Perfect World

Chapter 34 – A Terrifying Village

Chapter 34 – A Terrifying Village

The child who jumped off the back of the Flood Dragon came from the Great Floating Pool, and his name was Jiao Peng. Although he was small, he was still very powerful and threatening. With a sneer he said “This willow branch is mine. If you guys have a problem with it then just come and give me a try.”

One of Zishan Hou’s children was rather handsome and pretty. He steadily and patiently said, “Jiao Peng, don’t say such conceited words. Even if you have some skills, there’s no need for such arrogance. Take care of yourself to not die within this harsh, desolate land.” His name was Shan Kun and never got along with Jiao Peng from the very start. In addition, their clans were did not have a peaceful relationship, so they always opposed each other.

“Then let’s have a fight to the death, do you dare?” Jiao Peng’s tone was very aggressive. His eyes were shooting out cold beams of electricity, and they were threatening like the offspring of an Archaic Golden Peng.

“What are you arguing about? All of you immediately settle down!” On the other side, a large child’s eyes shot out beams of cold electricity. Above his head, black air swirled about and coldly swept over. He came from an aristocratic area and was the son of Lei Hou. He was named Lei Mingyuan, and he originally wanted to deal with Zishan Hou’s most beloved son, Zishan Kun. After seeing Jiao Peng’s bossy and domineering attitude, however, he became irritated.

Jiao Peng and Zishan Kun heard what was said and raised their eyebrows. They were all geniuses, and had tremendous confidence in themselves. They would never lower their heads toward anyone.

“Lei Mingyuan, are you courting death?!” Jiao Peng was young, but he had a very lofty attitude. He took a step forward and the entire ground shook with a huge dong sound, like a huge monster was on the move.

“Shut up!” Zishan Kun also very direct and shouted. They had a grudge with the Lei clan and sparks flew whenever they met. Although the tension eased up a bit during the past few years, they still never stopped their hidden battles.

“One fight to determine the victor and the loser!” Lei Mingyuan shouted. He leapt vertically, and his body flew twenty meters into the air before striking towards Zishan Kun with his palm. Despite saying all this, he was still trying to carry out the commands of his father.

The wind caused by his fist were black as they crackled in the air. As a result, lightning interweaved within the air, forming bristles of concentrated lightning that descended down from the skies.

This was only a child, yet he had such a remarkable ability. A strange symbol appeared in his palm; it was the obscure imprints of his clan’s secret and rare precious technique.


Purple clouds filled the air. Zishan Hou lifted up his right hand to defend himself, and symbols flickered from his palm as well, forming a blazing light. It surged out to form a purple sun before releasing outwards.

Similarly, this was also a terrifying precious technique. It was precious technique that only the Purple Mountain Clan possessed. Practiced to perfection, its power could move the heavens, as well as tremble the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers.

The two forces collided, and both the black lightning and the purple light exploded. The two techniques exploded into symbols, leaving marks in the air. This scene astonished everyone.

“Who is the number one genius? Don’t forget, I’m still here!” Jiao Peng suddenly executed his attack.

The force from his palm was astonishing. A symbol flashed in the middle of his left palm and a Flood Dragon made completely out of light rushed outwards. This was a genuine Archaic Flood Dragon’s imprint, and its aura was completely horrifying.

The Great Floating Pong’s ancestors met an Archaic Flood Dragon before and unexpectedly inherited its strongest precious technique. Although the descendants could not use its ability to the fullest extent, it was still extremely powerful.

The Flood Dragon made bared its fangs and brandished its claws. Its entire body was a grayish brown color, and it was signaling great misfortune, as if it had just awakened from its ancient slumber to wage war in the skies!

This precious technique was incredibly powerful and attacked both Zishan Kun and Lei Mingyuan at the same time. Jiao Peng was very small, but he was extremely violent. He needed to take them both on at the same time to prove that his abilities were granted by the heavens.

“You’re looking for death!” Lei Mingyuan scoffed coldly. Black lightning gushed outwards and spread out to all ten of his fingers. Ten streaks of black light shot forth, and bristles of lightning shout out as bird cries rang out. A purple vicious bird too form from within the lightning, and its terrifying power was shocking as it dove straight down.

