Perfect World

Chapter 2013

Chapter 2013 - Don’t Belong to This Segment of History

The sword core was resplendent, its stance fierce. It tore through the skies of endless ages, its power extremely great, all things gaining life because of it, perishing because of it, prospering, and also declining. It covered the great river of time!

At this time, immortal emperor level power erupted, boundless and immeasurable.

The heavens were opened, the realms all collapsed.

Right now, when heaven and earth were being created and the universes collapsed, these types of scenes were like the waves of Realm Sea, endless. Great waves were created and these same great waves were extinguished, just too vast, giving one a type of surreal feeling.

Its power was high up above, unprecedented. It truly affected all things, affected all spirits, affecting all realms.

If it was a hundred thousand years ago, Shi Hao definitely wouldn’t have been able to escape. It was too sudden, too terrifying, completely impossible to anticipate. Who would have thought that the Everlasting Sword Core that had remained quiet for endless time would suddenly erupt with immortal emperor level power?!

However, he already transformed several times, now stepping into the Immortal Emperor Realm. Even though he withdrew again, his strength was indeed powerful.

That was why his figure immediately turned into a rain of light, disappearing from his original location.

Shi Hao’s dao laws were unmatched, his fighting strength world shocking. He evaded, his figure flickering in the void, moving between the creation of heaven and earth, standing in the limits of heaven and earth.

However, immediately afterwards, he was horrified. The sword core seemed to have never left, it was right in front of him, coming even closer to him. The ice-cold sword edge quickly made contact with his body.

In reality, he discovered that he was actually standing in place. It was extremely strange!


Blood splashed everywhere. This was his true blood.

In reality, he hadn’t been struck yet, but that supreme immortal emperor sword energy already descended, injuring his flesh.


Shi Hao’s entire body erupted with endless light, once again disappearing from his original location, shattering the void, seeing the everlasting. He left this place, appearing in the limits of the cosmos.

However, immediately afterwards, his fine hairs stood on end, feeling the threat of death again. That sword core was still in front of him, moreover getting closer, now touching his body.

At the same time, his pupils contracted. It was because this time, he could truly see that he was indeed still in the same place, reappearing in his original location again.

This was extremely strange, extremely abnormal. Didn’t he shift to the edge of the cosmos?

Just like just now, he also fled to the limits of the horizon, but in the end, he discovered that he returned to the same location, still where he was before he moved.


A bloody opening appeared on Shi Hao’s body, he was almost cut through. Blood radiance splashed outwards.

He released a great roar, doing his best to struggle free, once again defying the heavens to flee into the distance.

Shi Hao sensed that this was the domain of an immortal emperor. It retraced space-time, restricting him within this space. He couldn’t break free.

Even if he could defy it and move away, fleeing out, he would be dragged back to this point in the end, he still had to face this sword’s strike.

“No law or heavens cannot be broken!”

Shi Hao roared out. His entire body began to burn, divine chains of order rushing into the sky, shattering the everlasting, breaking free from this dao law domain.


However, in the depths of Ancient Final Destination, that corpse already suddenly sat up, his hair standing up on end, his eyes extremely cold. Then, they released blazing radiance.

He released the most powerful killing intent because he sensed a threat to himself. There was actually the aura of an ‘emperor’ that appeared on that youngster’s body!

This was just too shocking. This was a latecomer, yet he truly touched upon this level, had a high chance of becoming an emperor and ruling over a world, thus becoming unrivalled.

This corpse used forbidden secret techniques!

He was worried that if he didn’t take action now, it would be too late, that he wouldn’t be able to kill this latecomer.


Shi Hao coughed out blood, his entire body feeling as if it was struck by lightning. He suddenly felt a wave of weakness, as if even his body’s meaning of existence faded.

What was going on?

Then, his eyes pierced through the past and present, seeing the scene in the upper reaches of the great river of time. A corpse reached out a great hand, releasing endless darkness force, suppressing a youngster from millions and millions of li away.

That youngster was precisely him!


Shi Hao was shocked. Someone was going against the great river of time, retracing history, taking action in the ancient past?

Who was changing history? Who dared take on such severe and terrifying consequences?

That corpse dared. He used the power of time, targeting Shi Hao, determined to kill him. He wanted to kill his past body, erase his meaning of existence.

