Perfect World

Chapter 2014

Chapter 2014 - Calming The Darkness Disaster

Who was claiming to be unmatched, who dared claim to be undefeated?

This was a type of confidence, one’s aura devouring heaven and earth, looking down on the past, present and future. Who could contend against this?

There was unmatched faith, at the same time carrying a type of great changes. He experienced the baptism of endless ages, now finally struggling free, becoming someone who belonged to this world once more.

The rain of blood was resplendent, condensing and taking form, producing Shi Hao’s true body. He stood there as if he never left.

However, his aura was too terrifying, undergoing a great transformation compared to before, becoming an unmatched emperor, no longer a half immortal emperor!

Just by standing here, his figure was going to crush the endless ages and heavens. The great river of time and everything else became unstable because of his existence. His flesh was about to suppress everything.

“I’ve already recovered all of my fighting strength. What is there to fear?!” The Corpse Immortal Emperor said coldly. Now, his body was complete, that ruined flesh made whole.

Even the primordial spirit returned to its original location!

He sat on that stone chair, looking like he was looking down on all under heaven, high up above. He looked down on Shi Hao, his expression ice-cold and ruthless.


The divine chains of order wrapped around his body were all snapped by him, unable to restrict him any longer.


He stood up, his body massive, towering in the world. With a light shake, primal chaos was destroyed and the heavenly chains of order crumbled!

Only, his body indeed became more and more dark. He woke up from his slumber, becoming completely different from before. Immortal emperor level magical force raged, extending out boundlessly.

If not for Huang standing in front of him, Realm Sea would have definitely erupted into chaos. His emperor dao laws would engulf all regions, all things would then perish!


The darkness curtain of light that originally covered that region now shattered like crystals and was then absorbed by him. This was the dao law force he originally used to seal his body.

Now, he returned, but he was already no longer his past self. His darkness soul raged and burned, domineering beyond comparison. His vacant eyes released darkness flames.

This was a true immortal emperor!

He walked out of his previous dangerous condition, breaking his own seal, now truly standing in this world. He left the primal chaos, looking at Huang, about to take action.


The Everlasting Sword Core released noise. The mottled fragments recombined into one, forming a sword core once more.

With a peng noise, the Everlasting Sword Core appeared in his hands, moreover becoming larger. It matched his massive body, becoming a terrifying giant sword.

“Pearls before swine, the emperor sword has been covered in dust!” The Corpse Immortal Emperor said coldly. His hair scattered about, body rising up, his presence truly intimidating.

“Even someone like you dares rashly use an emperor sword? Did you think you were worthy?!” His words were gloomy, at the same time carrying a wave of arrogance. The meaning behind his words was clear, only he could grasp this sword.

In the past, there were indeed many terrifying things that happened.

The previous users of the Everlasting Sword Core had all died miserably. It wasn’t some holy item, not even a single individual was able to survive.

That was why in history, it was known as an inauspicious weapon. Later on, no experts who had a great reputation dared use it. Eventually, it was sealed up in the ashes of history.

This continued until Shi Hao appeared, obtaining it and using it again.

Huang became the only living master of this sword!

However, he could be considered to have been cut down by this sword once before, his body did turn into millions and millions of drops of blood after all.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor shouted, his arms brandishing about, this sword hacking at Shi Hao. This scene was too terrifying. When an immortal emperor took action, it truly shocked the past, present and future, affecting too much.

With a honglong noise, the sea of primal chaos was split, sword energy warping and weaving for millions and millions of li, no distance it couldn’t cross, nothing it couldn’t kill.

All life was extinguished!

The power of this sword was enough to eradicate the heavens, make everything head to destruction. It was too terrifying.

Even the long river of time was trembling, disappearing from this place.


Shi Hao retaliated. He didn’t have an emperor artifact in hand, only using a single hand to cover the sky, pushing forward. He faced the sword core domineeringly just like that.

This was a type of imposing might, a type of unrivaled conviction within his bones that was going to suppress all enemies.

At the same time, during this process, he blocked the boundless killing intent and war energy that poured out from the Corpse Immortal Emperor, preventing it from reaching the other shore of Realm Sea. He completely intercepted everything.


That large hand covered the sky dome. It struck against the sword core, sending it high into the air. Sword radiance shone in millions and millions of streaks, tearing apart the endless ages’ heavens!

In that instant, everything here returned to the beginning, heaven and earth collapsing. Everything was beaten into ruin, the stars in the sky all turning into nothing. More than a single cosmos collapsed.

“You have just stepped into this level, there is no way you can compete against me yet. I will send you to the afterlife!” Darkness mist surged and the Corpse Immortal Emperor roared.

“What is the point of saying so much? I will kill you!” Shi Hao coldly replied. He struck out with his bare hands, his steps steady, having the confidence of being unrivaled.

His immortal sword and his Law Pool were still only half immortal emperor level artifacts, but he still dared press forward. He was calm, cool and collected, releasing blazing radiance.

Emperors were unrivaled!

Even though Shi Hao had just become an emperor, he had this type of style.

“From past to present and future, my body reigns supreme, all dao becomes nothing. All enemies in this world will be suppressed!”

The Corpse Immortal Emperor roared out. Right now, he used true unmatched power, not holding back at all. Forbidden secret techniques all appeared, everything activated, wishing to kill Huang.

He sensed that this was a terrifying enemy, that he encountered a huge problem. He had to kill him as soon as possible, or else the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Futile, all of it is useless.”

Shi Hao gave a simple evaluation. Then, he displayed unmatched emperor methods.

