Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 185 - Mental Power Sphere  

Chapter 185: Mental Power Sphere

At the mention of the Black Wind Canyon, all the Sages’ expressions changed drastically.

Ever since the birth of Sages with four life transitions in human society, humans had expanded everywhere and were on the offensive against the surrounding dire beasts. The Nine Sages could even deal with some known demon emperors.

However, only the Black Wind Canyon, the Dead Sea of Abyss, the Tashakur Desert, and the Eighteen Grottoes of Dragonhead were classified as the Four Forbidden Places by the Nine Sages. This was because they could not venture deep into each of these forbidden places, and it seemed like there were astounding secrets hidden within them.

Among them, Elder Kang and the other three Sages had once joined forces to scout the Black Wind Canyon. In the end, they were stopped by a few demon emperors. However, Elder Kang and the others could sense a faint terrifying aura in the Black Wind Canyon. Just that aura alone made them tremble from the bottom of their hearts.

It was obvious that there was a terrifying greater demon in the Black Wind Canyon that far exceeded the demon emperors. However, for some reason, it seemed to have fallen into a deep slumber.

Elder Kang was stationed near the Black Wind Canyon, specially to monitor every move in the Black Wind Canyon.

If, as the Sages had expected, the terrifying greater demon in the Black Wind Canyon had awakened, even if the Nine Sages joined forces, they might not be able to stop that demon.

At that time, the entire human race would suffer a devastating blow.

Hence, when they heard that there was movement in the Black Wind Canyon, all the Sages could no longer remain calm.

Elder Kang shook his head and said, “I’m not sure if that greater demon has awakened, but I’ve already increased the surveillance. I’ll inform you the moment there’s any movement.”

“That’s why I feel that time is of the essence. We may not have that much time to allow human society to develop step by step. We need a period of explosive growth, more powerful martial artists, and more Sages even! The martial arts competition this time is limited to Metamorphic Realm martial artists. Apart from hoping that they can set an example to attract the attention of the entire society, there’s another important goal. It’s to choose the strongest Metamorphic Realm martial artist to enter that ancient ruin.”


The Invincible Fist Sage’s heart skipped a beat. He said in a low voice, “Elder Kang, you mean to allow the martial artists who won the martial arts competition this time enter that ship? We already know that that ship should be an ancient civilization’s weapon of war. Only Metamorphic Realm martial artists can enter without encountering violent attacks. However, we’ve already sent so many people in before, and they all failed. Isn’t this too dangerous?”

Elder Kang shook his head and sighed. “What else can we do? That ancient civilization ruin left behind a weapon of war. Once we can obtain it, it’ll even be equivalent to having another Sage. It’s worth the risk.”

The other Sages also fell silent. Although human society seemed to be thriving and flourishing, who could tell that human society had long been in crisis?

Humans were so insignificant in this world!

“In that case, we’ll do as Elder Kang says.”

The Invincible Fist Sage, Sage Bingyu, and Sage Cass looked at each other. In reality, Elder Kang and the other three Sages must have already discussed it beforehand when they came together. They were just waiting for the three of them to agree.

Although the three of them did not really want to do this, the situation compelled it. Just as Elder Kang had said, humans did not have much time left to develop step by step.

“All right, let’s confirm the date of the Martial Arts Competition first. Then, the five major factions will mobilize all the channels to promote the martial arts competition in advance. Everyone will know about it, and it will become a grand event for all of humanity!”

“No problem. Our consortium faction can mobilize the media to publicize it.”

“Our military faction can also publicize it in the military.”

“Our academic faction will immediately inform all the Metamorphic Realm martial artists under our command.”

The Nine Sages had reached a consensus. The rest could be left to the five major factions.

In the secret chamber of the South Mountain Base…

Lin Feng repeatedly induced his mental power to explode before condensing it again. Even though his mental power was growing rapidly, the pain really exhausted him physically and mentally.

This had nothing to do with will. No matter how strong one’s will was and how much pain one could endure, if one’s mind was tense for a long time and they were in extreme pain, their body would not be able to withstand it.

“It’s about time. I can condense a Mental Power Sphere now.”

Lin Feng took a deep breath and controlled the mental power in his mind to spin wildly.


A storm had already brewed in Lin Feng’s mind. A large amount of mental power spun and compressed like a tornado. Finally, as it continued to spin and compress, it gradually condensed into a small sphere emitting white light.

“Success! I’ve finally mastered the first level of the Bemond Mental Guidance Technique!”

Lin Feng was very happy. After such a long time and enduring a pain worse than death for so many times, he had finally succeeded. The white sphere as thick as a thumb condensed in his mind was the Mental Power Sphere!

The mark of the first level of the Bemond Mental Guidance Technique was to condense a Mental Power Sphere!

What did it feel like to cultivate the Mental Guidance Technique?

Lin Feng felt that his mind was especially clear now, and it was as if there was an invisible eye. As his mental power extended, he could see the distant scenery very clearly.

More importantly, Lin Feng could now control his mental power freely. This was the most important thing. What did this mean? It did not just mean that when he underwent another life transition in the future, he could guide his genes to restructure into a combat body.

Even now, Lin Feng could easily do one thing—compress Astral Power!

“Eight thousand and six strands of Astral Power. Previously, I felt that it would take an indefinably long amount of time to compress Astral Power and break through to the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm. But now, after condensing the Mental Power Sphere, a mere 8,000 strands of Astral Power is nothing.”

Lin Feng had great confidence. After he mastered the first level of the Mental Guidance Technique, the first thing he did was compress Astral Power and break through to the Third Level of Metamorphic Realm.

“Astral Power compression!”

Lin Feng mobilized all his Astral Power. More than 8,000 strands of Astral Power were simply too massive. In the past, Lin Feng would not have dared to compress such a massive amount of Astral Power so casually.

But now?

Forget about a mere 8,000 strands of Astral Power, even if there were several times more, Lin Feng could still easily compress them.


The Mental Power Sphere in Lin Feng’s mind shook slightly, then spun. He only mobilized a portion of his mental power. Immediately, the formidable mental power seemed to have transformed into a huge hand that suppressed the boiling Astral Power forcefully.

More than 8,000 strands of Astral Power were compressed in an instant. Moreover, no matter how much they struggled, they could not break free from the suppression of mental power.

“Astra Devourer.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Feng quickly circulated the Astra Devourer Technique, attracting a massive amount of star power from the cosmos. In an instant, it descended into the secret chamber. The cold star power surged towards Lin Feng like a rolling wave, enveloping Lin Feng’s entire body tightly, and transferring star power continuously.

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