In reality, doing this type of thing was unimaginable for anyone. The most terrifying speculation was that once one went against the heavens like this, the entire segment of history would be altered, even the future would be changed.

It could be said that everything would be changed!

Perhaps even the meaning of existence for heaven and earth would vanish, as if everything was overthrown and restarted.

However, this corpse still continued like this, decisive and domineering, attacking powerfully. He attacked the young Shi Hao, wishing to directly erase him.

At the same time, Shi Hao could also see that this immortal emperor seemed to feel restraining fear in the end, not directly taking action. He influenced time, standing over the past Desolate Border Imperial Pass, driving Anlan to attack.

However, did this carry any meaning? He still wanted to change history!

Shi Hao didn’t know if doing things this way could get away from any of the consequences.


He roared towards the heavens, going crazy from anger.

He no longer tried to avoid it, instead facing the sword core. Moreover, he roared out, “Embodiment Transformation, transform the endless ages!”

Right now, his aura was extremely terrifying, his power crushing the endless realms. He once again stood in Immortal Emperor Realm, shaking that corpse in the depths of Ancient Final Destination.


However, in the end, he didn’t stop this sword. Blood flew in all directions. He was hacked open by the Everlasting Sword Core, cleaved in half.

“I was actually cut by the Everlasting Sword at my side, this ancient sword that had followed me in battle for so many years, the rumored weapon made from scrap materials…”

After Shi Hao was hacked apart, it was hard for him to recover. The power of the emperor sword was unrivaled. It crushed all life, destroyed endless realms, just too powerful.

“It is indeed scrap materials, but it is also an emperor sword!”

The corpse in the depths of Ancient Final Destination said in a deep and cold manner.

At this time, the Everlasting Sword Core broke apart.

Mottled fragments continuously came off. In the end, there was actually a small gray chest that fell out from within!

It was rumored that the true material was used to refine a coffin, while the remaining materials were used to make the Everlasting Sword Core. This was actually true.

Meanwhile, that coffin was precisely in the sword core.

“The sword core was refined by me, the coffin existed since ancient times. When one faces it, whatever one sees is the final situation. Back then, I saw myself become a corpse, locked up here, and sure enough, this was what happened. What about you? Did you see yourself die here?”

In the depths of Ancient Final Destination, that corpse asked.

He actually spoke about such a shocking secret.

The coffin existed for all of eternity. The Everlasting Sword Core was its scrap materials, it was he who refined them into a sword.

When he faced this ancient coffin, he previously saw strange scenes. In the end, those scenes really became his conclusion.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was inwardly shaken. What did he previously see when he held the Everlasting Sword Core? It was as if immortal ascension light scattered down, below was a creature in the ancient coffin, blood flowing like rivers…

“It’s time for this to end. Regardless of what you saw, under the attack of an immortal emperor, all will perish!” The corpse roared out.

With a hong noise, that little coffin beside him was opened , a ruined body falling out from within. It was an upper half that was covered in blood.

This ruined body only had a single hand and half a head, lacking eyes. This was a completely ruined body. With a honglong noise, he raised his single arm, a palm striking towards Shi Hao.

This was the pure body that previously separated from the corpse, just like the primordial spirit imprint, previously sent out. The primordial spirit imprint was sealed within the rotten wooden chest, while the flesh was sealed in this coffin.

Now, this ruined body also appeared.

Meanwhile, at this time, after Shi Hao was hacked by the Everlasting Sword Core and ravaged by emperor energy, difficult for his primordial spirit to heal, he suffered this world shocking strike.


Shi Hao was completely smashed apart, his body breaking apart into pieces and then exploding. Endless blood rain flew in all directions, this place was blasted through.


Blazing radiance extended outwards, bright and dazzling. Even someone as powerful as a half immortal emperor definitely wouldn’t be able to remain standing here.

The storm was too terrifying. Shi Hao turned into an endless rain of blood, there was no corpse left to be seen. The heavens split open, completely disappearing without a trace.

“The strike of an immortal emperor, who could stand against it?” That corpse said coldly.

However, at this time, his eyes produced bits of golden radiance, displaying a wave of divine aura. That primordial spirit imprint clearly reappeared again. “The dao skills back then were unstable, falling as a result, cannot be considered an immortal emperor.”

