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Chapter 20 – A Shocking Turn of Events

Chapter 20 – A Shocking Turn of Events

This was the gold-colored leg of a beast. It was splendid and dazzling, thick and strong like that of a mythological beast. Even after death, it still had a dreadful influence. There were gold rays of light flowing out, making people’s hearts revere.

At this moment, not to mention the hundreds of vicious beasts, even the hundreds of vicious birds, silver alligator, blood sable, and violet snake couldn’t help but take a step back as if affected by that terrifying aura.

Finally, it was the Green Scaled Eagle that advanced first, followed by a few other beasts. There was a seemingly strong fire unicorn as well as something similar to a Hou 1

. They were all overlords of the outer mountains; however, apart from the Green Scaled Eagle, the others were not from this area.

With a rumbling sound, the Green Scaled Eagle extended its wings, shaking many mountain rocks as well as sending rocks and sand flying. This exposed a large chunk of the Suan Ni’s precious body.

The few other vicious beasts acted similarly as well. They grouped together, immediately causing rubble to fly into the air, shocking the other vicious beasts into retreating.

A piece of brilliant and godly gold splendor trickled out. What appeared was a huge monster, and its appearance was that of a godly lion. On its head was a huge golden dragon horn, and golden scales covered its forehead. Its whole body was lustrous, shining brightly with golden silky fur.

This was a Suan Ni, a genuine Archaic Descendant. Despite that fact that its noble blood wasn’t the purest and not as heaven opposing as its Archaic Ancestors, it was still the most respected within the depths of the mountains.

Its remaining carcass was not considered the largest, and was only six meters wide. However, a huge beast’s strength wasn’t determined by the size of its body, and the Suan Ni in front of their eyes was the proof of this.

Its entire body seemed to be cast in gold. Despite being dead, its might was still present. A dense and vicious aura filled the air, reflecting a golden radiance, brightened the entire region of the mountain.

The old Suan Ni, a strong and terrifying creature.


The Green Scaled Eagle, Leopard Hou, Fire Cloud Unicorn and several other birds and beasts of the same level immediately took action. Since the precious body of the Suan Ni was confirmed, now everybody was fighting over it with all their strength.


That Leopard Hou let out a long hiss, and from its back shot out a streak of lightning-like silvery light; its body unexpected held ancestral symbols.


A huge beast let out a scream. That light was incomparably sharp, and it penetrated through its chest. The front and the back was shining, exposing that broken, bleeding heart.

The Green Scaled Eagle took flight a long time ago, and it started diving to execute its crazed attacks. Green moonlight spread out like light rays, sweeping across the mountain forest. A huge beast was hacked in half on the spot.

It attacked without any mercy, targeting the strongest enemies with its attacks. The other several hundred huge beasts and birds of prey were not a big problem, as their numbers could not threaten it.

The area immediately reeked of blood. Some huge beasts already began to recklessly charge forward and tear at that Suan Ni with the intention of eating its precious flesh and blood.

Several huge beast overlords violently roared, including the Green Scaled Eagle. They executed their attacks to inhibit others, creating a huge array of chaos everywhere they went.


Suddenly, a sharp whistle sounded, making people’s souls feel sore. A Purple Rat, as large as a youth from the Stone Village, leaped onto the back of the Green Scaled Eagle.

“Aunt Green Scaled Eagle, be careful.” The little guy cried out in alarm.

To the eyes of the Purple Rat, the Green Scaled Eagle posed the largest threat, and it wanted to eliminate it first.

Its body compared to the Green Scaled Eagle was very small, but its offensive power was quite strong. With just a strike of its claw, it directly tore off over a dozen jin of flesh off of the Green Scaled Eagle‘s body. Unexpectedly, it was able to peel off the green scales.

The little guy lightly chanted and attacked with all his might. The silver moon rotated before pursuing and attacking the purple rat.

Although the Green Scaled Eagle was angry, it did not lose reason. It knew that in a far away part of the mountain, there lived a creature who was feared by hundreds of beasts, a mouse king. It consumed metal for food, and had unstoppable teeth and claws.

The Green Scaled Eagle’s entire body shined. Symbols interweaved, extending over its body like streaks of lightning. It confined the rat for a short duration with the goal of using ancestral symbols to wring it to pieces.

Shi Hao acted as well, and used the silver moon to attack the immobile mouse king. With a loud clunk, it was unable to break through. The little guy shockingly widened his eyes and shouted “Yiya, Again!”

Qiang, qiang…

Sparks splashed in every direction, and that silver moon struck consecutively, causing that mouse king’s fur to finally split open. Blood splashed out, but those bones were as hard as treasured artifacts and extremely hard to chop apart.

The little guy did not stop there. After the first silver moon dissipated, a second one came and incessantly hacking away. Finally a kacha sounded, and the mouse king’s bones were broken apart, causing serious damage.


At the same time, the Green Scaled Eagle used the might of its interleaved symbols, causing dreadful bloody scars to appear all over the mouse king’s body. Its injuries were fatal as it dropped towards the mountain rocks below.

At the same time, a vicious bird overlord was also killed. Now, there were no more threats to the Green Scaled Eagle. It rapidly ascended, waiting for the mess below to clear up a bit before taking action again.

In reality, not only did the Green Scaled Eagle act in this way. After attacking for a bit, the other beast overlords also decided to retreat a bit in order to not get taken advantage of, creating a stalemate.

