Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1540 - 1540 The Accumulation Over Nine Epochs!

1540 The Accumulation Over Nine Epochs!

“Forget it. The Celestial Devil Ancestor will break out sooner or later. I can’t suppress him for long. This is fate. It’s also fate that after nine epochs, I still couldn’t obtain a Three-star Boundary Stone or become a Three-star Supremacy. I know your goal for this trip is cultivation resources, right?”

“Alliance Leader…”

Lin Feng wanted to say something, but hesitated. His goal was indeed cultivation resources, but it would naturally be better if he could save Supremacy Epoch at the same time. Moreover, he wanted to obtain cultivation resources in order to cultivate to the Three-star level faster, and then save Supremacy Epoch.

But now, everything was meaningless. Supremacy Epoch had personally suppressed the Celestial Devil Ancestor, and within a hundred years, the Celestial Devil Ancestor might be able to break free from the Supremacy Epoch’s suppression.

At that time, Supremacy Epoch would probably really fall. No matter how many cultivation resources Lin Feng obtained, he would not be able to save Supremacy Epoch.

At this thought, Lin Feng’s heart sank slightly. He looked at Supremacy Epoch with a complicated expression.

Deep down, he admired Supremacy Epoch very much. Even though this was the first time he had seen Supremacy Epoch, Supremacy Epoch felt like an old friend he had not met for many years. Lin Feng did not feel any discomfort.

If Lin Feng must watch helplessly as Supremacy Epoch stepped into the abyss of death, while he was powerless to do anything, he was naturally very unwilling.


Supremacy Epoch waved his hand, and 10 beautiful Boundary Stones that emitted astonishing rule fluctuations appeared in front of him. These 10 Boundary Stones were too stunning. Even Lin Feng could not help but be moved.

“These are ten 100 trillion-level Boundary Stones. They are all high-quality Boundary Stones that I obtained by luck over a long period of time in several epochs. I originally decided to bestow them to some outstanding Controllers. Unfortunately, even Supremacy Divine Jade only reached the level of 10 trillion worlds. He is far from reaching his limit, let alone becoming a 100 trillion-level Supremacy.”

Supremacy Epoch seemed a little disappointed.

Lin Feng looked at the 10 Two-star Boundary Stones. Of course he could understand the disappointment in the Supremacy Epoch’s heart. Supremacy Epoch must have placed a lot of hope on the Epoch Alliance.

He even hoped that the Epoch Alliance could give rise to more 100 trillion-level, or even quadrillion-level Supremacies. Then, even without Supremacy Epoch, there would still be experts in the Epoch Alliance who could hold their own and preside over the overall situation.

Unfortunately, the many core elders of the Epoch Alliance disappointed Supremacy Epoch. Over the long years, the strongest people were only 10 trillion-level Supremacies.

There was not even a 100 trillion-level Supremacy. Naturally, Supremacy Epoch did not have the time to give away these Boundary Stones. They had been kept until now, but Lin Feng had benefited from them.

“There are two more. These two Boundary Stones are second only to the Boundary Stone in my body. Originally, I had high hopes for the Supremacies of the Epoch Alliance, but from the looks of it, they’re probably far inferior to the Dark Domain Supremacy. I might as well give them to you as well.”

Supremacy Epoch flipped his palm, and two more Boundary Stones appeared.

However, when Lin Feng saw these two Boundary Stones, he could not help but feel excited.

These two Boundary Stones were magnificent, and they were far larger than ordinary Boundary Stones. Even those 100 trillion-level Boundary Stones were far inferior to these two Boundary Stones.

This was because this was a quadrillion-level Boundary Stone! A true “top-grade” Two-star Boundary Stone, second only to the legendary Three-star Boundary Stone.

Seeing these Boundary Stones, Lin Feng understood that the Supremacy Epoch had been waiting and making preparations the entire time. Everything was ready.

He was just waiting for the Epoch Alliance to slowly give birth to some geniuses and experts. He would do his best to nurture them to become peak Two-star Supremacies not inferior to him!

Unfortunately, up until now, the Supremacy Epoch had yet to see the Controller he had been anticipating. Instead, Lin Feng had appeared. Hence, all these Boundary Stones went to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was overwhelmed with emotions and appeared very excited.

Even though he had only obtained 12 Boundary Stones from Supremacy Epoch this time, these 12 Boundary Stones were the strongest Boundary Stones produced in the entire small chiliocosm over several epochs. They were collected one by one by Supremacy Epoch, and all given to Lin Feng now.

This many Boundary Stones was completely enough to support Lin Feng to become a quadrillion-level Supremacy, or even a peak quadrillion-level Supremacy! Lin Feng no longer had to wait for a long time to slowly plunder Boundary Stones.

These Boundary Stones were enough!

However, with just these Boundary Stones, finding enough world origin was still a difficult problem for Lin Feng.


Supremacy Epoch waved his hand and took out a large amount of world origin again.

“I have about a quadrillion portions of world origin. They are from the countless Celestial Devils destroyed during the eight Epochal Cataclysms. I collected most of them and slowly accumulated them. Originally, I wanted to use these world origins to break through and become a Three-star Supremacy after obtaining a Three-star Boundary Stone, but from the looks of it, giving them to you is the best choice.”

Supremacy Epoch was disheartened and practically did not keep anything at all. He even gave Lin Feng all the world origin in his reserves directly.

Lin Feng was very excited, even to the extreme.

He had once speculated how many Boundary Stones and world origin Supremacy Epoch had. However, up until now, he still felt as if he was in a dream.

He had worked hard to obtain all the Boundary Stones and world origin through the Epoch Alliance in the outside world. However, before the one quadrillion portions of world origin and 12 high-quality Two-star Boundary Stones Supremacy Epoch had given out, they appeared so insignificant.

Lin Feng felt like he had only “woken up” now. The person standing in front of him was not an ordinary Controller. Even the other quadrillion-level Supremacies were far inferior.

He had experienced eight Epochal Cataclysms, which was equivalent to collecting resources over eight epochs. Now, they were all given to Lin Feng, and all of them benefited Lin Feng.

This gain had far exceeded Lin Feng’s expectations.

With these abundant resources, it would be almost a piece of cake for him to become a quadrillion-level Supremacy. It was not entirely impossible for him to even become a Three-star Supremacy.

This time, Lin Feng truly saw the hope of becoming a “Three-star Supremacy”, and no longer just an illusory “direction”. He saw the “path”. As long as he walked down it, he would definitely be able to become a Three-star Supremacy quickly.

Lin Feng bowed deeply to Supremacy Epoch and said, “Thank you for your generosity, Alliance Leader. I don’t know how I can repay you!”

However, Supremacy Epoch shook his head and said, “There’s no need for you to repay me. Go, go. As long as you can fight for a chance of survival for the Epoch Alliance and the entire small chiliocosm, I’ll be very gratified.”

A chance of survival was easier said than done.

However, Lin Feng remembered it silently. He looked at the slightly lonely and desolate figure of Supremacy Epoch, and could not quite bear it deep down. Supremacy Epoch was a great figure who had fought for all living beings in the small chiliocosm for nine epochs. Could he only watch as Supremacy Epoch reached a most dismal end?

“Alliance Leader, it’s not entirely impossible to resolve the crisis of the Celestial Devil Ancestor!”

Suddenly, Lin Feng turned around, gritted his teeth, and said firmly with an incomparably solemn expression.

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