Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 180 - Combat Body  

Chapter 180: Combat Body

“The genetic fusion device given to you is just to assist you. In reality, this object is a genetic modification technology invented by our mechanical civilization. It is nothing significant at all, and only useful for lesser lifeforms under four life transitions. After more than four life transitions, it will basically not be of much use anymore.

“What I want to give you are the Combat Body Guidance Technique and the Mental Guidance Technique. The cultivation system of your ninth civilization is really too crude. I am unsurprised that you do not have a Combat Body Guidance Technique. However, you do not even have something similar to the Mental Guidance Technique. I have to wonder how you people managed to attain four life transitions.”

Longbetham seemed confused as well. It had never seen such a strange civilization. In fact, it was not just the ninth civilization. There were many things about the other eight civilizations that surprised it as well.

It seemed that although no cosmic life had been born here, among the many lesser lifeforms in the universe, lifeforms on this planet were already doing rather well.

It was incredible that lesser lifeforms with four life transitions could be born without any guidance.

Longbetham returned the genetic fusion device to Lin Feng. The genetic fusion device merged into his body again, but he did not find anything unusual. As for what the Combat Body Guidance Technique and Mental Guidance Technique that Longbetham mentioned were, Lin Feng had no idea either.

“Come with me.”

Hence, Lin Feng followed Longbetham out of the hall. Then, doors opened one after another. It turned out that there were many secret cabins in the spaceship, which was an eye-opener for Lin Feng.

Finally, Longbetham brought Lin Feng to the main control room. In the main control room, there was a floating crystal ball. It was beautiful and very mysterious.

“Go. Press on the guidance ball with your hands. The Combat Body Guidance Technique and the Mental Guidance Technique will be transmitted directly to your memory.”

This kind of technology was unheard of. Lin Feng was a bit curious, and a bit wary at the same time. He carefully reached out and pressed his hands on the crystal ball.



Lin Feng’s consciousness suddenly turned dark. He was in a daze, and felt as if he was constantly shuttling through the darkness.

Suddenly, the sky seemed to light up. He saw a dire beast. It was only two or three meters long, about the size of an ordinary Pangolin Beast, and floating in the void.

Immediately after, the dire beast roared towards the sky. Then, it began to expand rapidly, from two to three meters long to more than ten meters in size, comparable to the giant Pangolin Beast demon.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, had a very strange feeling. He seemed to be able to see that the dire beast’s body was organized in a very special way. Every cell was reorganizing itself in an organized manner, then expanding, expanding, and expanding again. Finally, it turned into a terrifying dire beast over ten meters tall, comparable to a giant Pangolin Beast.

“First life transition combat body!”

Seeing this dire beast, this thought naturally appeared in Lin Feng’s mind. It was almost instinctive.

Not long after, the dire beast expanded again. However, this time, the speed at which the dire beast expanded was extremely fast. Its ten-meter-long body expanded to over a hundred meters in an instant, and it was even expanding rapidly.

In the end, the dire beast’s body swelled to more than 300 meters. It was already a veritable behemoth.

“Second life transition combat body!”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He understood now. This combat body guided lifeforms to restructure their genes according to a fixed pattern during their life transition, so as to obtain the greatest amount of power.

A dire beast in the second life transition could reach a size of more than 300 meters. It was countless times stronger than that Pangolin Beast demon general. Even though they both underwent a second life transition, there was a world of difference between having a combat body and not having one.

No wonder Longbetham looked down on that Pangolin Beast demon general so much and called it a foolish and primitive lesser lifeform.

The life transition of the behemoth was not over yet. There was still a third life transition.

As expected, the behemoth’s body expanded rapidly this time, from more than 300 meters to more than 6,000 meters. Just think about it, how terrifying was such a behemoth?

“Third life transition combat body!”

More than 6,000 meters meant six kilometers. Had a behemoth with a body length of six kilometers even been discovered in the entire Outland?

Lin Feng did not know. Perhaps there were, perhaps there were not. If they were really discovered, they would definitely be hegemon-level demons. Even one of them would be enough to bring devastating disaster to human society.

This was only the third life transition, and there was still the fourth.

The fourth life transition was even more terrifying. The giant beast’s six-kilometer-long body directly became more than 60 kilometers long, stretching across the void. It was simply too horrific. Even though Lin Feng knew that this was an illusion, he could still feel a suffocating pressure from it.

“Fourth life transition combat body!”

Lin Feng had seen the Invincible Fist Sage who had undergone four life transitions. Even though the Invincible Fist Sage was very, very powerful, and Lin Feng had never seen the Invincible Fist Sage’s strongest form, he was certain that the Invincible Fist Sage was definitely no match for this behemoth over 60 kilometers long.

Heavens, a behemoth over 60 kilometers long. Just the thought of it was despairing.

“Is this what the combat body is?”

Lin Feng muttered to himself. He noticed that with every life transition, the size of the behemoth would be at least ten times larger than before!

With every life transition, the size of the behemoth would increase tenfold. This terrifying method had already overturned his previous understanding of martial arts. Or rather, this was not martial arts at all, but the cosmic cultivation system!

Then, the behemoth disappeared. Many cultivation methods for the combat body appeared in Lin Feng’s mind. This was the Combat Body Guidance Technique.

In his memory, apart from the Combat Body Guidance Technique, there was also a Mental Guidance Technique called the Bemond Mental Guidance Technique. It was a Mental Guidance Technique created by the master of Longbetham, the mysterious Bemond in the universe.

There were only four levels, which clearly corresponded to the first to the fourth life transitions.

It turned out that mental power guidance was required to cultivate the battle body from before. Moreover, one had to use mental power to forcefully guide the restructuring of genes, cell division, and finally form a powerful combat body after a life transition, before the body had completed the metamorphosis.

Other things like Astral Power, physical strength, and so on only had one effect on the combat body, and that was energy! The combat body required a large amount of energy, even to an unimaginable extent.

After all, how could the consumption of energy for forming such a huge combat body be little?

Astral Power, food, and so on were all energy for the combat body, and the combat body was the strongest method. It did not require any Astral Power, nor did it require tempering any physical body.

Think about it: how could one train their body to an extent comparable to a behemoth over 60 kilometers in size?

No matter how much Astral Power you had, no matter how strong your Astral martial arts were, could they cause damage to a behemoth over 60 kilometers long?

Such a behemoth did not need any other methods. It could crush countless huge cities with a single stomp, and kill countless martial artists with a single breath.

This was the combat body. This was the terrifying lifeform which the cosmic cultivation system gave rise to!

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