Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 237 - Divine Realm  

Chapter 237: Divine Realm

“What? Leader?”

“It’s really Lin Feng! Run! What are you doing here?”

Griman’s eyes were bloodshot. What was Lin Feng doing here? Wasn’t he courting death by coming at a time like this?

At this moment, the three lizards had already turned around and were staring at Lin Feng with bloodshot eyes.

It was indeed Lin Feng. However, there seemed to be something wrong with Lin Feng at this moment. When his foot landed on the ground, it emitted a heavy thud, attracting the attention of the three lizards.

It was these three lizards that had hunted Lin Feng down until he had nowhere to go. Now, he had finally found them.

Lin Feng glanced at the three of them. Fortunately, they were not injured. Hence, a smile appeared on Lin Feng’s lips. “I’ve finally found you.”


As if provoked, the three lizards suddenly pounced towards Lin Feng. Back then, two of the lizards had pursued Lin Feng until he had nowhere to run, let alone the three lizards now.

This was the technological crystallization of the seventh civilization. The biomodified beasts created were comparable to peak demon generals.



Lin Feng snorted coldly. At the same time, his body actually expanded rapidly. Originally, his body was only covered with the torn clothes from before. Now, as his body grew, his clothes immediately tore apart as well.

Lin Feng’s body continued to expand. In the blink of an eye, he had expanded to more than five meters tall, looking like a small giant. He looked down coldly at the three lizards.

Although the three lizards were a little surprised, their intelligence was not that high. They were only artificially created biomodified beasts, slaughtering machines that were only bent on slaughtering, and only wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“Get lost!”

The three lizards pounced over. Lin Feng swung his fist and smashed at them directly. There was no technique, only the rawest clash of strength, meeting force with force.


Lin Feng sent one of the lizards flying with a punch. At the same time, the other lizard opened its bloody mouth and bit on Lin Feng’s arm.

However, Lin Feng’s arm grew thicker again, and it seemed to be very tough. The lizard could not bite through it.


Lin Feng grabbed the lizard with both hands and twisted its head.

The originally muscular and powerful lizard that seemed to have infinite strength seemed like paper in Lin Feng’s hands at this moment. He twisted hard with both hands.


Lin Feng had actually twisted off the lizard’s head. That was a peak demon general.

Lin Feng threw the decapitated lizard down. Even without its head, the lizard’s corpse struggled a few times before going motionless.

There was still the third lizard. A trace of fear actually appeared in its eyes. Then, countless gray rays suddenly shot out from the dense, spiderweb-like eyes on its head.

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He knew about these gray rays. They could destroy all defenses and were extremely bizarre.

He hurriedly blocked with his hand, and his palm immediately expanded like a fan, blocking Lin Feng’s entire body.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Lin Feng could sense the heat, but it was like a mosquito bite. He retracted his hand and took a closer look, but not even his skin was broken.

Only at this moment did Lin Feng truly realize how strong he was now, and how powerful his Tidal Combat Body was!

“Haha, creatures, let’s see where you can run this time!”

Lin Feng threw his head back and laughed aloud. His entire body grew a few meters taller. The two lizards actually wanted to escape, but just as they turned around, Lin Feng grabbed their tails with one hand. The two lizards frantically tried to snag the ground with their sharp claws, but only left deep scratches on the ground in futility as Lin Feng lifted them upside down.


Lin Feng grabbed the tails of two lizards and smashed them into the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

He smashed again and again. Lin Feng seemed to be grabbing two tiny mice instead of two demon generals as he smashed them with all his might.

After smashing them for more than ten or twenty times, the two lizards were already badly mangled. Their heads had been smashed in, and there was no longer any sign of life in them.


Lin Feng tossed away the corpses of the two lizards and went straight to the door. He grabbed either side of the door and tore hard.

There was a ripping noise.

The door was ruthlessly ripped open, revealing a huge crack.

“You can come out now.”

Lin Feng said to the person inside.

Griman, Fu Lin, and Dardan looked at each other. They walked out of the house one after another, but when they looked up at Lin Feng, who was like a small giant, they found it somewhat incredulous, even absurd.

They had seen with their own eyes just now that the three previously ferocious and invincible lizards were actually killed by Lin Feng with ease, as if it’s a parlor trick to him. Moreover, his methods were extremely brutal.

Furthermore, Lin Feng did not look anything like a martial artist now.

“You… Are you really Lin Feng?” Dardan stammered in disbelief.

“Dardan, you don’t recognize me?”

“Lin Feng, did you break the genetic lock again and become a Divine Realm martial artist?” Griman seemed to have thought of something and asked hurriedly.

“That’s right. I broke the genetic lock and reached the Divine Realm!”

Lin Feng immediately shrunk his body. However, he was still naked, Even though Lin Feng was used to extraordinary experiences, he still felt somewhat embarrassed at this moment, especially with a female martial artist like Fu Lin around.

Fu Lin hurriedly turned around. Lin Feng said awkwardly, “Can anyone give me some clothes? The martial arts I practice are a little special, so…”

“Wear mine.”

Griman took off a shirt for Lin Feng to put on for the time being to stop the situation from being too awkward.

Looking at the blood on the ground and the corpses of the three lizards, Grimm and the other two sighed. Lin Feng was actually the first to reach the Divine Realm they had always coveted.

It had to be known that Lin Feng had only broken the genetic lock for a year!

Even though Griman was also known as a genius, and even though Fu Lin and Dardan were both called rare geniuses, they could not even feel jealous when facing Lin Feng.

This had already exceeded their understanding.

How could anyone break the genetic lock for the second time within a year? Even the Nine Sages could not possibly become Divine Realm martial artists in such a short period of time.

But no matter what, Lin Feng had already become a Divine Realm martial artist. Moreover, he had killed three peak demon generals and saved their lives.

It appeared that they could complete the mission now.

“I’ve found the control room. We can go to the control room and try to shut down the defense mechanism of the ruins.”

Lin Feng explained briefly to the three of them, then led them to the control room.

Only Griman stared at Lin Feng’s back thoughtfully.

He could clearly sense that when Lin Feng was fighting the three lizards just now, there was no fluctuation of Astral Power at all. Forget about Divine Realm martial artists, even a Meta-divine Realm martial artist or a Sage would mainly utilize Astral Power in battle.

There was no fluctuation of Astral Power on Lin Feng’s body at all, yet he could easily kill three peak demon generals. Was this even possible?

Moreover, Lin Feng’s body had expanded into a small giant just now. Lin Feng’s explanation was that he cultivated a special Astral martial art.

Grimm was experienced and knowledgeable, but he had never heard of such a miraculous martial art that could make a person’s body expand so rapidly in an instant.

However, Lin Feng had saved him in the end. Griman could only bury these doubts in his mind.

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