Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 35 - Proboscis Beast

Chapter 35: Proboscis Beast

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Lin Feng and Feng Xiu had just arrived at the Dragon Mountain Base. They did not know anything about the situation, and wouldn’t possibly charge out to fight the dire beasts at a whim just after hearing the young lady’s words.

That would be foolish behavior.

In the dormitory, the two of them went online to find out about the situation in the Dragon Mountain Base.

After arriving at the Dragon Mountain Base, the two of them entered Dragon Mountain’s network. After inputting their identity cards, they successfully entered the network.

On the network, the two of them saw a striking leaderboard at first glance. It was the merit rankings.

To a certain degree, the merit rankings were actually equal to the points rankings. If one killed an ordinary dire beast, they would obtain 0.1 merit points, and an elite dire beast was worth 1 merit point. As for a dire beast lord, that was worth 10 merit points.

It was almost the same as obtaining points, but there were also some differences. That was, if an inhuman expert who broke the genetic lock wanted to kill a dire beast king or multiple dire beast kings, they might sometimes recruit some people to surround and attack it.

Then, the assister would also receive a certain amount of merit points.

As for the use of merit points, it was very simple. There would be a discount when purchasing the various resources within the Myriad Academy. Those with higher merit points would even enjoy various privileges within the Dragon Mountain Base.

In short, merit points were a good thing.


Furthermore, only when one’s merit points reached 10,000 would they have the qualifications to receive a discount. Moreover, the discount was 20%.

If their merit points reached 100,000, the discount would be 40%.

If their merit points could reach one million, then the discount would increase directly to 80%!

But it was nearly impossible to reach a million merit points. This was because these merit points were only targeted at the level of professional martial artists. Once one broke through the genetic lock and became an inhuman expert, that would be other rules.

If one below the level of an inhuman wanted to obtain a million merit points, one would have to be a terrifyingly bloodthirsty killer. They would likely have to slaughter all the dire beasts in the entire Dragon Mountain region.

Lin Feng glanced over. Right now, the person ranked first on the merit rankings only had 130,000 merit points. Moreover, there were only three people ranked above 100,000. The rest were all below 100,000.

Feng Xiu was already dumbstruck as he muttered in a low voice, “80% off, that’s 80% off!”

Lin Feng rolled his eyes and said, “Take a closer look at the merit points you need. One million merit points. You’ll have to slaughter all the dire beasts in the entire Dragon Mountain Base. Forget about one million merit points, even ten thousand merit points would be quite difficult.”

Indeed, 10,000 merit points was nearly equivalent to killing a thousand dire beast lords. That sounded difficult enough, let alone 100,000 merit points.

Of course, there were a lot of dire beasts in the base. Dire beasts would even constantly pour in from the outside, and it was almost impossible to kill them all. Thus, there was no need to worry about not being able to find any dire beasts to kill.

“Brother Feng, let’s start sweeping. I can’t wait to start.”

Originally, Feng Xiu was a little afraid of coming to the Outland. However, when he saw that there were so many rewards in the Outland, he was also a little tempted. With so many rewards and with the accumulation of resources, he believed that as long as he could stay alive, his strength would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

This was also why so many geniuses were willing to come to the Outland.

Lin Feng had come to the Outland for one purpose, and that was to break the genetic lock. However, he had collected a lot of information online regarding breaking the genetic lock.

He had even spent points to listen to the lectures of inhuman experts, but there was no fixed method to break the genetic lock. Breaking the genetic lock even varied from person to person. There was no guarantee of breaking the genetic lock by practicing certain martial arts or having a certain amount of resources.

Otherwise, the human race would have long been flooded with inhuman experts. It would not be like the present, where inhuman experts were relatively rare.

However, there was a consensus: breaking the genetic lock required the extreme pressure of life-or-death situations. Only under great pressure could one break the genetic lock and become inhuman.

“All right, let’s go sweeping now.”

Lin Feng nodded in agreement. Then, they left the Dragon Mountain Base and headed out.

