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Chapter 15 – The Little Guy’s Might

Chapter 15 – The Little Guy’s Might

The youngster revealed a startled expression. This was only a child, yet he was able to brush away the arrow with one hand. The youth could not help but feel that this was a bit inconceivable.

One must understand that just by raising his two hands, he was able to lift five or six copper cauldrons. With thick arrows that could split rocks and crack gold, that tyrannical strength was not something an ordinary person could resist, as it was enough to kill a Dragon Horned Elephant.

The people from Wolf Village were all shocked. Nobody knew better than they did how scary Bei Feng was, as he was gifted with superior natural talent and an extremely rare divine strength. How could such a young child block Bei Feng’s iron arrow?!

“You are courting death!!” The young Bei Feng lightly scoffed. The light beams within his eyes shot out as if they were two streaks of lightning. He loudly exhaled, drew his bow, and began to continuously shoot out arrows.

Chi, Chi…

Iron Arrows pierced through the vast sky with wuwu sounds, as if they were ghastly sounds from the ninth level of hell. The thick arrow shafts emitted a metallic radiance that made people’s heart tremble as it rapidly flew over; it was extremely terrifying.

Bei Feng continuously drew his bow until he released eight iron arrows. As they whistled through the air, each and every arrow were extremely terrifying, targeting only the little guy’s vitals!

Shi Hao like an alert ape, dropped down onto his four limbs. With natural movements, he quickly dodged 5 of the arrows. Afterwards, he used both hands to hack apart the other three arrows as the others embedded themselves deep into the mountain boulder with keng qiang sounds.

This performance completely shocked everyone there!

Even Stone Village’s people were stupefied, as Shi Hao’s display far exceeded their expectation. To do all this at such a young age, this really made them feel as if this was surreal.

Bei Feng’s mouth lightly shouted, and he furiously drew his bow. Those iron arrows shot out like a torrential rain as it poured down, and thick and long iron arrows penetrated one after another into the mountain forest.

Although Shi Hao was quite young, his speed was incredibly fast. Leaping like a tiger and soaring like a dragon, he evaded the rain of arrows. At the same time, he used both hands to smack the arrows, knocking the arrow shafts into each other. As the arrows collided with each other, dang dang sounds rang out, causing the arrows in the sky to tremble.

His quickness did not resemble that of a child at all. He closed the gap in between them in the blink of an eye. His motions made him look like a young Gold Winged Peng, and exerted an atypical imposing manner.


The chaotic rain of arrows became more and more concentrated. The little guy shouted loudly, and kicked a thousand jin boulder along the way. With a loud bang, it soared through the air straight towards the cold-faced youth, Bei Feng.

“How can he have this much strength, this child isn’t even 4 years old yet”

The people were terrified, as this simply made them flabbergasted. Only a few individuals have vaguely seen Shi Hao use his incredible strength. With his symbols lit up, he was too fast.

The thousand jin rock shrouded the sky, and smashed straight down.

Bei Feng eyes suddenly became cold and stopped releasing arrows. He spun his large bow that had the height of half a person, and with a Hong sound, this heavy rock was instantly ruptured, dispersing in all directions!

However, Shi Hao had already grabbed a hold of this opportunity. He leaped forwards before angrily saying, “Why are you so rude and unreasonable, shooting my uncle with such killing intent and also stealing the prey that we need in order to survive.”

Bei Feng let out a cold grunt, and dropped his large bow before grabbing a faint red colored bloody iron-forged lance. With both hands gripping the lance, he spared no strength and thrusted towards the little guy’s chest.

However, at this moment, Shi Hao’s body was still facing forwards in mid-air, making it rather difficult to dodge. The onlookers from Stone Village’s hearts almost bursted out of their chests. They all endlessly hated Bei Feng because all of his actions were incredibly malicious.


The metallic sound vibrated through the air, and Shi Hao’s expression was bright and clear. With a rotation of his right hand, he drew a graceful arc with flawless technique. With a Qiang sound, he cut the pike in half. Those white and tender small hands did not seem to have any injuries on them at all.

The results left everyone dumbstruck. The young Shi Hao was against the tyrannical Bei Feng, yet he was not at in a disadvantage at all. As he closed the distance between them, his performance was incredible.


Bei Feng furiously flung his snapped pike, piercing it straight toward the little guy’s right eye, firm and strong. At such close range, this attack was extremely dangerous.

Shi Hao tilted his head to dodge. While his body was still in midair, he delivered a roundhouse kick with his right leg, aiming straight for the side of Bei Feng’s face, bringing along with it a strong gust of wind. Despite his small stature, his body was quite graceful. His movements were flowing naturally like a spirited swallow gliding through the air.


Bei Feng used his left arm to block, the dull sound of it echoing through the air. It shook the nearby forest, causing leaves to fly wildly like an autumn wind sweeping through.

“Such strong power!”

The Wolf Villagers let out a look of disbelief. They were fully aware of the astounding godly strength that Bei Feng possessed. He was still young, and within a circumference of a thousand li, few could match him. Right now, however, he did not have any advantage.

Shi Hao dropped to the floor. He was still young, and was much shorter than Bei Feng; however, he was not afraid at all. His small face was fuming, large eyes wide open, confronting his enemy.

Both sides stopped fighting. They were more interested in the confrontation between the formidable youth and the shocking child, waiting to see the results of the fight.

