Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 211 - Extreme Recovery  

Chapter 211: Extreme Recovery


Griman moved. This was an open combat environment. This meant that Griman was also wary of Lin Feng’s Void Bubble, and did not dare to clash head-on with it.

However, Griman did not want to miss such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He was about to lose the confidence to become a Divine Realm expert. However, once he obtained first place in this competition, with the generous rewards and the confidence from being the first place in the Global Martial Arts Competition, he might be able to undergo a second life transition.

Hence, he was determined to get first place!

Similarly, Lin Feng was determined to get first place. Griman had many methods, and the Void Bubble could not lock onto the other party. In that case, he would fight Griman properly.

“Six Spiral Forces!”

Lin Feng did not even use Astral Power. He charged towards Griman aggressively, and the two figures chased after each other rapidly.

Lin Feng still had armor and the Petrification Technique on him. He was not afraid of Griman. As soon as he found an opportunity, he would fight Griman head-on.


A large amount of light suddenly appeared on Griman’s body. The terrible light wreaked havoc, instantly enveloping Lin Feng’s entire body.

In an instant, Lin Feng realized that he could not move. All the power in his body erupted, but it was useless. He could not move. Meanwhile, Griman took this opportunity to pounce at Lin Feng fiercely.


“Restraining power?”

Lin Feng understood now. Griman was not the fastest, nor did he have more Astral Power than others. His Astral martial arts might not have the strongest explosive power either. Then, why could Griman could always defeat his opponents in battle?

Maybe even his opponents did not sense it. In an instant in battle, for perhaps not even a tenth of a breath, Griman used his concealed innate ability to stop his opponent for a very, very short amount of time.

However, that brief amount of time was all it took for Griman to find an opening, and unleash all the power in his body instantly.

Even Lin Feng was helpless at this moment. His entire body was restrained, and he could only watch helplessly as Griman’s power blasted at his body.


A crazed look flashed across Griman’s eyes. So what if Lin Feng was strong? So what if he was talented? So what if he had the Void Bubble? In a real battle, an instant was all it took to decide the victor and the dead. That was enough!

There was no doubt that Griman had absolute autonomy over in that small amount of time! He could deprive the other party of that small amount of time.


Griman erupted 9,999 strands of Astral Power. How terrifying was such power?

At this moment, Lin Feng was restrained. He did not even have time to mobilize his Astral Power. The erupted Astral Power struck Lin Feng’s armor hard.


The light of the Petrification Technique flashed slightly. It could not withstand the eruption of such a terrifying power at all.

Next was the armor. Lin Feng’s armor originally had very strong defense, and could even recover immediately if a little armor was broken. However, Griman had prepared for a long time. Moreover, he knew that this might be his only chance of winning. How could he not give it his all?

Hence, the armor also cracked and shattered inch by inch. Lin Feng’s two layers of defense were instantly broken by Griman’s power.

Lin Feng’s body had a certain level of defense to begin with. After all, his physique was very powerful. However, when faced with the eruption of Griman’s Astral Power, at least 60% of it still effected on Lin Feng. No matter how strong his physique was, how could he resist it?

Flesh and blood splattered everywhere. Lin Feng’s body was instantly crushed, and his internal organs were all shattered.

However, that was all. Lin Feng was not dead. The power of Griman’s restraint only lasted for a tenth of a breath. It could not even last for an instant.

Once the time of restraint was over, Lin Feng regained his mobility. He immediately erupted Astral Power to protect his head and his entire body.

Hence, his body did not turn into a pile of flesh and blood. Even though it was in a very poor state, his undying characteristic was also working. He was recovering at a visible speed.

“Impossible, this is impossible…”

Griman found it hard to believe that anyone could survive such severe injuries. Lin Feng was just a Metamorphic Realm martial artist. Forget about Metamorphic Realm martial artists, even a Divine Realm martial artist could not possibly recover so quickly.

However, Lin Feng had overturned Griman’s previous understanding, and even most martial artists’ understanding.

How bad was Lin Feng’s state now? Apart from his head and torso, which appeared fine on the outside, all the rest of his body was gone. Even his torso was riddled with holes, and his internal organs had been shattered.

With such injuries, even a Divine Realm expert could not survive against the odds. They could only wait for death.

However, Lin Feng survived. Even though he was also in great pain due to the realistic simulation, his mental strength was very strong. No matter how intense the pain, it could not make him pass out.

Actually, such serious injuries rarely happened to Lin Feng. In reality, it was impossible for him to allow himself to suffer such serious injuries. Hence, even if Lin Feng had wanted to test the limit of his undying characteristic, he could not do so.

It was impossible for him to self-harm and make himself half-dead. If he could not recover, wouldn’t he really die? That would be really pointless.

However, with such a realistic and advanced Virtual Combat System in this Global Martial Arts Competition, Lin Feng suffered such serious injuries that almost only his head was intact.

Lin Feng even had a feeling that as long as his head was not shattered, his undying characteristic would be effective. Without a doubt, this indirectly tested the limit of his own undying characteristic.

The head was important, but the rest of the body did not seem to be as important. Even if it was shattered, it could still recover quickly.

At this moment, before everyone’s eyes and Griman’s incredulous gaze, the severe injuries on Lin Feng were recovering at an extremely fast speed.

Griman originally wanted to take the opportunity to attack Lin Feng again, but Lin Feng still had a large amount of Astral Power. As for Griman? He no longer had any Astral Power.

Metamorphic Realm martial artists without Astral Power were actually only slightly stronger than professional martial artists.

Griman could only watch helplessly as Lin Feng’s injuries gradually recovered, while he was powerless to do anything.

Finally, Lin Feng’s injuries recovered. He extended his hand. He did not feel anything unusual, and only vaguely sensed that his body appeared to be somewhat “tired”.

Recovering from such a serious injury would definitely require a huge amount of energy, and his body would naturally feel a trace of fatigue. However, compared to Griman, who no longer had any Astral Power, the difference was obvious.

“I’ve lost…”

Griman was in a daze. He knew that he had lost. He had underestimated Lin Feng. Apart from the Void Bubble, Lin Feng’s recovery innate ability might be the most terrifying. Coupled with Lin Feng’s defensive armor and the Petrification Technique, unless no one could defeat Lin Feng unless they could kill him instantly.

Hence, Griman no longer had any chance. Although he was unharmed now, he had lost his Astral Power. Faced with Lin Feng, who was almost uninjured, it was decidedly impossible for him to win.

“The battle is over. Griman admits defeat. Lin Feng is the victor!”

The screen flashed. Lin Feng and Griman woke up one after another. The battle was over.

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