Zishan Hou also retaliated, and purple clouds floated about as a sun flew outwards. There was a Fire Unicorn in the middle of it, emitting a frightening purple blaze. It leapt into the sky with its unmatched ferocity.

Just like this, the three children were engaged in a muddled battle. They all attacked each other and drew surprising glances from everyone.

Although they were still young, each of them were incredibly powerful. Their seniors all secretly nodded in approval and at the same time, they were in awe of the abilities of their opponents possessed.

“So boring, they can’t even fight with the intent to kill. With all these old men here, they can’t fight with all their might.” A child from the spectating group of children sneered.

“Exactly! True geniuses blessed by the heavens are born from great internal wars. What does this count as?” Another child sneered as well.

“What are you guys talking about? This is also a life and death battle!” The three children who were fighting fiercely were immediately angered. They expanded the range they fought in to include involved those two children as well.

This was a chaotic battle. Although they were still young, they all possessed breathtaking abilities as they demonstrated their terrifying talents, shocking all the spectators.

Inside Stone Village, a group of naughty children were entertaining themselves when they were suddenly startled by the activities in the forest. They ran towards the front of the village and saw many villagers suddenly scared off their feet. They were all focused on what was happening outside.

“How did so many people appeared?”

After seeing Jiao Peng and the others battling, they were all speechless. They were all able to grasp the strength of the Bone Text so well that the children all became jealous. Quickly, all of their attention had been diverted again. They saw a mutated scaled horse — a unicorn. Scales all over its body shone in a bright light, and the horn on its head shone like crystal; this was an extraordinary horse.

“I heard uncle Linhu say that this type of mountain beast’s speed is extremely fast and that it can travel ten thousand li in a day. Last time, they met some in the desolate lands and chased them for several days without seeing a trace of hair.” Shi Dazhuang said.

Those experts in the forest were sharp and naturally heard everything, however they all stared blankly at what they heard. According to them, this was a mountain village that fell behind and was not able to produce any experts. However, these children’s words amazed them. Unicorns were a type of rarely seen ferocious beast. If they truly went berserk, then their “vicious” descriptions would be evident. They were powerful, yet a few villagers dared to chase them?

How could they know that Shi Linhu and the others begged the chief for the two Ancestral Artifacts in order to wildly chase after them? A unicorn was able to traverse ten thousand li in a day. For men in these desolate lands, the unicorn was incredibly enticing.

“You guys, look, there’s a twenty meter long Jiao spiraling in the air. It has water sacs both thick and thin, and was actually hiding two long wings. Such a strong vicious beast, It must certainly taste good right?”

“Er Meng you food tank, is this stuff for eating? This stuff is to be refined into medicine. Even though it’s not a pure-blooded Archaic Descendant, its blood is still very precious.” Pi Hou retorted.

Outside the village, a group of experts were petrified and were a bit stupefied. Such a strong Jiao would unexpectedly be treated as food or medicine? What kind of village was this?

“This Jiao certainly looks really good to eat, but it can’t possibly be sweeter than the flesh of a Suan Ni. If it’s not an Archaic Descendant species, then its true blood can’t possibly compare.” Another nasally child added.

They had eaten the flesh of a Suan Ni for the past few days and also baptized in its true blood. After that, their expectations were extremely high. They thought they had been talking quietly, but they were definitely heard by those groups of experts.

Whether it’s the Purple Mountain Clan, Lightning Clan or Jiao Clan who came from the Great Floating Pool, all of them felt their nerves burst. Did they hear wrong?

Where did this village come from? Casually eating the flesh of a Suan Ni and didn’t look up to this formidable flying Flood Dragon in awe? One must know that this was an extremely terrifying vicious beast; normal experts would be far from being its opponent.

“Child, what did you say?!” Jiao Peng who was in the middle of his intense battle became angry. His eyes were cold and shot out a terrifying look towards the village entrance.

“His eyes are so clear, chilling people down to the bone. Why do I feel that it’s similar in strength to that Guardian Spirit we killed, that vicious wolf?” Er Meng muttered. He believed that he was talking quietly, but just like before, he was still heard by those people in the forest.

