Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1541 - 1541 Celestial Devil Ancestor!

1541 Celestial Devil Ancestor!

Supremacy Epoch looked at Lin Feng in surprise, as if he wanted to “see through” Lin Feng.

“You have a way to deal with the Celestial Devil Ancestor?”

Supremacy Epoch did not believe it. Of course he knew that Lin Feng was a true Controller who had transformed into a universe. He was the person with the greatest chance of becoming a Three-star Supremacy, or even a Chiliocosm Sovereign.

However, if this was the first epoch, or even the second or third epoch, Lin Feng had a 100% chance of becoming a Three-star Supremacy, and even a high chance of becoming a Chiliocosm Sovereign.

With the Supreme Pagoda protecting Lin Feng, Lin Feng could survive the Epochal Cataclysm again and again. Then, with the accumulation over nine epochs, one day, in the ninth Epochal Cataclysm, Lin Feng would have a chance to obtain the small chiliocosm origin, and become a true Chiliocosm Sovereign.

However, all of this required time.

At the very least, Lin Feng had to be born in the second or third epoch, or at least not later than the fifth epoch. Otherwise, there was too little time for him to accumulate, and he could not possibly become a Chiliocosm Sovereign at all.

As for now, Lin Feng had only slowly risen to power at the end of the ninth epoch. At this time, it was very difficult to even become a Three-star Supremacy, let alone anything else.

Supremacy Epoch saw through Lin Feng almost at a glance. Even with so many resources, he definitely would not be able to become a Three-star Supremacy in a hundred years. If he could not become a Three-star Supremacy, he would not be able to stop the Celestial Devil Emperor.

Lin Feng said in a low voice, “Supremacy Epoch, perhaps I can’t stop Celestial Devil Emperor, but if we join forces, there’s still a trace of hope!”

“Join forces?”

Supremacy Epoch shook his head and said, “Dark Domain Supremacy, you don’t know how strong the Celestial Devil Ancestor is at all. You don’t know how majestic a Three-star entity is either.”

With that, the Supremacy Epoch waved his hand. The surroundings changed. They appeared to have left the secret chamber at once and arrived at a desolate space. This was the space inside the Supreme Pagoda, and Supremacy Epoch controlled everything in the Supreme Pagoda. Hence, Lin Feng was not surprised that he could teleport Lin Feng away silently.

Lin Feng focused his gaze on the void in front of him. In the pitch-black sky, there were vaguely stone pillars. These stone pillars were infinitely tall, and they were entirely pitch-black. They looked densely packed as they stood tall in the void.


A low and furious roar sounded in the space. Lin Feng looked up and saw an incomparably huge body. Lin Feng could not describe this body. It had wings on its back, and eyes like stars, emitted a ferocious and bloody aura all over. Just its aura almost suffocated Lin Feng.

“This is the Celestial Devil Ancestor? A Three-star Celestial Devil Emperor?”

Lin Feng seemed to have thought of something, and his expression changed.

The Supremacy Epoch had a complicated expression. He nodded and said, “That’s right, he’s the Celestial Devil Ancestor! Celestial Devils are different from us Controllers. All their power comes from the Celestial Devil’s true form. The Celestial Devil’s true form of a Three-star Celestial Devil Emperor has been condensed to the extreme. A Three-star Celestial Devil Emperor can resist even the Epochal Cataclysm head-on! As long as his Celestial Devil’s true form can’t be destroyed, we can’t kill the Celestial Devil Ancestor.”

“Supremacy Epoch, why did you bring a little fellow here? Heh, even a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like the collision of small chiliocosms has appeared. Supremacy Epoch, this means that you are destined to die. I will definitely be able to break your Supreme Pagoda and return to freedom within a hundred years. I will personally capture you and devour you, turning you into nourishment for my Celestial Devil’s true form. Hahaha…”

Although Celestial Devil Ancestor was suppressed, he could still sense some of the situation outside. In particular, the collision of the three small chiliocosms made the Celestial Devil Ancestor overjoyed.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and sneered, “Celestial Devil Ancestor, since you’re so confident and you know everything, do you know that those Celestial Devil disciples and grand-disciples of yours have already been purged? Now, even the half of the small chiliocosm that once belonged to the Celestial Devils has been occupied by our Epoch Alliance.”


Celestial Devil Ancestor’s expression changed slightly. This was his sore spot.

Actually, during this period of time, he had already vaguely sensed something. He did not sense any aura of the Celestial Devils. Even if there was, it was negligible.

As the Celestial Devil Ancestor, he also realized that something might have gone wrong. He just had not confirmed it.

But now, Lin Feng’s words made the Celestial Devil Ancestor lose all hope. He knew that the Celestial Devils had probably really been purged.

Celestial Devil Ancestor’s chilling gaze stared intently at Lin Feng, and his tone was cold. “I have remembered you. You are the direct perpetrator for the destruction of my disciples and grand-disciples. Heh, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter even if not a single Celestial Devil is left. In any case, everything will be reduced to ashes under the Epochal Cataclysm. As long as I’m still around, the Celestial Devils have not been destroyed! When I escape, I’ll just devour your entire Epoch Alliance.”

The Celestial Devil Ancestor no longer seemed pained. Celestial Devils were all selfish, let alone the Celestial Devil Ancestor. He was someone who could sacrifice the entire small chiliocosm for his own cultivation.

Even if all the insignificant Celestial Devils were destroyed, they could not make the Celestial Devil Ancestor feel any guilt.

Supremacy Epoch shook his head and said, “Dark Domain Supremacy, as you can see, this is Celestial Devil Ancestor. He’s savage, cold, and powerful. I can barely manage to suppress him. What can you do to deal with the Celestial Devil Ancestor?”

Indeed, Lin Feng saw that the stone pillars seemed to be transformed from the power of the Supreme SPatial Pagoda. There were also chains that locked the Celestial Devil Ancestor to the stone pillars.

At every moment, a powerful force was blasting at Celestial Devil Ancestor.

Unfortunately, none of them could cause any damage to the Celestial Devil Ancestor. He had simply the toughest turtle shell in the world, and there was nothing they could do.

“Celestial Devil’s true form? Actually, I can give it a try,” Lin Feng thought for a moment and said.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Seeing Lin Feng’s expression, for the first time, Supremacy Epoch felt that he could not see through Lin Feng. Could Lin Feng not see how strong the Celestial Devil Ancestor was?

Even so, Lin Feng still felt that there was hope?

“Alliance Leader, I hope you can attack Celestial Devil Ancestor with all your might next. This is because next, I can try to completely confine Celestial Devil Ancestor, rendering him defenseless and equivalent to a live target. You just need to do your best, Alliance Leader. If you can injure the Celestial Devil Ancestor, that means there’s hope.”

Lin Feng’s words made Supremacy Epoch even more bewildered.

“You can confine the Celestial Devil Ancestor?”

“That’s right! Alliance Leader, please be prepared.”

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Actually, he was not too confident either. However, if he did not attack, if he did not think of a way, he would just watch helplessly as Supremacy Epoch’s will was beaten down. Then, one day, the Celestial Devil Ancestor would break free, and sweep through the Epoch Alliance with the power of a Three-star entity.

Lin Feng could not turn a blind eye!

Hence, he had to do something. Even if he just tried, he had to do something.

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