Outside the base was the wilderness. There was neither forest nor lush grassland, only some broken rocks. The sight was extremely desolate.

The ground was filled with pits and ravines. It was obvious that an intense battle had taken place.

There were basically no dire beasts so close to the base. This place had long been swept by the martial artists over and over again. It would only be possible for them to encounter dire beasts near the front line if they kept going forward.

The two of them ran along the way for two hours. Finally, they saw a dozen or so Proboscis Beasts ahead.

Proboscis Beasts were one of the most abundant dire beasts in Dragon Mountain Base. They were slightly stronger than the Subspecies Wolves. In a one-on-one battle, ordinary Subspecies Wolves were no match for ordinary Proboscis Beasts.

Proboscis Beasts were enormous. Their biggest characteristic was their strong defense. They had tough skin and flesh, and were very strong. However, their movements were a bit slow, and they were not very agile.

Typically, a Grade Five professional was needed to deal with a Proboscis Beast one-on-one. In addition, there were many Proboscis Beasts, so they were indeed somewhat difficult to deal with.

Even an ordinary professional Grade Nine martial artist wouldn’t dare to go up against a dozen or so Proboscis Beasts so casually. If they got careless, they might even be killed by the Proboscis Beasts instead.

However, Lin Feng and Feng Xiu were different. Both of them were top-tier professional Grade Nine martial artists, especially Lin Feng, who could not be considered a typical top-tier professional Grade Nine martial artist.

“Wonderful, Brother Feng. Let’s see who can kill more!”

Feng Xiu appeared very excited, and also somewhat eager to give it a try. Although his strength was not on par with Lin Feng’s, he still wanted to compete with Lin Feng in certain aspects.

“All right, let’s do it!”

As soon as Lin Feng finished speaking, he charged toward the Proboscis Beasts like a bolt of lightning.

Feng Xiu was not to be outdone. The two of them charged into the Proboscis Beast horde one after the other. These Proboscis Beasts were also very hot-tempered. Seeing that the two tiny creatures dared to charge in, they roared at the sky, and slammed their huge trunks forward.


The Proboscis Beast’s trunk was very strong, but Lin Feng reached out and grabbed it directly.


Lin Feng swung with all his might. He grabbed the huge Proboscis Beast by the nose and smashed it onto the ground. Then, he drew his particle saber.


The Proboscis Beast’s head was split into two with a swing of his blade.

“Lightning Arc Saber Technique?”

In terms of killing, a battle saber was naturally superior to fists, especially when Lin Feng was using the Lightning Arc Blade, which was known for its speed. Originally, his Lightning Arc Saber Technique had only reached entry level and couldn’t even be considered adept. However, with Lin Feng’s powerful strength, it could unleash unparalleled power.

This was especially true after he had mastered the basics of the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. He would have to constantly utilize it and rely on constant killing to improve his saber technique.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Streaks of lightning flashed, followed by splashes of blood. Wherever Lin Feng’s particle saber passed by, not a single Proboscis Beast could defend itself effectively.

In only a minute, Lin Feng had killed more than ten Proboscis Beasts, while Feng Xiu had only slain three of them. The huge difference made Feng Xiu rather disheartened.

There were a total of 13 Proboscis Beasts, and Lin Feng had taken care of ten by himself. That was one point, which was also equal to one merit point. To Lin Feng, earning points and merit points was this simple.

“Forget it, I won’t compete with you anymore. Brother Feng, so you’ve also practiced the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. That is a killing saber technique. I can’t beat that.”

Feng Xiu was rather dispirited. It was one thing for him to be weaker than Lin Feng, but now, when killing ordinary dire beasts, his speed wasn’t comparable to Lin Feng’s either. That was demoralizing indeed.

“There are plenty of dire beasts, enough for the two of us to kill.”

Lin Feng smiled. He had finally encountered a dire beast and gained something. This was a good omen.

Just as the two of them were about to continue searching, they suddenly received a distress call from their communicators.

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