Bei Feng’s face grew gloomy and showed a hint of coldness out of his eyes. He was already 14 years old, but the previous collision against a child who wasn’t even 4 yet did not determine victory or defeat. To him, it was utter humiliation.


Bei Feng’s body was tall and slender. He fiercely displayed the strength of his legs, and like an iron pillar, he swept across. The strength was so fearful that it caused a boom that sounded like a huge monster striking.

Shi Hao fell back. He had always been raised in Stone Village. Although he had zero actual experience with combat, he knew quite a bit about it. He dodged the spear point and hopped back several meters.

However, Bei Feng had killed many fierce beasts, slaughtered strange birds, and shot formidable humans to death. In terms of actual combat experience, he did not lack any. Naturally, he understood the advantage of striking first and maintaining the upper hand.

He leaped in the air, and distanced himself by a couple of meters in an instant. He then rotated his right leg, and like a whip, he hacked forward. It was impossible to defend against, and a strong wind scraped against people’s face, causing injuries.

Behind him were a few ancient tree that blocked his retreat path, making dodging difficult. With his back against a huge tree, Shi Hao crossed his hands and did everything he could to support himself up. A few symbols shined momentarily.


Like two huge beasts colliding into each other, rocks and sand were sent flying everywhere. Dust and smoke rushed to the sky, and leaves withered instantly. Both sides shook heavily. When Bei Feng’s legs pressed down, the tree trunk with a diameter of 1 meter behind Shi Hao was cut right in half.

With a rumble, the trees that reached into the sky snapped off and fell within the mountain with a sound loud enough to shock everyone.

This time the Wolf Village clearly saw that in the middle of Shi Hao’s palm was a shining symbol. It was this type of strength that was able to resist the innate strength of Bei Feng who attacked with the strength of over a thousand jin.

“Treasured Artifact, that child holds a rare treasured artifact!” They all shouted out.

No matter what, they could not believe Shi Hao had already familiarized himself with the formidable strength of mysterious symbols. They believed that it was because of the effect of the beast tooth bracelet around his wrist, because there was clearly a sparkling light flowing through.

The Wolf Villagers’ eyes all reddened. Although this was not an ancestral treasure, it was still a pretty good treasured artifact. It can augment a child’s strength so much. Clearly, it was extraordinary.

After breaking the huge tree with one kick, Bei Feng’s approach did not changed one bit. His assault became even more ferocious. With both legs sweeping like an iron pillar, he constantly broke down giant trees. Broken branches and withered leaves flew about.

Shi Hao did not back down and began to retaliate. Although he was small in stature, every time he jumped, he could reach a height of several meters. He flew forward like a baby Peng spreading its wings.


The wind around Bei Feng’s fist flew forward like thunder, and after Shi Hao dodged his strike, it struck the thousand jin mountain boulder behind him. He immediately blew it up into pieces, and sent rocks weighing hundreds or thousands of jin in all four directions.

This scene was simply astonishing, as a youth that’s just over 10 has this kind of fearful strength. All the onlookers took in a breath of cold air afterwards.

The little guy was still small, and although his power can already be considered astonishingly god-like compared to his peers, his absolute strength was still less than Bei Feng’s. However, with the assistance of the bone text’s mysterious powers, he had nothing to fear either.

‘Rabbits rising and falcons dropping’, the two people were extremely nimble. Each strike carried terrifying power, and the wind around their fists were like thunder, creating rumbling sounds. The vibrations cause the forest to collapse and boulders to split.

After exchanging ten strikes, Bei Feng’s expression turned morbid. He was a genius blessed with talent from the heavens. He couldn’t believe that he did not even have the upper hand against a child who was not even 4 yet. How could he endure this?


After attacking with all of his strength this time, he suddenly bent down and lifted his head. Behind him, a wave of crossbow bolts flew over while flashing in a cold light, heading straight for the little guy’s eyes and face.

All the people of Stone Village cried in in alarm; this was too sudden. The group of people were all furious, as Bei Feng was simply too savage. This was merely a small child, and yet they were so shameless and had to commit such underhanded methods.

The little guy was startled, but he was not scared. He waved both hands, and mysterious patterns appeared at his fingertip, forming a small crescent moon. He held the moon in the middle of his palms and threw it with all his might. Specks of light spread out, and broken every single crossbow bolt.

The people of Stone Villages all let out a deep sigh of relief. The situation just now truly covered their bodies in cold sweat.

“This youngster is too vicious. Letting him grow up will definitely be a disaster!” Shi Feijiao angrily said.

Bei Feng cursed inwardly, he still didn’t manage to hit Shi Hao yet. He fiercely jumped six or seven meters high, and from this advantageous position, he stomped straight towards the little guy with an unblockable force.


Shi Hao’s large eyes were clear as he decided to charge upwards. His palms were open like an eagle soaring through the sky. His movements were domineering and strong. His stance looked extremely similar to a Green Scaled Eagle breaking through the clouds.


The crescent moon in the palm of his hands shined once again, and with glorious splendor, it flew straight out, meeting Bei Feng and heavily smashing into him, creating a tyrannical explosion.


This time, Bei Feng spat out blood. His body flew out horizontally, smashing many branches off of the huge trees before dropping onto the floor. The little guy immediately followed him!

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