Perfect World

Chapter 19 – Battle for Supremacy

Chapter 19 – Battle for Supremacy

The Green Scaled Eagle glanced sideways, and the scales all over its body shined with a cold light as if it were made out of polished metal. It appeared cold and frightening, and the look in its eyes was deep as it gazed downwards.

“Aunt Green, faster. There’s not enough time.” The little guy was on the mountain peak fiddling with his small hands as he shouted out in a loud voice.

Violent gales whistled as the Green Scaled Eagle rapidly descended with its wings spread out to roughly fifty or sixty meters long. Like a black fog pressing downwards, it casted a large shadow, making the people’s hearts palpitate.

Shi Hao with a whoosh jumped five or six meters high and landed on the back of the eagle. He immediately felt a hard surface, and each of her scales were as cold and hard as metal.

“Little guy, don’t be too adventurous.” The Chief loudly yelled. Everything happened so fast, and there wasn’t any time to prevent Shi Hao from leaping upwards.

“Grandpa Chief, relax, we won’t take that many risks. We’ll only take action when we find the chance to.” Shi Hao waved his little hand, signaling that there was no need to worry.

“Little guy, you have to be careful! “ Shi Linghu yelled out. He knew that he couldn’t prevent this little guy, and could only loudly warn him.

“Uncle, I know. Grandpa chief, you guys go back first. This place is too dangerous. There are too many clans on the move, so opportunities won’t be abundant anyway.”

The villagers all immediately understood. This was a fact. Right now even if all the males at the prime of their lives were to go, they would drown in a sea of several hundred crazy and vicious beasts, and join the bloodbath in the mountain.

“Let’s go!” Chief Shi Yunfeng waved and gave his command, otherwise, he might attract another disaster.

“Little guy you must be careful!” A person from the village yelled, warning him with his large voice.

“I know, Grandpa Chief, you guys must be careful too.”

The Green Scaled Eagle hovered, and took off near the side of the mountains. Its speed was incredibly fast, and the wind sounded like thunder as it scraped their faces until injuries ensued; it was practically impossible to open one’s eyes. The little guy Shi Hao laid flat on its back, and his two small hands tightly clung on to its cold, chilly scales as he squinted his eyes to view what is in the distance.

“Aunt Green, be careful, there are many vicious beasts down there.

The Green Scaled Eagle was exceptionally fast. With a flap of its wings, it quickly crossed over from one mountain peak to the other. The mountain trees collapsed, and huge trees were snapped. Broken branches and withered leaves flew everywhere.

Over a hundred formidable vicious beasts were in combat, and over a hundred vicious birds smacking their wings as well. They didn’t hold anything back, and even many boulders were smashed, causing a huge mess.

The beasts roared, and the cries of birds echoed throughout the mountains. Blood spilled over the surface, dyeing the mountains a deep red. There were many enormous beasts that collapsed and were trampled on until they became a bloody pulp. The area reeked of blood.

In front of the crumbled mountain, it was completely filled with dense living creatures that madly fought for superiority. Blood unceasingly spilled ten feet into the air as the creatures tried to dig out the huge boulder that was hiding the Suan Ni’s body.

There was a leopard in particular who measured over ten meters long that had a horn growing out of its head. It used its tyrannical strength to rip apart a huge beast’s body with each strike, soaking it in blood. Its two incomparably sharp claws glittered with a metallic sheen as they doused in the blood of its prey.


An especially large Kui (one-legged monster) roared like thunder. Its huge body measured an enormous twenty meters long as if it was a small mountain. Its weapon was its sound wave, and wherever it passed by, ferocious beasts were knocked out, and blood spilled in all directions.

TL: Kui


An eight or nine meter long silver pangolin, bore an immense and sharp horn on its head, and it was able to overcome anything. It dug out the mountain rocks, and ruptured them one after the other, directly digging through into the middle of the mountain.

There were too many species and they were all incredibly formidable; otherwise, they would not have decided to participate as they were all intelligent.

The huge beasts fought for supremacy, and the group of tyrannical creatures attacked each other as they all lusted over the carcass of the Suan Ni. If they were to devour it, they would become the king of the mountain.


A mighty gust of wind whistled as the Green Scaled Eagle quickly rushed over. With both its huge metallic claws stretched forth, it grabbed straight for the eight or nine meter long silver pangolin with over half of its body was hidden under the surface since it was highly possible it would obtain the Suan Ni carcass first.

With a Pu sound, even though the pangolin skin was akin to iron, it could not avoid being penetrated by the Green Scaled Eagle’s cold and shiny pair of claws. Its blood sprinkled out of its body.

A large bellow passed through the middle of the mountain, and the silver pangolin went mad. It crazily swung its tail, and at the same time, it dug itself out of the rocks. It stood up and thrusted its two meter long huge horn towards the Green Scaled Eagle.

