are all loyal and clingy to their owners. However, cats have very different personalities. Cats from the same litter have different personalities. Some are lively and naughty, and some are shy and afraid of strangers. As for how lively and afraid they are, you will only understand after watching them up close. You can’t see it in videos.” Zhang Zian said.

“But what’s the real reason why the cattery refuses to visit the cats?” The boy’s curiosity was piqued even more.”We could’ve set up a special visitor room to completely separate the customers who come to see the cats from the kittens. Why not do that?” he asked.

“When you think of a ‘pet shop’, what comes to your mind? When you think of the cattery, what comes to your mind?” Zhang Zian asked.

He answered his own question.”When you think of a ‘pet shop’, you think of dirty, messy, bad, black-hearted shopkeeper, unscrupulous cat dealer, and so on. When you think of a ‘cattery’, a beautiful picture appears in your mind …”

“The young and beautiful female owner of the cattery was lazily half-lying on the bed, reading a book in the sun. A few cats, big and small, were lying beside her. The adult cats were handsome and beautiful, and the kittens were obedient and cute. She held the book in one hand and gently stroked their fur with the other. When she was tired of reading, she occasionally took a look at her phone and saw the message sent by the customer who had paid the deposit an hour ago. She tapped her Jade-like fingers and replied with a few words miserably, then threw the phone aside. Continue to enjoy the company of the book and the cat …”

His exaggerated description amused several customers and staff.

“Why did such a scene appear in your minds?” Zhang Zian asked,”because you haven’t seen the real situation, you can only imagine it based on your imagination. You know what a pet shop is like, so you can go to any pet shop. Some pet shops are indeed dirty and messy, and reality is never as good as imagination. It’s like a Street full of girls wearing masks, and it seems that the average appearance has improved, because you will imagine that the girl’s face is covered by a mask.”


“If you come to the cattery and find that the female owner is actually a 40 – 50 year old, ordinary-looking middle-aged woman, vulgar, hoarse voice, and has one or two big men working for her, wouldn’t your fantasy be shattered?” Zhang Zian said half-jokingly.

A joke was a joke, but the words were unreasonable. If you were to speak with your conscience, if you were to go to the market to buy vegetables, would you speak to a young beauty or an ordinary middle-aged woman in the same way?

“Back to the point. The cattery and the Pet Shop overlap. In order to make a difference, we have to put in some effort into the character design. For example, the cattery focuses on promoting free-range raising, and cage raising is one of the unforgivable sins of the Pet Shop. So, the beautiful picture just now will appear in your mind. You think that all the cats in the cattery are free-range as the cattery promoted, but that is the biggest mistake, and the most important reason why the cattery refuses to visit!”

Zhang Zian looked around at the crowd.”I’m not going to debate whether it’s better to raise cats in cages or free-range cats. I’m only going to analyze it from a scientific and logical point of view. Why is it so difficult to achieve free-range cat breeding?”

When he first met the woman who promoted not to eat dog meat, he didn’t argue about whether there were formal meat dog breeding farms in China. Instead, he analyzed why it was difficult to raise meat dogs on a large scale and why it was more profitable to raise pet dogs than to raise meat dogs. It was the same today. He put aside cage and free-range dogs and only talked about the difficulty of free-range raising.

“Many pet cats in families, whether they are bought or adopted, have been sterilized. Why? Aside from the benefits of sterilization, if the cat is not sterilized, it will also bring a lot of trouble to the owner. For example, the cat will change its behavior during estrus every month, which is commonly known as disturbing the cat. The female cat will scream all night, the male cat will spray urine everywhere …”

The bespectacled girl raised her hand and interrupted,”uh, my friend has a male cat. She said that it hasn’t been sterilized, but she said that it has never been like what you just described … A cat that is noisy.”

“That’s a good question,” Zhang Zian gave her a thumbs up.”She might be right. Her male cat wasn’t sterilized, but it didn’t cause any trouble either. The male cats of some of my customers and many netizens are the same. Why?” This is because male cats are different from female cats. Male cats are in heat passively. ”

“What is passive estrus? For example, a young monk grew up in a temple in the wilderness and has never seen a woman, so he won’t be … In heat. ”

Richard coughed a few times to express his objection, because it did not mean that he would not be interested in other monks …

Zhang Zian ignored it. “It’s the same for a male cat. If a male cat that has been raised at home since childhood has never seen a female cat or heard the call of the female cat in heat after it matures, it may not cause trouble for the cat for the rest of its life.”

The bespectacled girl suddenly understood.

“However, the adult male cats in the cattery have not been sterilized and have all mated. It would be a lie to say that they have never seen a female cat. This means that they will definitely make trouble with cats, and frequently. Except in the hot summer, they will make trouble in the other three seasons.”

“They will urinate on the bed, sofa, floor, and cabinet in the cattery. They will become irritable and aggressive, and fight with other male cats for territory. Think about it, if the male cats are free-range in the house, can the house still be kept?”

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