Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 184 - Sages Gathered  

Chapter 184: Sages Gathered

In the conference room of the Supreme Commander’s Department, there was no Sage Conference this time, but there were projections from three Sages. They were the Invincible Fist Sage of the Myriad Academy, Sage Bingyu of the Polar Academy, and Sage Cass of the Holy Capital Academy.

The Invincible Fist Sage was the first to speak. “The effect of implementing the new policy for martial artists is not bad, right? At least there are more martial artists who are eager to apply to the frontline in my Myriad Academy.”

“Of course. The status of frontline martial artists is so high. Even if they die in battle, there’s nothing to worry about. The martial artists are naturally eager to participate. Recently, the pressure on the frontline base has been relieved by quite a bit. The new policy for martial artists should have been implemented sooner.” Sage Cass also sighed.

“Speaking of which, we have to thank that little fellow. If not for that little fellow who could cause trouble in Stone City, the new policy for martial artists might not have been implemented so quickly.”

The Invincible Fist Sage and the other two first chatted about the new policy for martial artists for a while, before getting down to business.

“Sage Bingyu, it’s the once-in-a-decade Martial Arts Competition of our three major martial academies. It’s your Polar Academy’s turn to host it this year, right?”

Bingyu nodded and said, “That’s right. It’s the Polar Academy’s turn to host it. Should the rewards still be the same as before?”

“No, I think they should be reduced. People from your Polar Academy get first place every time. This Martial Arts Competition is becoming more and more boring.”

Sage Cass was a little disgruntled.

“Sage Cass, your Holy Capital Academy is filled with the cream of the crop. Our Polar Academy is filled with ordinary martial artists. Who can you blame for being disappointing? Not only should the rewards not be reduced, I think they should be increased.”

The two Sages did not mince words around each other.


The Invincible Fist Sage shook his head and said, “The two of you, do stop arguing. I think everything can just go on as usual. Why are you guys the ones arguing anyway? When has my Myriad Academy ever not come in last in the Martial Arts Competition? Your two academies have taken all the advantages, and you don’t see me complaining.

Indeed, although the overall power of the three top academies was about the same, in terms of number of experts, the Polar Academy actually had more.

The Polar Academy only recruited some very talented geniuses. Whether they were commoners or came from wealthy families or martial clans, as long as one was talented, they could enter the Polar Academy.

As for the Holy Capital Academy and the Myriad Academy, there were more or less some restrictions. Overall, the quality of the students of the Polar Academy was naturally superior to the two.

“Then it’s decided.”

Sage Bingyu and the Invincible Fist Sage both agreed. Sage Cass could do nothing about it. After all, the Martial Arts Competition that was held once every ten years by the three major academies had been held for many years. Basically, more than 80% of the top three would eventually undergo a second life transition and become Divine Realm martial artists.

Hence, it was very meaningful for this Martial Arts Competition to continue.


Suddenly, a few more figures were projected in the conference room. They were the projections of the other six Sages.

“Why are you here? No one is holding the Conference of Sages, right?”

The Invincible Fist Sage found it a little strange. Apart from the Conference of Sages, the Nine Sages would almost never send down projections together.

Elder Kang said with a smile, “The response to the new policy for martial artists is very good. The entire human society has entered a new era! Although it’s still a little too early to call it the martial arts era, since we are martial artists, we have to do something beneficial to the development of martial arts. We feel that it’s very good that your three major academies hold a martial arts competition once every decade. Therefore, we have also decided to participate in this martial arts competition.”

“You want to participate too?”

The Invincible Fist Sage, Sage Bingyu, and Sage Cass all looked at each other, not knowing what Elder Kang and the others meant.

“How will you participate?” The Invincible Fist Sage asked.

“Our five major factions will jointly hold the first Global Martial Arts Competition! We will invite all the Metamorphic Realm martial artists in the world to participate in the competition. We will do a global live broadcast so that everyone can clearly see how powerful martial artists are! This is a good opportunity to promote martial arts and showcase martial artists. Accompanying the new policy for martial artists, it can also stir up the enthusiasm for everyone to practice martial arts.”

“Moreover, there must be generous rewards. Money, merit value, status, reputation, all of them must be given. In fact, all nine of us Sages must appear as projections. In short, the Global Martial Arts Competition jointly held by the five major factions must become the name card of martial arts. It can even bring the entire society to enter the martial arts era!”

Elder Kang’s ambition was great, truly great. As the first Sage to undergo four life transitions, Elder Kang had paved a new path for all martial artists, and had already become a martial legend!

In terms of status, Elder Kang was definitely the most prestigious among all the Sages. He had almost been deified.

And now, this Global Martial Arts Competition proposed by Elder Kang was going to help the entire human society enter the martial arts era. This was not to abandon technology, but to focus on martial arts and use technology as a supplement.

In the past, there was actually a lot of controversy and disagreement between martial arts and technology. No one could gain the upper hand, causing some resources to be wasted.

Currently, human society was thriving. If the status of martial arts could be established so that human society could have fewer debates and enter the martial arts era directly, without so many controversies and so much waste of resources, both martial arts and technology would definitely improve qualitatively.

However, the development of a society had a certain pattern. In the past, even if the Nine Sages had such an idea, it could not be realized. However, it was different now. With the advancement of technology, communication, and information, martial artists prospered.

As long as the Nine Sages were determined, and the five major factions cooperated fully, there was a high chance that they could promote progress and change in human society. For example, the new policy for martial artists was currently very effective.

What Elder Kang meant was to take advantage of the new policy for martial artists and push it to greater heights, so that the entire society can develop into a society in a martial arts era.

“Elder Kang, actually, we can take it step by step. With the current situation of the entire human society, perhaps in a few decades, we can naturally enter the martial arts era. We do not have to rush things.”

The Invincible Fist Sage frowned. He knew that Elder Kang meant well and was considering things for the sake of the human society. However, it was very difficult to push for societal progress and development by will. Moreover, no one could be sure if there would be anything inappropriate.

Taking things step by step and allowing society to develop naturally was the best choice.

Elder Kang shook his head. He suddenly used the projector to show a blurry photo. With a long sigh, he said, “All of you, take a look. This is a photo taken by the military recently.”

“Huh? Nine demon emperors are gathered in the Black Wind Canyon. What are they trying to do?”

When the other Sages saw this photo, their expressions suddenly changed, and they appeared very solemn.

“Each of the nine demon emperors rules over a region. Normally, even approaching each other slightly would result in an earth-shattering battle to the death, let alone meeting with each other. However, they are all gathered in the Black Wind Canyon, and there are no signs of fighting among themselves. We need to prepare for the worst. That terrifying demon in the Black Wind Canyon may be about to awaken.”

“What? It’s really about to awaken?”

The expressions of the Nine Sages changed drastically to looks of horror.

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