“Of course it can. Now, it is finally going to stabilize. My body is now whole, even my primordial spirit imprints returned!” The corpse said coldly.

“But is the current you still even you? Am I still me?” The primordial spirit imprint asked with a cold and deep sigh.

En? There are some unforeseen things, but what can they be counted as? Everything has already passed.” The corpse’s entire body was pitch-black like ink. His eyes peered through time, looking through the endless ages.

He saw a scene in front of Desolate Border Imperial Pass endless years ago. There was a drop of blood that merged with Shi Hao, becoming one with him, actually fighting against Anlan, not dying as a result.

This left him shocked. However, he didn’t care that much either. After all, he could personally kill that latecomer right now, make him die before his eyes.

“There is something strange!”

In the end, he was still an unmatched expert who stepped into the Immortal Emperor Realm. A moment later, he began to derive something, silently thinking to himself.

He immediately frowned. That latecomer became completely blurry, everything related to him becoming shrouded under heaven’s fate, impossible to sense.

Even the past when he was incredibly weak could no longer be sensed.

The corpse’s expression became cold. “I futilely tried to go against history. Even though it didn’t work, I still suffered a backlash? The great power of karma has obstructed my senses?”

“What about those blood drops? Why have they disappeared? I cannot sense them. Have they turned to ashes?”

His eyes immediately became cold. Shi Hao’s flesh turned into an endless rain of light. Even though the void was shattered and burned, disappearing, if he tried to sense things, he should still be able to restrain the leftovers.

However now, everything turned to ashes, impossible to research.

“Is the power of great karma controlling me, punishing me? I am still fearless!” He said with an ice-cold voice.

An endless rain of light scattered down, millions and millions of drops scattering across the void. They then penetrated heaven and earth, entering the great river of time, separately appearing in different space-time.

Shi Hao knew this consequence, he was aware of everything.

When he found out that this immortal emperor corpse went crazy and tried to change time, even tried to slaughter his younger self, he felt a headache. He knew that he was facing an abnormal lunatic.

If he did this, the world would capsize, everything would be changed. This would also mean that everything that happened in the past would no longer exist.

He didn’t know if the tremendous karma could stop this corpse.

Instead of relying on heaven’s will, he would rather rely on himself. Only he could change his own fate, so he made a move there.

At that time, he once again stood in the Immortal Emperor Realm. Even though the amount of time he had was limited, he temporarily achieved it.

Then, he carried out Embodiment Transformation, transforming the endless past, using the most profound ultimate mysteries to transcend above.

This was a half immortal emperor level unmatched forbidden technique.

Unfortunately, the amount of time he could remain in Immortal Emperor Realm for was too short. After resisting this world shocking strike, he became powerless.

He could only borrow the Everlasting Sword Core’s collapse to send millions and millions of drops of blood throughout the great river of time. He wandered about time, wishing to stop Desolate Border Imperial Pass’ scene himself.

However, after this, he became lost.

After all, he used power exceeding his own limit. On top of this, he was smashed apart by the immortal emperor corpse.

“What is going on? He cannot be derived, as if he doesn’t belong to this piece of history, impossible to find. Even if his blood is burned to ashes, I should still be able to find them.”

In the Ancient Final Destination, that corpse said this to itself. It released great viciousness, its killing intent shocking endless history.

Among the millions and millions of strands of blood, some were ruined blood and some were blood essence. There was even some of the most precious heart essence blood!

At this moment, the great river of time flowed, blood appearing in the upper reaches, the middle section and the lower reaches, taking form in different areas of space-time.

There was a Shi Hao that appeared in the Age of Emperor Collapse. This was a drop of blood that had its own will. He was thinking he was lost, taking form and appearing here.

However, he was incompatible with this heaven and earth, as if he didn’t belong here, unable to merge into it.

In the end, he sat down, his body outside the world, silently observing this place. There was some enlightenment that appeared in his mind, and then he began to cultivate.

Similarly, in different areas of space-time, there were similar drops of blood, some of them blood essence, some ruined blood, similar things happening everywhere.

The great river of time in the lower reaches of time was also like this!