However, the Green Scaled Eagle had even once forced the people of Stone Village to use their Ancestral Artifacts. One must know that these were treasured artifacts made from the kings of Archaic Descendants passed through the generations.

Both its wings struck the sky, and in a flash, it rose up. Of course, its two claws did not let go. Like before, it held the pangolin by the tail and rapidly ascended up to the clouds.

In this course of events, winds rolled as if it were thunder. The pangolin’s struggles were all proven worthless, and without using the floor to assert its full strength, it was hard for it to wound the fierce bird.

Suddenly, after ascending to the clouds, the Green Scaled Eagle released its huge claws. The pangolin fell dropped rapidly from the sky as if a streak of silver light.


A miserable sound rang out from the middle of the mountain, and dust and smoke filled the surrounding soon after. That eight or nine meter long huge pangolin was smashed on site, and many of its strong and tough bones were snapped as his body became a puddle. Even if its body was as hard as steel, it would not have survived.

“Big aunt, you’re so strong!” The little guy gasped in admiration.

The Green Scaled Eagle dove down towards the mountain again. It was the outer mountain range’s apex predator. Naturally, it could show disdain on the groups of beasts.

Wen! This time, without using its corporeal body’s strength, it spat out a streak of azure moonlight. There were a few disparities between this attack and the little guy’s silver moon. Its diameter was two meters long as it targeted straight for the twenty meter long Kui.

With the activation of this ancestral precious technique, the area was suddenly thrown into chaos. Many vicious birds and fierce beasts were terrified and decided to flee in all directions. However, there were some fierce and violent ones that were extra blood-thirsty, and decided to sweep away the huge mess.


That disked azure moon gloriously dazzled, and with incomparable sharpness, it directly chopped off the Kui’s huge head. Blood spouted out over ten meters high, and that headless body dropped to the floor with a rumble, vibrating the surface. Blood flowed out like a small river.


A sound that made people’s head shiver was heard. It was that huge leopard that measured over several meters long. It hid behind a mountain boulder that was located at a higher terrain, and it fiercely leaped forth from behind with intent to kill the Green Scaled Eagle. On its head was a huge black horn, and it thrusted perfectly straight towards the back of the Green Scaled Eagle’s head, as it used both its huge claws measuring over half a meter to tear towards her back.

This was a perfect ambush, and it was going to be successful, as the Green Scaled Eagle’s steel-like scales might not be able to protect itself. After all, this was a leopard that possessed the original Archaic Blood.

At the same time, the sound of flapping could be heard. Seven or eight vicious birds descended from all directions. They all grabbed towards the Green Scaled Eagle since they felt it was the most threatening, and acted together to defeat the overlord of the skies.

A hazy light was activated and a round silver moon rose up. Symbols flickered, and the disked moon with the palace and ancient tree emitted a brilliant splendor. With a ween sound, that fearsome leopard’s horn was split into pieces, and its skull was cleaved into two pieces. It screamed miserably as it dropped to the floor.

“Auntie, don’t worry. I got your back.” Little Shi Hao spoke with his childish nature.

The Green Scale Eagle shrieked in a loud voice and flapped both its wings. It swept away the other vicious birds and immediately, scales and feathers scattered about as blood spouted out. In just one breath, it ripped apart several large birds of prey that were at least five meters long. However, they were all killed with the Green Scaled Eagle’s bodily strength.

This was precisely an an Archaic Devil Bird’s descendant. Without using any precious techniques, its corporeal body can sweep away everything before it on the mountains.

The wind whistled, and this time when the Green Scaled Eagle rushed downwards, most of the other fierce beasts all avoided it and did not want to provoke it, as its attacks were truly tyrannical.

“Auntie, let’s dig out this mountain rocks. The Suan Ni is just under it.” The little guy said.

The Green Scaled Eagle landed, and with just a claw, it immediately split apart a huge boulder weighing a thousand jin. With its wings spread, it swept them flying with a Hu sound. It rapidly excavated since this place was still dangerous. Even something as strong as the Green Scaled Eagle did not dare to stay for too long.

Rubble collapsed, and a deep hole was quickly dug out. Suddenly, a purple light flashed and a splendorous whip was shot out, directly flying towards the Green Scaled Eagle.


The purple light whip shot out around the Green Scaled Eagle’s left wing, making sparks fly. This made the vicious bird burst out in anger as it felt pain on its metallic wings.

“Ya, it’s a purple snake!” The little guy cried out in alarm.

This snake was too fast, and they couldn’t react to it. It employed a hit and run tactic, and it was only as thick as an adult’s leg, however, it was six or seven meters long. It was much more refined than a huge beast.

However, it was really strong. Purple scales glittered with light all over its body as they flowed with a brilliant splendor. It was incomparably sturdy, and using its strength, it could even bite off the metallic scales of the Green Scaled Eagle.