What? Killed a Guardian Spirit? The group of experts all trembled and almost turned to stone. Even they did not dare to easily provoke a Guardian Spirit. Even the people from the Great Floating Pool were rather prudent in killing Guardian Spirits.

This was because behind each of those lifeforms potentially stood a terrifying and ancient deity. Recently, they came out by themselves for the sake of finding nirvana within human clans. They also wished to tread on the path towards becoming an ancient deity.

“What a pity, we couldn’t eat that Guardian Spirit since it was instantly turned to dust.” Pi Hou regretfully said.

The group of people were stunned. How terrifying is this village? Why did all of this seem so fishy? Everyone was at a loss.

“It’s so infuriating, are you babies looking for death?!” Jiao Peng was infuriated from being ignored.

“Wow, so vicious!”

“Yi, could that idiot hear what we’re talking about?” Pi Hou was doubtful since they were very far away.

“Ge ji” A light laughter echoed through as they heard everything. Standing on the snowy feather, those two young maiden in the air laughed with glee as they swayed back and forth. Although they were wearing different attires, their appearances were identical. Their skin was as white as gems, and they were otherworldly beautiful as they vividly glanced everywhere with their big eyes.

“Very interesting, is he naturally stupid or doing it on purpose?”

“Of course it’s on purpose, Jiao Peng almost went crazy after hearing him.”

The two young maidens laughed nonstop. Although they were young, they were clearly identical peerless beauties with their bright eyes, long lashes, sparking and adorable.

The elders of Lightning Clan and Purple Mountain Clan all stepped forth and told the children to stop their battle. They wanted to personally see what was going on with this strange village. Could this actually be a hidden family of terrifying experts that still remained from ancient times?

“You bunch of wild children, you dare to laugh at me!”

After they stopped their fight, Jiao Peng shook both his arms. Like a vicious bird, he leapt twenty meters towards the village entrance, wanting to take action on those children.

In a stone house at the village entrance, the little guy ran out. He was pretty and tender and said “Ya, how come so many people came?”

“Wei, little guy you’re still secretly drinking milk right? When did you stop?” A group of bigger children teased when they found out the little guy had milk stains at the corner of his mouth.

“No, no, you guys have problem with your eyes!” The little guy hastily wiped his mouth and didn’t want to admit it even if he was beaten to death. He put his little milk-stained hand behind his back as his eyes turned back and forth.

“What a cute child.” The two young maidens on the snowy feather were incredibly surprised. After seeing the jade-like little guy being this charmingly naive, they happily started smiling.

At this time, Jiao Peng came towards them, and lifted his palm and made a slapping motion. The sound of wind whistled through as this this terrifying and shocking thousand jin strength made its way through the air.

“Ya, big bro, what are you trying to do?” The little guy opened his eyes wide when he found something fishy. Jiao Peng’s strength was too great as he charged towards Er Meng and Pi Hou.

He rapidly came to the front and his aura suddenly changed. As he extended his little tender hand to collide with Jiao Peng’s palm, the sound of wind and thunder was produced.


Sand and dust flew everything and shook the mountain. The little guy stood there motionless. Jiao Peng, seemingly as if he was struck by lightning staggered backwards. Wherever his step reached the ground, a terrifying crack appeared as the ground shook back and forth. One step after another, he backed up almost ten meters and almost fell straight on the ground.

“Wow, what a strong child!” The two young maiden’s eyes shone bright and leaped off the snowy feather and ran towards the front with the intention of pinching the little guy’s cheeks.

The little guy bashfully stepped back. His big bright eyes blinked and looked towards Jiao Peng and said “Big bro, what you’re doing is wrong.”

The corner of his mouth still had some milk stains that he did not completely wipe away. With his black eyes that looked like precious gems shone in addition to his earnest attitude, it made those two elf-like maidens like him even more as they wanted to tease him.

At the rear, the group of experts were petrified. This little f*cker was still a milk-feeding baby, yet he was able to deflect the palm of the famous genius Jiao Peng? It was like they’ve seen a ghost!

What kind of terrifying village was this? The group of people were dumbstruck and speechless.

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