Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 996 - Cute and vicious

Chapter 996: Cute and vicious

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The white tiger’s fur glistened under the light. Its physique and aura differed from tigers raised in zoos and circuses. This tiger was a vicious beast and was a bloodthirsty killer.

However, a pink bowtie was tied around the great white tiger, which completely ruined its image.

Hm, this was such a familiar bowtie, such a familiar scene…

Xu Yi stood to the side with dark bags under his eyes as he wiped his sweat.

In order to complete the task, he searched all night on the mountain for the tiger then he had to risk his life just to put the bowtie back on it.

Once Tangtang saw the big white tiger, his original hesitation turned into anticipation and astonishment. He never imagined that the pet his Mommy talked about would be a tiger.

“Tangtang, why don’t you greet Great White? Don’t be scared. Great White is super cute and obedient!” Ye Wanwan said.

In her previous life, she was always scared of Great White because Great White really was terrifying. She was afraid she would be eaten but eventually discovered that Great White was the exactly the same as Si Ye Han. They both only appeared terrifying on the surface…

Xu Yi was speechless: “…”

Don’t lie to children…


Just as Xu Yi thought this, a loud roar erupted beside him.

In the kitchen, a fatty sneezed. “Damn… This tiger must’ve been raised in the wild…”

Tang Bin clicked her tongue and said, “The Bengal White Tiger is one of the strongest types… and also one of the most vicious tigers…”

Tangtang nodded and got down from his chair to head towards the big white tiger, but when he got down, he went too fast and accidentally twisted his leg.

“Tangtang, are you okay?” Ye Wanwan frantically asked.

“Mommy, I’m fine!” The little fella managed to reach the big white tiger. “Nice to meet you, I’m Tangtang.”

“ROAR–” The white tiger roared again. Its pale blue eyes were laced with caution and curiosity as it sized up the little milk bun.

Tangtang stood in front of the big white tiger and tilted his head as he observed the pink bowtie before he pointed at it. “Is this uncomfortable?”

“ROAR–” The big white tiger howled lowly.

Thus, the little fella reached out and pulled off the bowtie. Xu Yi appeared very afraid as he witnessed that.

“Is that better?” the little fella asked.

“ROAR–” This time, the volume of the white tiger’s howl had lowered by several degrees.

Tangtang revealed a big smile. “Great White, your voice is really nice to hear.”

Xu Ye: “…” Nice to hear?

This child was so similar to Miss Wanwan in this respect…

“Mommy, can I take Great White to the garden to play?” Tangtang glanced enthusiastically at Ye Wanwan.

“Of course you can. Go quickly!” Seeing that Tangtang liked his new friend, Ye Wanwan didn’t worry anymore.

Tangtang asked Great White for his opinion. “Great White, how about we go to the garden?”

Great White roared lowly back in reply. It went to stand beside Tangtang and suddenly nudged his leg.

“Great White, what is it?” Tangtang didn’t understand what Great White wanted.

“ROAR–” Great White bent forward. Using his big furry head to nudge his leg, it hinted at Tangtang to crawl up.

“Great White, thank you!” Tangtang climbed up carefully.

After Tangtang settled onto its back, Great White then got up and slowly walked to the garden, carrying the little milk bun.

At this moment, Xu Yi was watching in awe. “…”

Could this training ability run in the family?

That can’t be… This child isn’t even Miss Wanwan’s…

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