However, these droplets of blood, these drops of essence received obstruction in the lower reaches of time, unable to travel further endlessly.

It was because after endless years in the lower reaches, there was great karma force that stopped them.

The most precious drop of blood essence was in the Age of Emperor Collapse. He experienced endless time, slowly comprehending and cultivating the Embodiment Transformation Great Method, unexpectedly arriving in this age.

“Embodiment Transformation, transform the endless ages!”

He wandered with the years, experiencing the great river of time. He arrived at Immortal Ancient Great Era and also went into the future lower reaches, even headed to Desolate Border Imperial Pass.

Only, he still couldn’t completely remember everything, he was still lost.

He only knew that his true body created an unmatched emperor method, Embodiment Transformation, transform all ages, and he was currently deriving this technique.

In Ancient Final Destination, black mist spread, surging powerfully.

The corpse’s eyes became more and more vacant. He was still deriving. Then, he trembled fiercely, his voice incredibly cold as he said, “I’ve moved the great river of time. Even though I didn’t change history, I’ve already made contact with it. Perhaps some karma I am unaware of has happened.”

He was in the Immortal Emperor Realm, his magical force naturally heaven reaching. He was thinking to himself, producing some premonitions.

“I didn’t change history, but I changed his fate. Karma and time will resonate, perhaps he has been changed.”

“Could it be that he established an unmatched emperor method, now reaching this height, his cultivation the same as mine, so that is why he is shrouded by heavenly fate, impossible for me to sense?”

“No, apart from me, who else can stand in Immortal Emperor Realm?!”

The corpse was talking to himself, thinking. His face became more and more overcast, his eyes releasing endless killing intent.

Shi Hao was lost, still unable to wake up.

His blood was in various ages, transcending the world, unable to merge together, cultivating alone, silently thinking.

It was as if millions and millions of years passed, but also as if that period never passed. This day, something different happened.

Current world, Foreign Realm.

There was a drop of blood that trickled down. After taking form, it stood on a mountain region.

He couldn’t merge into this world. Even if he stood there, it was as if he didn’t belong here.

It was to the extent where it was hard for other creatures to sense him, as if they were completely ignoring him.

There were two girls who walked over. Their residence was here.

“Heavenly Emperor Huang has left for more than a hundred thousand years. What exactly is going on?”

“What is there on the other side of Realm Sea?”

This was what they discussed, leaving that Shi Hao who took form from a drop of blood shaken, as if he wanted to remember something.

“Big sis Mo Xian, say, Heavenly Emperor Huang should be okay, right?” A girl said this while carrying an expression of reverence. Whenever Huang was mentioned, she would always call him Heavenly Emperor.

“I believe he should be able to return.” Mo Xian said.

“He has shown me great kindness, saving my life under Dao Comprehension Mountain back then, I still don’t know how to repay the favor even now. Even though I am quite strong now, compared to him, I feel like I will never catch up to him. Now, I can only watch from the distance.” That young lady said.


That drop of blood that was isolated from this world seemed to have heard thunder by his ears, inwardly shaken.

He remembered. Many, many years ago, he previously obtained Dao Comprehension Tea Leaves and rescued a little girl, handing her over to Mo Dao’s older sister Mo Xian.

“Right, I am Huang, I am Shi Hao, I am Heavenly Emperor Huang!”

This was a great awakening.

Embodiment Transformation, transform the endless ages, this technique was developed to its pinnacle.

In the great river of time, drop after drop of blood flowed, gathering together.

In the end, with a hong noise, endless domains and the great river of time shook. The creatures of all different space-times were shocked, gazing towards the sky in loss.

However, they didn’t see anything.


Outside Ancient Final Destination, endless strands of blood flew together, condensing once more, as if they never separated.

A wave of immortal emperor aura surged like a sea, gradually becoming more and more intense.

This was the result after experiencing the refinement of countless space-times, developed by Shi Hao to the extreme, becoming an unmatched emperor technique!

“You are still alive, but so what? Before me, you will still die in the end. Who can contend against me?!” The Corpse Immortal Emperor said coldly.

When Shi Hao appeared, an unmatched aura surged. His eyes were deep, coldly looking forward and saying, “Who is claiming they are unrivaled? Who dares claim to be undefeated?!”

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