Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 212 - Spatial Innate Ability  

Chapter 212: Spatial Innate Ability

When Lin Feng woke up, he looked at Griman immediately.

“Griman, that restraining ability of yours is an innate ability, right?”

Lin Feng’s tone contained a trace of curiosity.

Griman nodded and said, “That’s right. It’s an innate ability. For the past few decades, I’ve been trying my best to develop this innate ability and make it stronger, even if it’s only for a second. Unfortunately, even until now, it’s only able to stall people for a very brief moment. You’ve won. I accept my defeat.”

Griman was indeed convinced. In the past, whenever he encountered any opponent, once they were restrained by him, the battle would basically be over. After all, he was a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist. Who could resist his eruption?

However, Lin Feng had resisted it. That regenerative ability was just too terrifying.

“What a powerful innate ability. If you mastered the Void Bubble, the victor would be hard to determine.” Lin Feng said very seriously, but Griman shook his head.

“The Void Bubble is very powerful in your hands. Almost no one can resist it, not even me. But can I reach that level?”

Lin Feng thought for a moment. That was true. The reason why his Void Bubble was invincible and without match was thanks to his strong mental power, which could infuse a large amount of Astral Power.

If he were an ordinary martial artist, their limit would basically be 4,000 strands of Astral Power. Although the Void Bubble with 4,000 strands of Astral Power was also very powerful, it was impossible for it to kill a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist at once.

However, Lin Feng still felt that Griman’s innate ability was very strong. In that instant, his body could not even move. It was as if a miraculous power had imprisoned him.


Could it be the legendary spatial power?

However, even Sages could not master spatial power.

“Longbetham, do you know what power Griman used just now?”

Since he had already left the Virtual Combat System, Lin Feng could also talk to Longbetham in his mind.

“Incredible, truly incredible. Lin Feng, this Griman’s innate ability is truly impressive. How can such an ordinary planet give birth to a lifeform with spatial innate ability?”

“Spatial innate ability? What do you mean?”

This was the first time Lin Feng had heard Longbetham mention spatial innate ability.

“At the scale of the universe, the vast universe is simply too massive. To travel quickly, one must warp space. Only universe-level lifeforms are capable of warping space.

“Universe-level lifeforms are actually comparable to a universe. Mere space is nothing. However, for those great planetary or even galactic lifeforms, if they want to cross the vast cosmos, they have to use stable spatial teleportation arrays to warp space. Otherwise, they can only travel at their own speed, or through flying tools like spaceships.

“And besides universe-level lifeforms, only those rare lifeforms with spatial innate ability can warp space. Even those spatial teleportation arrays can only be set up by those lifeforms with spatial innate ability. This Griman is not simple. He actually has spatial innate ability. In the vast cosmos, even tens of thousands of galaxies might not give birth to a lifeform with spatial innate ability.”

Hearing Longbetham words, Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. Was this Griman’s innate ability so strong?

However, according to what he heard, although Griman was known as one of the Three Greats alongside Dongfang Sheng and Lu Chen, Griman was already far behind the other two.

“Griman can warp space?” Lin Feng asked again.

“Warp space? Far from it. With his current strength, he can only restrain you for a bit of time. He cannot even do it for an instant. Warping space? What a fantasy!

“He only has spatial innate ability, but he has not come into contact with the cosmic cultivation system, let alone those cultivation techniques that specialize in guiding spatial innate ability. No matter how much he trains his pitiful spatial innate ability, it will not have much effect. If one day, your planet can give birth to a planetary lifeform, perhaps he can be brought into the universe to come into contact with those cultivation techniques on spatial innate ability and receive guidance. Then, one day, he might be able to warp space.

“Do you know how high the status of a lifeform that can warp space is in the universe, regardless of their strength? I shall put it this way. Even great galactic lifeforms must be polite to lifeforms that can warp space. If those major factions in the universe discover Griman, his existence alone is enough to drive them insane. They may even destroy your entire planet just to get their hands on Griman.”

Lin Feng gave Griman an odd look. Griman still looked somewhat dispirited now, even a little despondent. However, from what Longbetham said, Griman alone was more important than the entire planet.

Hence, Lin Feng felt that it was too strange. There might not be a single life with spatial innate ability born in tens of thousands of galaxies. Was Griman’s appearance truly a coincidence?

“Longbetham, what about my innate abilities?”

“You? If not for the genetic fusion device, you would be an ordinary person. No, you would not even be comparable to an ordinary person. You are just an ordinary lifeform, akin to a speck of dust in the vast cosmos. If there is anything special about you, it is that you are rather lucky. You obtained the genetic fusion device, and were able to find my spaceship despite not undergoing four life transitions. You are quite lucky.”

Lin Feng was the target of Longbetham’s “disdain” again. Was he just lucky?

Soon, Lin Feng relaxed. So what if he was lucky? Griman might be the one with the incomparably strong innate ability, but hadn’t he defeated Griman anyway? However, hearing Longbetham’s praises about Griman, it showed that Griman’s spatial innate ability really was very powerful.

Even if Griman could not come into contact with the universe now, he always had a chance in the future.

Hence, Lin Feng said to Griman, “Griman, I think your talent is really very strong. You can keep studying it. Perhaps there will be unexpected effects.”

“My innate ability is very strong?”

Griman nodded. In reality, he had devoted himself to studying for decades. How could he not know that his innate ability was very strong? He also had many friends, and even inquired about Divine Realm martial artists, but he had never heard of anyone with such a strange innate ability.

He had even concealed this innate ability of his for a time. This time, Lin Feng noticed it.

“I won’t give up on my innate ability. In the future, when my innate ability is stronger, let us have a rematch!”

Griman also regained his fighting spirit.

“I’ll definitely be there.”

Lin Feng nodded as well. The two of them looked at each other and smiled, and they also became much closer. After all, the two of them were geniuses in the eyes of outsiders. Geniuses more or less appreciated each other.

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