Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 238 - Taran Civilization  

Chapter 238: Taran Civilization

Lin Feng led Griman, Fu Lin, and Dardan to the control room successfully. They did not encounter any danger in the meantime.

According to what Longbetham had said, this ruin should be a research institute of the seventh civilization. The strongest defense mechanism inside was probably the three lizards.

After Lin Feng dealt with the three lizards, they could naturally come to the control room without obstruction.

“This is the control room?”

This was the first time Fu Lin and the others had come to the control room. They looked at the myriad of buttons. There was no way they could take over such a sci-fi control room.

Hence, they could only immediately open the chip that Sage Kang had given them, hoping to find some solutions from it.

Griman tried to contact them through the communicator, but there was no signal from it either.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, calmly came to the big screen in the control room. At this moment, Longbetham returned to Lin Feng’s communicator and said in Lin Feng’s mind, “This ruin is indeed a research institute. In about ten minutes, I will be able to completely deactivate the defense mechanism.”

“That’s great. You don’t have to take over the ruins. When the time comes, I’ll contact Sage Kang and ask them to send professionals into the ruins. By the way, make it more realistic when you turn off the defense mechanism. Don’t get discovered.”

“You do not have to worry about these things. Of course I know. However, there are many beneficial things in this ruin. There is also a message hidden within. Would you like to know?”

“What message?”


“There’s some information regarding the Taran civilization, that is, the seventh civilization. They call themselves the Taran civilization. There is some information regarding the reason for the destruction of the Taran civilization.”

“There’s such a message? Show me.”

Hence, a message quickly appeared in Lin Feng’s mind. It had already been automatically translated into words that Lin Feng could recognize.

This message was left behind by an ordinary researcher at the research institute.

Originally, the Taran civilization was at its apex and had even conquered many areas. Some dire beast hordes were also controlled by the Taran civilization, and the Taran civilization even attempted to break out of the Canopy.

However, one day, a terrifying behemoth appeared. The word “behemoth” was used in the message. According to the description, the behemoth was so massive that it was unimaginable.

As soon as the behemoth appeared, it began to destroy the Taran civilization. Moreover, the behemoth appeared able to command other dire beasts. Hence, under the continuous siege of a great many dire beasts and the behemoth, the Taran civilization came to a critical moment of life and death.

The Taran civilization had a central computer that controlled the daily operation of the entire civilization. It was the product of the intelligence of the Taran civilization. However, as the behemoth trampled on the Holy City and destroyed the central computer, the Taran civilization collapsed in an instant.

Everyone in the Taran civilization was called to battle. Everyone in the research institute also retreated from the institute. Then, they activated the defense mechanism and never returned.

This message was very short and simple, but some of the information revealed shocked Lin Feng.

The Taran civilization was undoubtedly a highly advanced technological civilization. Just by looking at this research institute and the defense mechanism capable of threatening Sages, it was obvious that the Taran civilization was definitely stronger than the current human civilization.

However, such a powerful civilization had actually been destroyed. Moreover, those researchers left and never returned. All traces of the Taran civilization seemed to have been erased.

The “behemoth” was mentioned repeatedly in this message. Could this behemoth be what destroyed the Taran civilization?

But no matter what, the Taran civilization had been destroyed by an external force. How strong must this force of destruction be, that it could destroy such a powerful civilization?

Lin Feng did not dare to think about it.

“Longbetham, with our current technological ability, can we translate this information?”

“You can definitely translate it. This message is not that complicated. It can be translated in about three months.”

“Since it can be translated, leave this message as it is and don’t modify it.”

Lin Feng pondered. Why was the Taran civilization destroyed?

Or rather, why were the first eight civilizations destroyed?

It had to be known that any race that could be considered a civilization must be massive. They must have powerful martial strength. For example, despite the many dire beasts in the Outland in the present, they could not be considered a dire beast civilization.

If the destruction of a civilization only occurred once, it might still be a natural disaster. However, if the destruction of civilizations occurred for a total of eight times, it would be out of the ordinary. Since the first eight civilizations could be destroyed, would human civilization be destroyed as well?

“Longbetham, you’ve been in this world for so long. You should know the real reason for the destruction of the Taran civilization, right? Or rather, do you know what the real reason for the destruction of the first eight civilizations is?”

Lin Feng asked Longbetham. He did not believe that Longbetham would not know.

Longbetham was silent for a long time before answering slowly, “Your world is a little special. When I landed in your world back then, your world was still at the end of the second civilization. As for the reason for its destruction, I do know. However, this is not something you can deal with now. If you can undergo four life transitions one day, I will tell you everything I know.”

Lin Feng pondered.

It was obvious that Longbetham knew the reason behind the destruction of the first eight civilizations. In fact, Longbetham was either unwilling or afraid to say it. That meant that even with Lin Feng’s current second life transition and cultivation of the Tidal Combat Body, he still could not resolve the crisis.

Longbetham was unwilling to say it, and Lin Feng did not force it. However, he already had a faint sense of crisis.

Perhaps the Nine Sages knew something, which was why they were so eager to find technology in ancient civilizations to enhance the overall strength of humanity.

“The defense mechanism has been switched off. Lin Feng, you just need to press that red button by accident, and the defense mechanism will be completely switched off. At that time, communication will not be a problem.”

Just as Lin Feng was deep in thought, Longbetham’s voice sounded again. It turned out that the defense mechanism could already be switched off.

Lin Feng naturally saw the red button that Longbetham mentioned. The reason why he did not ask Longbetham to turn off the defense mechanism directly was to avoid suspicion.

Hence, Lin Feng said to Griman and the others, who were frowning and thinking hard, “Come over quickly.”

“What is it?”

Fu Lin and the others walked over and looked at Lin Feng in confusion.

Lin Feng pointed at the red button and said with a serious expression, “I took a look just now. There are many devices here, but this red button is so eye-catching and is placed in the middle. I suspect that it’s the control center. Should we press it and give it a try?”

Griman and the others were all a little hesitant. What if it was very dangerous?

However, when they thought about how Lin Feng had already reached the Divine Realm and the strength he had displayed previously, even if there was any danger, Lin Feng could deal with it. In any case, they had no clue, so they might as well give it a try.

“I agree. Let’s give it a try.”

“That’s right. I agree too.”

Griman and the others all agreed to it. Hence, Lin Feng did not wait anymore. He immediately reached out and pressed the red button.

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