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Chapter 14 – Barbaric

Chapter 14 – Barbaric

Everyone from Stone Village quickly marched forth and arrived at the depths of the mountain range. Here, trees that touched the skies were snapped in half, thousand year old vines were destroyed, and all kinds of beast carcasses were scattered in a large mess.

Two mysterious beasts were currently engaging in intense combat, invoking riots and causing many ordinary beasts to die. In addition, Wolf Village once again chased away Shi Feijiao and others. This area was currently in absolute chaos.

Those beast carcasses were stacked up on a small hill, and were later all carried away by the Wolf Village, completely emptying the stack out. After Shi Linghu came back to the area, he could only grit his teeth in anger; this was truly intolerable. The villagers’ hard work of gathering up all the prey was in vain. The pile of corpses were stolen, just like that.


They hardly stopped, and continued to follow the tracks of Wolf Village and expected those people to be slower when carrying such heavy huge beasts. There were obvious tracks left by them on the mountain: fierce beasts’ hair, blood, scales. These revealed the route that the Wolf Village took.


Shi Linghu who led the way waved his hand and signalled everyone to come to a halt. He pushed aside a large chunk of withered grass and leaves in front of him, revealing a large black hole. Inside of the hole were many steel spears that pointed towards the sky. If anyone fell in, they would immediately have all their innards skewered out.

“This child of the Wolf Village is truly savage.”

Everyone from Stone Village grew increasingly furious. This was still within their territory, but the Wolf Village actually dared to do as they pleased. If things continued like so, a bloody tragedy was inevitable.

After quickly advancing 8 to 9 li, suddenly, a strong gust of wind flew towards Shi Linghu’s throat. A cold light resembling something from hell flew over with a soul-crushing and lightning fast killing intent.

This was a 1.3 meter long thick iron arrow. The terrifying power and speed of this projectile could undoubtedly penetrate a Dragon Horned Elephant’s armor. Unsurprisingly, this was the reason why they were able to penetrate the three layered armor that the Stone Village men wore, and it was absolutely terrifying.

Suddenly from within the depths of the mountain jungle, a similarly terrifying and cold arrow shot out. It was impossible to effectively defend against it, however, Shi Linghu who was brave and ferocious, surpassed all expectations. With lightning quick reactions, he moved sideways.

It was beyond dangerous, and this ice-cold iron arrow scraped his neck, carrying along a string of blood with it. A little bit of skin was ripped open by the arrowhead; just a bit more and the arrow would have instantly bore through the neck.

Just now, a sharp whistle sounded. This was the sonic boom caused by the iron arrow, much slower than the arrow itself. This showed just how terrifying the speed was.


The iron arrow did not enter the lump of boulder far away, instead, it went straight through it. The friction caused sounds of metal clashing and sparks flying, and it was extremely terrifying. What kind of of tyrannical strength was this? This type of heavy arrow, how many people dared to oppose it? If you were actually hit by it, then it would definitely make your heart stop cold!

The scene was absolutely silent. Shi Linghu felt the scraped skin on his neck, and his cold eyes flickered. He barely managed to avoid death.

In a faraway mountain region, a youth held his bow on the ground with a cold complexion. A grim light flickered in his eyes as he stared in this direction.

“It’s that child again!” At that moment, Shi Feijiao and the others’ anger broke through the heavens. This indifferent youth successively inflicted serious injuries to all the capable men of the village.

This was a 14 or 15 year old youth, and he was rather tall-bodied with soft black shiny hair. His skin was fair and he was quite handsome, only that his eyes were unremorseful. This took away from his beauty and gave people a kind of wild and cruel feeling.

Behind him, 70 or 80 people were currently dragging huge beasts one after the other, leaving a trail of blood on the mountain floor. Grass and bramble were all being crushed underneath.

“Child of Wolf Village, besides shooting some scary arrows, what else can you do? Come here if you have the guts, I’ll peel off your head with one palm.” A few people furiously roared.

That pretty youth blinked his cold eyes, drew his bow, and aimed straight at him.

Upon seeing this, Shi Linghu did not utter a single word. His hand held a large black bow made of a Dragon’s Horn that was roughly half a person long, and quickly extended his bowstring. He armed his iron arrow and immediately released it.


Two thick arrows collided in midair, causing sparks to fly out and extremely sharp ear piercing sounds. The two arrows simply neutralized each other before falling straight to the ground.

Everyone took in a breath of cold air. That youth’s archery skills were too abnormal. Not even 20 yet, and was able to fight toe to toe with the village’s strongest male, Shi Linghu.

Qiang, Qiang…

In the forest, sparks flew in all directions. Over ten iron arrows all collided with each other and made metallic sounds. Like a meteor shower, one after another fell to the ground, rupturing people’s eardrums.

These godly arrows startled the entire desolate forest.

The strongest male in the village, Shi Linghu, was evenly matched with this youth, and neither had the advantage over the other, startling the group of people watching. Using both his arms, this youth could probably lift up a copper cauldron at least 5 or 6 thousand jin.