Furthermore, the Green Scaled Eagle’s wounds were dripping with black blood; evidently, it was poisoned.


The Archaic Devil Bird’s descendant was also straightforward, and from within its mouth it spat out many small crescent moons. With a pu sound, it ripped off that scaled flesh weighing several jin, and immediately blood started to pour out.

“Auntie!” The little guy was shocked.

No one could have thought that a terrifying snake hid within the middle of the mountains. Clearly, it was formidable as it dared to engage in combat with the Green Vicious Bird.

The Green Scaled Eagle shrieked. Several symbols flickering on the wound to rapidly staunch the bleeding, stabilizing the injury. Afterwards, its pupils shot out two streaks of awe-inspiring cold gaze as it stared at that huge, violet and smooth slithering snake.


This snake was sensitive. It was extremely wise, rather than impulsive.

Moonlight appeared, and light radiated out of the Green Scaled Eagle as it activated its precious technique. It rapidly aimed towards that purple vermin, and it hummed as it traversed the air, causing booms to sound.

What was astonishing was that this violet snake’s speed was extraordinarily quick. With a flick of its tail, it rapidly leaped over twenty meters away, avoiding the attack.

The Green Scaled Eagle brandished its wings and tried to go in for the kill. It opened its beak and once again, the azure moonlight appeared, this time even more lustrous as it whirled towards the violet snake.


It finally hit its mark; however, what made people even more flabbergasted was that this violet snake wasn’t cut in half. Only, a large piece of its scale was destroyed, exposing strands of flowing blood.

It struggled around in pain and quickly leaped, retreating over twenty meters away.


The little guy took action, and a silver moon appeared on his right palm. A pure and holy disk appeared, and like the setting sun, it caused vapors to rise into the air. With a Chi, it flew out straight towards that shaken snake’s wound.

There, many scales had already peeled off. Its defense had dropped, and the shine of blood could be seen. However, just like before, it could not chop the bewildered snake in half, only cutting further in by a thumb’s length. Its flesh and bones were extremely hard and solid as it resisted the attack.

The Green Scaled Eagle’s pupils dilated. If it did not enter the heart of the mountain, it was not likely for it to be injured. Today, it unexpected suffered this huge tragedy. Naturally, it would not spare this opponent. It continued to pursue to attack.

Unexpectedly, a scarlet body shot out from the side, and it was over two meters long. Dazzling and flickering in a sanguine light, it appeared suddenly, making it impossible to defend against as Its body dropped onto the Green Scaled Eagle’s back.

This was a blood sable that was over two meters long. Its entire body seemed as if it was made out of sparkling red agate, and it also had a pair of scarlet wings. Despite its body size appearing minuscule next to the huge beast, it was still especially formidable.

It had extraordinary strength and was as fast as lightning. It rushed by in a flash and almost tore the little guy’s chest right open as it scraped against his abdomen. It immediately followed with a claw to inflict a half meter long wound on the back of the Green Scaled Eagle’s neck.

The little guy lightly chanted and a silver moon appeared, startling the blood sable, making it retreat.

The vicious bird trembled. Its entire body radiated light, and it was completely angered. It had suffered tragedy after tragedy, causing all of its anger to be curled up as started to murderously chase after the other two strange beasts.

The violet snake and the blood sable’s teamwork was impeccable, as if practiced. This caused the little guy to be surprised. These creatures were actually so wise.


A silver alligator rushed out from the middle of the river and arrived here, simultaneously smashing a piece of mountain rock.

At the same time, seven or eight tyrannical creatures appeared, far surpassing normal huge beasts. They were all frightful opponents.

Finally, as if they all came to a tacit understanding, they stopped their attacks and rapidly excavated the mountain rocks with the intention of seeing the Suan Ni’s carcass before determining the victor.

The Green Scaled Eagle also halted its attacks. Its body covered with huge traces of blood, and its Green Scales flickered in a cold like, seemingly very terrifying.

“Aunt Green, are you okay?” The little guy had begun to worry, there were hundreds of huge beasts. There were even a few that were stronger than the Green Scaled Eagle. The difficulty in obtaining the Suan Ni’s corpse was simply too high.


The silver alligator went crazy and successively tore apart the huge rocks. Suddenly, a beam of brilliant golden multicolored light blossomed, and as if a small sun was rising, it caused the mountain rocks to sparkle.

Those leg was as thick as pillars, strong and robust. Densely clothed in dazzling gold fur, it looked like it was made out of gold. It was glistening and dazzling, and its terrible aura reached the heavens.

The treasured body of the Archaic Descendant, Suan Ni was discovered. On its body, there were ancestral symbols flashing. This caused all the tyrannical living creatures to shake. Their eyes were red-hot, and all of them wanted to rush forward.

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