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Chapter 35 – Stupefied

Chapter 35 – Stupefied

Everyone was petrified and speechless; that was simply too shocking.


Jiao Peng’s arms lightly trembled, and it felt as if he collided against a Hou. He felt a fracturing pain. He absolutely did not think that a child still feeding on milk was almost able to knock him to the ground.

Everyone was shocked. Was this really a desolate village? It was most likely a hidden clan of ancient descent!

Many people were held back by their fear. If it was true, then a hidden clan that lived in seclusion in the middle of the mountains would be too terrifying. Although their population was low, each of them must be terrifying experts.

Those two beautiful young maidens walked forward with a glitter in their eyes. A smile hung on their faces as their lustering white foreheads shone with intelligence. One of the young maidens asked “Little brother, how old are you?”

“I’m almost four years old.” The little guy’s big round eyes showed a clear expression as he answered. At the same time he quickly wiped away the milk stain at the corner of his mouth to cover it up more.

What? A baby who’s not even four years old? This was too shocking, and everyone lost their cool as they breathed in cold air.

Jiao Peng’s eyes shot out beams of like a wild beast. His expression was terrible and he wanted to immediately activate his clan’s strongest precious technique to beat the little guy down into the ground with a single palm.

“Again!” He did not use the Jiao clan’s precious technique and still used his corporeal strength. He charged forth like a violent gale as his fist whizzed through the air. The trees in the vicinity violently trembled and all the leaves and foliage fell to the ground.

Like huge beasts making movements within the boundless mountain range, he brought with him a violent gust of wind. Jiao Peng’s momentum was astonishing as he pounced towards the little guy.

“Big bro, why are you trying to bully me?” The little guy did not understand as his big eyes shined with purity and innocence. He stared at Jiao Peng, extended his arms and swatted in front of him.


This time, everyone clearly saw this cute child used only the strength of his flesh and did not incorporate any mysterious power or precious techniques and simply just pushed outwards. However, his power was incredible and his strength was ferocious. It left people speechless. With a Weng sound, he pushed Jiao Peng back.

The genius from the Great Floating Pool was continuously forced backwards, and the earth cracked with each step he took. His arms spasmed as he groaned in pain.

“So strong!” Jiao Peng clenched his teeth and exposed an incomprehensible expression. This time, he truly lost face because he was dominated by a baby still feeding on milk. His face burnt up with fury.

“Haha….” Lei Mingyuan was over six years old. He took joy in seeing Jiao Peng in pain as he swayed back and forth in laughter.

Aside from his, the others did not have a trace of laugher. If one considered Jiao Peng a genius, then what was this child?

“This child’s potential is frightening. If he participated in the great competitions within huge clans, then he might actually…” A few people casually discussed.

The children shook as they heard everything, and they kept looking at the little guy. These types of geniuses were destined to participate in that terrifying competition. Sooner or later, they would certainly meet.

“Hai……” Purple Mountain Clan’s elder Zishan Shou sighed. He had a high standing within his family and had great influence. Right now, he still had a kind expression as he said “Child, what’s this village called.”

“Stone Village.” The little guy replied with a crisp tone.

“Can you let us inside to rest a while and get a drink of water?” Zishan Hou asked in an amiable manner.

Right now, Jiao Peng was already restrained by that middle-aged man from the Great Floating Pool. The experts from all the other villages also walked forward since they wanted to clearly explore this strange village

“So adorable.” The two young maidens as pretty as fairies stood beside the little guy for a long time. They adored him as they pinched his little cheeks.

“Sisters, what are you doing?” Little Shi Hao evaded.

“Can you bring us into the village for a look?” The two young maidens asked.

“Little guy, what happened?” The adults from the village appeared and approached the forest.

Finally, those from the Purple Mountain Clan, Great Floating Pool and the other experts all entered the village. They observed every detail and paid especially close attention to the old willow tree.

However, the burnt black willow tree did not have a trace of movement. Even though there were people moving around secretly, it never paid attention to them.

After entering the village, these experts began to have some doubt. These stone houses and the limestone streets all seemed very ordinary and did not possess any extraordinary attributes. It was no different from any other villages within the desolate lands.

“Yi, these cauldrons are ancient. Many of these had already experienced years of hardship.” Zishan Shou came from an aristocratic territory and had a high standing within his clan. Naturally, he was rather experienced.

The few cauldrons in the middle of the village held an ancient history. Simple and natural carvings of birds, beasts, fish and bugs attracted many people’s attention.

“These cauldrons seem out of the ordinary, what do you do with these normally?” The middle-aged man from the Great Floating Pool, Jiao Cang asked.

“Oh, we use these to train our strength.” Er Meng replied as picked up a thousand jin cauldron over his head.

Everyone’s hearts skipped. An eight or nine year old child lifted up a thousand jin cauldron with such ease. Even though it didn’t mean much within a large clan, but for a little mountain village, it was a great deal.

Additionally, none of the children here looked simple.

These experts began to doubt again. Was this actually a hidden clan? So mysterious!

Er Meng originally already could lift the thousand jin cauldron, and after baptizing in the true blood of the Suan Ni, his strength had improved by an entire level. Doing these types of things would naturally be much easier.