Embodiment Transformation, transform all ages. In that instant, figures walked out one after another. They were all Shi Hao, four of them in total. In addition, there were indistinct figures in the distance who hadn’t fully taken form yet.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor’s pupils were pitch-black. He had a bad feeling.


Shi Hao’s true body led these figures in slaughter. All of them formed fist imprints, suppressing and attacking at the same time.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor immediately coughed out a large mouthful of black blood, his entire body was smashed flying. The sword core released dang dang noises, almost leaving his hand.

He suddenly raised his head. His hair was disheveled, face sinister and terrifying. He stared at Shi Hao, but didn’t say anything for a long time.


He brandished the Everlasting Sword Core, sending it smashing over. Resplendent sword radiance illuminated this age, and then it hacked towards the past and the future.

It was as if streaks of lightning lit up different skies of history.

Only, when facing this unrivaled strike, Shi Hao remained extremely calm, still raising his fist and sending it smashing over.

In his surroundings, several other creatures were also like this, their expressions cold. They condensed fist imprints, attacking together.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor’s body was blasted through. There were fists that smashed through his body, bringing large amounts of black blood with them. There were fists that smashed into the Everlasting Sword Core, making it release vibrating noises.

It was just too terrifying.

This was a clash of the greatest power.

Roar… The Corpse Immortal Emperor roared out angrily, but he couldn’t change much. He shockingly discovered that this latecomer was too terrifying.

Embodiment Transformation, transform all ages, this was a type of unrivaled emperor method. Even the Corpse Immortal Emperor had no choice but to accept this reality. He couldn’t stop it.


Shi Hao still pressed forward, his fists smashing out one after another. Heaven and earth collapsed. Several figures followed, blasting the Corpse Immortal Emperor until large mouthfuls of blood sprayed out of his mouth.

Moreover, his body cracked apart, especially that arm that held the sword, breaking off.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor struggled, roaring out. After his broken arm regenerated, he went all out here, wishing to fight a decisive battle to the end.

Unfortunately, Shi Hao wouldn’t give him this chance. He also went all out. Several figures swept out together, their fist imprints unrivalled. His embodiment profound mysteries were fully displayed.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor was smashed to pieces.

“Time, history, it cannot be touched… not even I could change anything, instead triggering great karma.” The Corpse Immortal Emperor said with a sigh.

“Any last words?” Shi Hao asked coldly. He wanted to know why the other party would be corroded by darkness power after becoming an immortal emperor.

The Corpse Immortal Emperor didn’t have anything to say, extremely unyielding and cold.

He released a great roar, quickly recombining his body. His primordial spirit seemed to be burning, now slaughtering over again.

However, it was quite pitiful. Before his Embodiment Transformation Great Method, the Corpse Immortal Emperor was completely restrained.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor was blasted until his flesh was sent flying, his primordial spirit turning dim, as if it was going to explode again.

“Kill!” Huang took action domineeringly. Several figures moved out together to kill this Corpse Immortal Emperor, blast it into pieces.


The Corpse Immortal Emperor was shocked and furious, but there was nothing he could do. He really wasn’t a match, completely crushed by Huang. He reforged his body.

Shi Hao suppressed him, moreover began the refinement process.

It was just that direct. He took action with thunderous might, simple and violent.

The time of the refinement was extremely long, using up thousands of years. Shi Hao and the other figures all sat together to refine this Corpse Immortal Emperor.

The main thing was that his darkness force was too strong, impossible to dissolve. Once fluctuations were released, it would then be a calamity. The creatures on the other side of Realm Sea couldn’t stop them.


In the end, after tens of thousands of years of time passed, the Corpse Immortal Emperor released his final miserable roar. He was killed, completely dissolved.

Most of the strong darkness matter was also refined away and then sealed.

Shi Hao walked into the depths of the Ancient Final Destination and saw that stone chair. Then, with a fierce strike of his palm, heaven and earth were immediately shocked, immortal emperor symbols covering the skies.

However, these things were all suppressed by Shi Hao. He was unrivaled right now, subduing all immortal emperor level great dao divine light and power.

The stone mountain height chair was crushed into powder, no longer existing. At the same time, there seemed to be thunder rumbling in the skies above.

There were divine chains of order that appeared in the skies, densely packed and numerous. There was an opening that was aimed down.

At this time, Shi Hao’s expression turned grave.

He saw the sky dome, a hole opened up there. Divine chains of order swirled about, there were even more dark clouds that surged, continuously pouring out.

The most terrifying thing was that in the sky dome’s opening, there were sparkling and translucent drops of liquid, within those drops was black blood that might drip down at any time.

Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air. The Corpse Immortal Emperor was corroded precisely by the black liquid that flowed out from that hole?

What kind of place was that?

Endless terrifying dao laws vaguely passed over from that place, the aura making one tremble.

Shi Hao got up, rising into the air.

He arrived in the sky dome, saw that hole. This was something like a realm wall, unknown how it was ripped apart. This type of opening now appeared.

Shi Hao vaguely saw some scenes on the other side of this hole.

This place was above the heavens, everlasting and eternal, reincarnation difficult to overturn, a supreme land.

Shi Hao’s eyes swirled with radiance. He stared at this place, looking at this opening. He felt as if a seal had temporarily been undone, able to see some mysteries within this sky opening.

In his eyes, only the word reincarnation remained. He stared blankly for a long time.


In the end, Shi Hao displayed unmatched methods, moving over the ancient coffin that came from within the Everlasting Sword Core, using it to block up this hole, and then sealed it up with the highest immortal emperor level power.

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