This made people take in a breath of cold air. Such a formidable genius. He was a later generation youngster, yet he was able to produce such shocking godlike strength. This made people fear for their lives.

“Friends from Stone Village, forgive us. This time we require a large amount of ferocious beasts. Give us the prey this time and you will be rewarded in the future.” A middle aged man appeared and yelled out in a loud and clear voice.

“In order to steal our prey, you ran our clansman out of our own territory in the middle of the road with such vicious intents. Each arrow you shot penetrated our organs and gravely injured s many, yet you ask for forgiveness? Such a malicious act, and you act so passively, what is the reason behind your actions?” Shi Linghu angrily rebuked.

“After a dispute, conflicts would arise and there would naturally be bloodshed. Even a negligent child would understand this fact.” Wolf Village’s hunting squad captain said,

“Unaccepted, bring it on!” An even tougher lower-ranked male from Wolf Village said.

The people from Stone Village all felt as if they were going to explode. Wolf Village ruthlessly attacked and even stole Stone Village’s prey, yet they were still so overbearing and didn’t even try to reason, there really weren’t any good things to say about the current situation.

“Then let’s fight!” Shi Feijiao bellowed.

“Why would we be scared of you guys?” The captain of Wolf Village’s hunting squad replied. He appeared quite imposing, and with a height of 2.34 meters, he gave off an oppressing aura.

Qiang, Qiang…

The sound of weapons clashing unceasingly rang out. Groups of people heaved around broadswords that were roughly half their height, and with the flickering of cold light, murderous aura permeated the air. The shockwaves caused the leaves in the forest to scatter down from the trees.

“We urge you to return to where you came from. If you dare take another step, i’ll kill you all with one arrow. This time there won’t be any mercy!” The handsome youth from Wolf Village said. His words incited anger, and made people wish he were the one shot by an arrow instead.

Shi Linghu angrily said, “Child, you’re not even an adult, yet you’re so skillful and already quite formidable. However, by acting so domineering and in such a heated fashion, this won’t end nicely for you.”

At the same time, he arched his bow and shot straight ahead. Since communications between them had already reached such a point, what else could they do? Only war!


The iron arrows collided once again, causing the mountain to buzz and vibrate.


Everyone from Stone Village extended their huge bows, held their broadswords, and spun their wolf-toothed clubs. They were as uninhibited as fierce beasts as they swept up gales while rushing forward like leaves dancing in the breeze.

The people from Wolf Village were all tall and strong. They rushed head on as well, and a battle royale was on the verge of unfolding.

At this time, a small silhouette similar to a small sparrow rapidly dashed to the front and yelled out in a loud voice, “You people steal the food that we depend on to survive and also wanted to kill my uncle. Uncle and the others are such kindhearted and good people, you people are all evil!”

Shi Hao’s little face was flustered red from being so stirred up. His hands were clasped tightly together, and his eyes were filled with a fiery anger. Since childhood, he had been raised in Stone Village and had been surrounded by warmth and comfort. Never had he faced such barbaric people before.

Everyone within Wolf Village was astonished, and then they began to laugh loudly. They did not expect that apart from a few youths, Stone Village also had these kind of children following along. Won’t this just be an inconvenience for the rest of them?


An iron arrow flew out as if it was splitting apart the air. That 14 or 15 year old youth from v was still cold and indifferent. He extended that terrifying large bow and aimed it straight at the little guy.

Everyone from Stone Village shot flames out of their eyes, and they could not be any more furious. This was only a child, and the little guy was usually clever and cute. The enemy actually treated a child with the same evil intent, making their hair stand up straight.

Shi Linghu armed his bow with a large arrow at once. He destroyed that youth’s iron arrow; however, his expression instantly worsened.

This was because this time, the youth shot four arrows at once. Four streaks of cold light flew through the air as fast as lightning, but Shi Linghu only had enough time to break three arrows. The enemy was even stronger than he imagined.

Dang, Dang…

Among them, three arrows collided together, dropping straight to the floor. There was still another 1.3 meter long large iron arrow heading straight towards the little guy’s throat. The cold tranquility made people fear.

The little guy used his hands to grab the iron arrow, shocking the villagers and exclaimed “Stay out of my way!”

They knew that Shi Hao was gifted with incredible natural talent, but he was not even four years old. Although he lifted up a thousand jin copper cauldron, the enemy’s experience was even greater. His force was alarmingly strong, able to lift 5 or 6 cauldrons, on par with Shi Linghu.

“You even made a move against a child?!” Stone Village’s people eyes were popping out of their sockets.


However, even more astonishing was the fact that the little guy’s left hand chopped the arrow shaft in half, making it fly away on a tilt. It made a group of people mouth agape and speechless, unable to utter a single word.

There were only a few people who had seen symbol flashing on his palm before it rapidly faded away.


The little guy jumped forward, and directly threw himself towards that youth from Wolf Village.

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