Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 34 - The Base

Chapter 34: The Base

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The base of Myriad Academy was huge and fairly easy to find. Lin Feng and Feng Xiu soon found the base.

There were many people coming and going in the base, and it seemed to be rather lively. However, most of them were staff members, and students from Myriad Academy were fewer.

As Lin Feng and Feng Xiu were about to enter the base, someone stopped them.

“This is the base of the Myriad Academy. Outsiders are not allowed to enter.”

“We are students of Myriad Academy, and we applied to come to the Outland.”

“Oh, someone applied to come to the Outland again? Show me your identity cards.”

The person who intercepted Lin Feng and Feng Xiu was a tall lady. After looking at their identity cards, she led them into the base.

Feng Xiu could not help but ask, “Why can’t I see many students from the Myriad Academy? I remember that there has been over a hundred students from the Myriad Academy who applied to come to the Outland over time.”

The young lady glanced at Lin Feng and Feng Xiu, shook her head, and said, “You guys have come at a bad time. It’s quite dangerous to apply to come to the Outland at this time. The reason why you can’t see many students from the Myriad Academy is because they have all gone to participate in the war.”

“War? War in the Outland?”


Feng Xiu’s expression changed. He seemed to have thought of something.

“That’s right. Recently, Dragon Mountain Base is engaged in a large-scale war with the dire beasts. Moreover, it’s a decisive battle! Once we succeed, Dragon Mountain Base will be able to expand forward by thousands of kilometers. The three mines, two plateaus, and a forest included will all become human territory.”

The young woman had a smile on her face as she said this.

“Brother Feng, looks like we really came at the wrong time…”

Feng Xiu smiled wanly. Perhaps he was worried that Lin Feng did not understand, so he explained things in detail once more.

The human territory only took up about ten percent of the whole world. The remaining 90 percent were all Outland occupied by dire beasts. Over the past few centuries, as experts emerged among the humans, the human race also began to expand their territory .

The advancement of one base after another was like a bridgehead, slowly advancing and devouring the territories in the Outland to fight for the space to survival for mankind.

On the whole, the dire beasts seemed to be very powerful. They occupied 90 percent of the land, and their numbers were also greater than humans. However, the dire beasts did not have a strong ruler, and they mainly moved in hordes.

Thus, human martial artists could divide and conquer them, gathering strength to defeat one dire beast horde after another, and then obtain large amounts of resources and land.

The reason why Dragon Mountain Base was called Dragon Mountain was that it had a radius of a thousand kilometers, and from an aerial perspective, it looked like a huge dragon. The purpose of Dragon Mountain Base was to seize this stretch of land.

From the looks of it, the Dragon Mountain Base had already begun the final battle with the dire beasts. Once the final battle began, on the surface, it could bring about maximum interests, but in reality, many martial artists would die in the final battle. Even inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock might perish.

The social status of martial artists might be very high, but it was also obtained through one bloody battle after another in the Outland.

The young lady brought the two of them to register before asking, “Do the two of you want to be freelance martial artists, or hunting martial artists of our Myriad Academy?”

“What’s the difference between the two?”

“Of course there’s a difference. Hunting martial artists can obtain the Myriad Academy’s overdraft quota. Normally, the overdraft quota is 100 points. Moreover, the academy’s items can be bought at a 20% discount. Also, hunting members can get merit points. Once their merit points reach a certain level, or even when they purchase the academy’s items internally, they can receive further discounts. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. Students have to contribute 30% of the resources obtained through hunting.”

“As for freelance artists, they aren’t absolutely free either. They still have to obey the academy’s arrangements. However, they have no overdraft quota, and won’t get any discounts when purchasing items within the academy. Moreover, they only have to contribute 20% of the resources obtained through hunting.”

Lin Feng and Feng Xiu looked at each other. Although there was only a difference of 10% in the amount of contribution, and it seemed like it was very big, one must keep in mind the discount when purchasing things internally. In fact, there would even be more discounts in the future.

Furthermore, the Myriad Academy would more or less provide extra benefits for hunting martial artists.

“Let’s be hunting martial artists.”

Lin Feng made the decision.

“Smart choice. In fact, more than 90% of the students from the Myriad Academy who reach the Outland will choose to become hunting martial artists.”

A smile appeared on the young woman’s face. She quickly helped the two of them apply for their hunting martial artist identity cards.

“All right, from now on, the two of you will be the hunting martial artists of the Dragon Mountain Base of Myriad Academy. You must keep your identity cards with you at all times. This is the proof of your accomplishments in the Dragon Mountain Base when you are carrying out missions or clearing up dire beasts. With it, no matter how many dire beasts you kill, it will be fully recorded, and they will be converted into points and merit points.”

Afterward, the lady led Lin Feng and Feng Xiu before a map. She pointed at the map and said, “This is the map of the entire 1,000-kilometer range of Dragon Mountain. Only dire beasts killed within this range will be converted into points. Otherwise, you can only sell the corpses of the dire beasts to the merchants.”

“In this area, an ordinary dire beast can only be counted as 0.1 point. In other words, you have to kill ten ordinary dire beasts to accumulate one point.”

“Killing an elite dire beast is one point, and killing a dire beast lord is ten points!”

Lin Feng raised his brows and asked indifferently, “What about dire beast kings?”

“Dire beast kings?” The lady smiled faintly and continued, “Although there are also dire beast kings in this area, there are very few of them. Moreover, dire beast kings are practically invincible at the level of professional martial artists. If you guys are unlucky enough to encounter a dire beast king, then I only have one suggestion, and that is to run as far as possible!”

“Are there no points for killing a dire beast king?”

Lin Feng still wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

“Of course there are points. If you really kill a dire beast king, you can get 100 points!”

The young lady only felt that Lin Feng was overly ambitious. However, considering that Myriad Academy students who could apply to come to the Outland were basically the best of Myriad Academy, it was normal for them to be confident.

However, once they had experienced hardships in the Outland for a period of time, they would realize how terrifying those dire beasts were. Forget about dire beast kings, even dire beast lords would be enough to give those genius students of Myriad Academy a headache.

“By the way, can we go to the frontline now?”

“The frontline? I don’t recommend you to go to the frontline. You can sweep the area not far from the base. There must be a lot of dire beasts that were missed. Killing them will still earn you points.”


“By the way, you have a communication device in your identity card. If you encounter any danger, you can call for help. If you receive any distress messages, try your best to rescue the sender. Most importantly, during the war, the commanding officer of Dragon Mountain Base can conscript you. The frontline is currently in the midst of a war, and there has yet to be a second conscription. Once you receive the conscription message, you must head to the conscription location immediately. Otherwise, you will receive severe penalties!”

Lin Feng and Feng Xiu both nodded. Although this young lady was a little long-winded, she had at least allowed the two of them understand the situation at the Dragon Mountain Base. The two of them returned to the dorms provided by the base to plan things out properly first.

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