But these experts didn’t know that and thought every child was like this. Within their clans, the number of geniuses were limited. Not everyone was like Jiao Peng or Zishan Kun.

The majority of children were far from Er Meng. An eight or nine year old with such strength was remarkable.

“Big uncle, did you bring that flying Flood Dragon to eat or to refine its True Blood?” Er Meng dim-wittedly asked.

“What does a dumb kid like you know? Don’t speak anymore!” Er Meng’s father slapped his head and said “These types of vicious Flood Dragons are rare and hard to tame. They must bring them back and breed baby Flood Dragons before you can eat them or refine their true blood. That’s a true long-term plan.”

The people from the Great Floating Pool became depressed. They thought this rough looking man would originally lecture the child or say something reasonable. Instead, these barbaric words came out, could it be that everyone in this village was this weird?

This wasn’t a Tree Pig or a Mud Cow, and it certainly wasn’t food. This was an ultra-strong vicious beast. Such terrifying power, who would be willing to part with it.

Everyone’s eyes began to burn intensely as they stared towards Er Meng’s gather. They wanted to carefully observe him, but they did not discover any traces of a symbol’s power. Could it be that he’s hiding his power?

“The vicious aura in these few cauldrons are so strong. You just bathed in the true blood of Archaic Descendants not long ago right?!”

Lei Hou’s fourth son was a twenty year old young man. His name was Lei Yunkun. He stood tall and upright as black lightning appeared in his eyes. He left the group and stood in front of the medicine cauldron, showing a shocked expression.

The group of men all followed and closed their eyes. They carefully felt their surroundings and then opened their eyes in shock. It was absolutely the blood of a terrifying beast king that unexpectedly died here.

“You guys didn’t refine an Archaic Descendant here right?” His balloon was just popped, the depressed Jiao Peng finally could not bear and opened his mouth.

“Scared yet?” The nasally child was resentful towards Jiao Peng as he said with a childish tone.

“What kind of vicious beast?” The genius Zishan Kun said and showed a curious expression.

“An ultra-strong Suan Ni.” The nasally child blurted out.

“You dumb kid!” His father scolded but it was already too late.

The nasally kid just remembered the warnings of the Chief. “Do not speak of the Archaic Descendants, otherwise, it might instill a huge disaster.” The kid felt stupid and said in a light voice “I forget, the Chief said, we had to keep this thing low-profile.”

However, after it reached the ears of those experts, these words held significant meaning. These mother f*ckers were definitely a hidden clan. These people wanted to keep a low-profile and didn’t want to show off.

Otherwise, who would just casually eat Suan Ni’s meat? With just a tiny amount of pure blood, these types of creatures’ power would overflow the heavens, and even more so with an Archaic Descendent that would be able to able to instill endless fear to the largest of clans.

“You are positive that you guys ate a Suan Ni?” Jiao Peng asked with his eyes wide open. He lost his domineering attitude for the moment and showed the curiosity and astonishment of a child.

One must know that even the Great Floating Pool wouldn’t indiscriminately disturb Archaic Descendants like a Suan Ni. Although they had baptized in similar blood, it didn’t mean they could eat their meat often.

Because in large clans, the rarer the Archaic Descendants, the finer they would prepare them. Every inch of its blood and bones would be refined into medicine. How could they afford to just eat it like that?

The group of experts were left completely speechless. How strong was their background if they dared to directly eat the flesh of a precious Suan Ni?

At this moment, although the group of experts came from large clans and knew many things, they felt suspicious of their surroundings. They had already determined that this was a terrifying hidden clan that absolutely could not be provoked.

“Where is your Chief, this senior wants to pay his respects.” Zishan Shou was in feathered clothing and a gold hat. Strands of purple clouds surrounded his body, and he had a strong and imposing aura. However, he constantly held back and did not dare to do as he pleased.

“The Chief closed himself off in isolation and will not come out for a while.” Er Meng said.

“Dumb kid, you really have a lot to say don’t you!” His father extended his fan-like palm and spanked him with a loud Pa sound.

Er Meng felt wronged and didn’t think it was a big deal. He wasn’t warned to not speak of this matter. When the Chief drank the precious blood of the Suan Ni, he felt the disease within his body getting better and therefore decided to concentrate on cultivated in isolation.

Zishan Shou, Jiao Cang and the others looked at each other. They had a clear understanding and felt that this was definitely an extraordinary Chief. The stronger a person is, the longer they would seal themselves off in isolation.

Finally, the group gazed towards the old willow tree again. With such a mysterious village, the willow tree that’s rooted here must certainly be extraordinary right?

“This is a Guardian Spirit right? What do you call it?” Lei Yunkun carefully asked.

“Oh, just call it Guardian Spirit or call it Willow Deity.” Pi Hou answered. Children’s words were the most genuine, naturally making it sound more believable.

“What, Willow Deity?!” The group of experts almost leapt up. Even Zishan Shou with his powerful influence and a mighty aristocratic background almost staggered back in shock.

A mysterious village and a terrifying Guardian Spirit Name… this made everyone dumbstruck.

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