Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 181 - Lucky  

Chapter 181: Lucky

Seeing the Combat Body Guidance Technique and the Mental Guidance Technique, Lin Feng understood that they were wrong. They were wrong about everything. Humanity’s current path of martial arts was fundamentally wrong.

Life transitions were correct, but martial artists cultivating Astral Power as their foundation after life transition were gravely mistaken.

Initially, Lin Feng thought that the physical body was useful and should be done like cultivating Astral Power. Now that he thought about it, it was ridiculous as well. Cultivating the physical body was also a huge mistake.

“Do you understand now? This is your opportunity, lucky human youngster!”

The red light in Longbetham eyes flickered, as if it was also envious of Lin Feng. It had waited for more than three billion years to gift such an opportunity, but Lin Feng was the only one who obtained it.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and asked in a low voice, “I’m the only one who obtained them? You said before that you gave out many genetic fusion devices, and there’s no lack of people who obtained them. What if someone obtains it again in the future?”

“If someone obtains it again, the genetic fusion device will not be activated. Now that you have come here and obtained an opportunity, all the other genetic fusion devices will be switched off. No one else will be able to enter here before you die.”

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. In that case, the secret of his genetic fusion device could be kept? However, it was a little unfair.

“Why use such a method? Since so many genetic fusion devices have already been deployed, why not let more people obtain genetic fusion devices? What if an outstanding person appears among them?”

Under normal circumstances, this would be the method for finding more candidates.

However, Longbetham shook its head and said, “This is Master’s rule. Master once said that the vast universe is too dangerous. In order to survive in the vast universe and stand at the top of countless lifeforms, besides strength, luck is also very important. Sometimes, luck is even more important than strength. Therefore, if someone is lucky enough despite not obtaining the genetic fusion device, or failed to achieve four life transitions despite obtaining the genetic fusion device, like you, they will be rewarded with opportunities.”


“This is your luck!”

Lin Feng nodded thoughtfully. Indeed, sometimes luck was really important. He seemed to have obtained the genetic fusion device through luck as well. Someone might have noticed this metal ball in the library of Central Sea University, or someone might have deliberately placed it there and thought it was a toy.

However, Lin Feng happened to obtain it. In the end, he broke the genetic lock and underwent a life transition.

It was the same this time. Lin Feng had also come to the underground cave by accident because he was assisting the North Mountain Base. In the end, he had encountered Longbetham. This was luck.

“I’ve already obtained the Combat Body Guidance Technique and the Bemond Mental Guidance Technique. Is this the legacy?”

“Legacy? You are still far from it. This is just an opportunity for you. Without four life transitions, you will not be able to obtain the true legacy at all. Even the Mental Guidance Technique only has four levels. Only after you undergo four life transitions will you come here to receive the true legacy. Only then can you be considered a registered disciple of Master.”

Lin Feng was a little surprised. The Combat Body Guidance Technique and the Mental Guidance Technique in his memory were already very powerful. Even so, they were not the true legacy. Just how powerful was that mysterious Bemond?

“Is your master a planetary lifeform?”

Longbetham said proudly, “My master, the great Lord Bemond, is a powerful galactic lifeform!”

“A galactic lifeform? Not a universal lifeform…”

Lin Feng actually shook his head. However, Longbetham glared at him and said angrily, “Hmph, do you know how great planetary lifeforms are? Your planet can be destroyed with ease by planetary lifeforms, let alone galactic lifeforms. The great Master can destroy your planet with a breath.”

“Destroy a planet with a breath?”

Lin Feng did not quite believe it, but from the looks of it, Longbetham did not seem to be lying. However, he had never seen such a powerful lifeform, so there was no concept for it in his mind.

However, the master of Longbetham must be an extremely powerful entity in the universe.

“You can cultivate the Mental Guidance Technique here now. You cannot cultivate the Combat Body Guidance Technique for the time being. You have already undergone one life transition, and even your metamorphosis has ended, so you already missed the opportunity to cultivate the combat body. Fortunately, this is only the first life transition. Missing it is not a big deal. It will be fine as long as you do not miss for the second, third, and especially the fourth life transitions in the future.”

Lin Feng looked at the time. It had been almost three days since he arrived underground. There was still an hour or two left.

Hence, he shook his head and said, “I have to rush back to the surface as soon as possible. I can cultivate the Mental Guidance Technique anywhere, so there’s no hurry. By the way, if I leave, what will happen to this spaceship? Will it be discovered?”

“Of course it will not be discovered. I have already controlled that lesser lifeform. It can guard this place. You can leave if you want, but you have to take me with you.”

“Bring you along?”

Lin Feng was a little hesitant. Longbetham’s size was too conspicuous. Once he brought it out, it would definitely be discovered.

“Not my body, but a portion of my consciousness. Well, you will not understand even if I tell you. Give me your communicator.”

After Lin Feng handed the communicator to Longbetham, Longbetham’s electronic eyes shot out another red light that enveloped the communicator. About a few minutes later, Longbetham returned the communicator to Lin Feng.

“That’s it?”

“Of course. I am already in your communicator.”


Lin Feng listened carefully and realized that the voice was actually coming from his communicator. He picked up the communicator and saw that the screen was displaying the mechanical head of Longbetham.

“The most important thing in our mechanical civilization is consciousness. I am merely transmitting a portion of my consciousness into the network through your communicator. There is no need to be nervous.”

“No one will discover you if you’re uploaded to the network?”

“With your current technology level, no one will discover me even if you develop for another thousand years.”

Lin Feng was indeed unable to understand a lifeform like Longbetham. A mechanical lifeform, and one that could even leave the body? It was truly unimaginable. Perhaps if those scientists in human society studied it, they would be able to understand something.

Since he could not understand it, Lin Feng did not keep thinking about it. He took the communicator and left the spaceship directly.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, Lin Feng saw the huge metal door slowly close. Without Longbetham’s order, no one could open the door of the spaceship again.

The giant Pangolin Beast was still outside the door. However, the giant Pangolin Beast had already become the guardian and was subdued by Longbetham. At this moment, it was lying on the ground and growling in submission.

“By the way, Longbetham, this was originally the territory of the Terrestrial Ants. Now that the Queen Ant has been killed by this Pangolin Beast, what if we martial artists invade this place and discover the spaceship?”

“It is very simple. I will just choose another Queen Ant among the Terrestrial Ants.”

Soon, Longbetham chose a Queen Ant among the Terrestrial Ants, though it was only at the level of an ordinary demon, He did not know how Longbetham communicated with the Terrestrial Ants, but in the end, the Terrestrial Ants somehow all obeyed Longbetham’s commands.

With a Queen Ant, it would be a piece of cake for the Terrestrial Ants to defend this place with their terrifying numbers.

After doing all this, Lin Feng did not linger any longer. He returned to the surface through the underground tunnel he had come from previously.

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