Suddenly, every scale on the Green Scaled Eagle’s body expanded up before rapidly contracted as if it was met with a huge fright. It fiercely descended downwards against the side of the mountain and before quickly disappearing.

At this moment, the little guy felt a chill on his back, and it felt as if he fell into an ice cellar. Only after experiencing the Green Scaled Eagle’s rapid flight for a short while did that feeling slowly disappear.

“What’s that?” The little guy never palpated like he did today before. It felt like his whole body needed to stop breathing; his face turned white.

The Green Scaled Eagle flew far away and then rapidly ascended above the clouds. It hid its body and watched intently at that region of the mountain.

The little guy used the strength of the bone text, and both of his eyes glowed. Lying on the back of the Green Scaled Eagle, he also gazed towards that direction.


A whistling sound shocked the skies and vibrated the earth. The entire mountain range trembled, and leaves streamed downwards in great disorder. In this entire region, the heaven and earth started to chill. A terrifying aura flooded through, wreaking havoc.

Instantly, the heated noise in the mountain calmed down. The birds and beasts all stopped their clamoring for a moment, as they were all trembling with fear, shivering all over, and didn’t dare to make any sounds. Even the Blood Sable, Purple Snake and the Fire Cloud Unicorn did not dare to make any moves.

A black silhouette emerged, as if an unparalleled devil king was descending. It emitted a terrifying power throughout the heavens and placed the entire mountains and ravines under a deathly stillness.

This was a vicious ape. It wasn’t too huge, and was only two meters tall. Its body was covered in half a foot of long black fur, shiny yet terrifying. What was even more shocking was that it actually had a pair of black corporeal wings. Not only could it walk, but it could also fly, and just like that, it descended from the sky.

“Ya, don’t tell me that’s a demonic ape; moreover, its noble blood has an extremely high density. Otherwise, it would not have grown demonic wings that were capable of flight!” The little guy astonishingly opened his little mouth in a circle.

Demonic apes were too tyrannical. Its awe-inspiring appearance halted ten thousand beasts. Its icy gaze swept through, and not a single thing could resist. Additionally, a black fog curled up around its body, emitting a bitter aura as if it had killed a myriad of formidable creatures in the past.

“This is a king from within a region within the heart of the mountains. It’s not too far off from the Suan Ni.”

Sou, the demonic ape tread forward with both feet, and leapt over a hundred meters high before diving down and landing on the skull of a massive Bear Bird.

The Bear Bird was over ten meters long, and was an absolutely rare and vicious beast. With a manlike body and a pair of bird wings, it was able to rush into sky, making it quite formidable. However, right now, it was trembling with fear and did not dare to make any movements, prostrating in place.

The Demonic Ape calmly sat on top of its skull and extended a claw. With a pa sound, it tore open that skull. With a smack of its lips and without any regard for others, it wanted to use it for food.

The bear bird left out a whimper, but even if it were to die, it did not move. It was suppressed by that terrifying heaven-like overwhelming aura into completely immobility.

All the vicious bird and ferocious beasts all trembled. This was an Ape King not much weaker than the Suan Ni. It walked out from within the heart of the mountains, so how could it not instill fear into the others?!


The Demonic Ape only ate a few mouthfuls before pushing off with its feet and soared into the sky. He landed in front of the Suan Ni, and behind it, that ten meter long vicious beast — Bear Bird collapsed.

That wasn’t a particularly huge black Ape King. It suddenly stomped its feet, causing rubble to fly into the sky and that rock mountain to collapse. The ground split in all directions, and the rocks in the vicinity of the Suan Ni was cleared up instantly.


Suddenly, the roar of a bull was heard and a blazing figured rushed in from the mountains far away. That was a huge, scarlet-colored bull. With a height of over 10 meters and a length of over thirty meters, it charged over with hooves covered in raging flames.

Its entire body was doused in a fiery light. Its fur was silky, and it flickered with scarlet rays of light.

“Could it be that this was the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull that Grandpa Chief mention?!” The little guy stared with his large eyes in disbelief.

Now, Chief Shi Yunfeng was gradually growing older, but when he was younger, he once heard the elders say that within the depths of the mountains lived a flaming bull. Its godly power startled the desolate lands; unexpected, it was still alive.

With a cry, the Demonic Ape spread out its wings and rushed towards the sky to confront the Flaming Devil Bull. An overwhelming heavenly aura exploded from within these two like a hurricane, flattening an entire mountain.



Following the two huge roars, they immediately charged into each other and directly fought with their lives on the line. In an instant, earthquakes shook the mountains, ancient trees collapsed, and boulders flew.

Suddenly, golden light flourished and radiance spread, causing the entire mountain to brighten. The forest and mountain rocks were all doused in a dim gold color. No one could have thought that the Suan Ni would jump suddenly with an overflowing vicious power!


The surprising turn of events was like ‘thunder in the ninth step of heaven’, and it trembled the entire mountain into chaos. Like a golden flash of lightning, it pounced towards those other two King of Ten Thousand Beasts.


It was too fast and too sudden, making it impossible to guard against. A flash of gold light rushed through, and despite the Demonic Ape’s lightning quick reflexes, it still tore off one of its arms. Fresh blood spouted over a dozen feet high.


At the same time, the Mythical Flaming Devil Bull whose flames soared into the heavens had its horn as well as some flesh torn straight off before dropping onto the floor from a strike of the Suan Ni’s claws.

This scene stupefied all of the vicious beasts and birds of prey. They all immediately turned soft, shuddering slightly.

1. Hou

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