Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 995 - Great White is so cute~

Chapter 995: Great White is so cute~

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How does it feel to watch another male woo your own wife with flowers and a confession?

How does it feel to watch another male woo your own wife with flowers and a confession?

The emotions Si Ye Han was currently experiencing were difficult to express in words.

The little fella leaned against his Mommy’s shoulder. “Mommy… Will Mommy leave Tangtang in the future?”

Ye Wanwan tousled the little fella’s hair. “Of course I won’t…”

Ye Wanwan suddenly felt emotional. She felt a bit anxious because none of this truly belonged to her.

There was going to be a day when Tangtang found his birth mother and wouldn’t treat her like this anymore…

Oh! I can just hide him and raise him myself!

Ye Wanwan even considered that possibility…

It was still morning and the family of three sat together at the breakfast table.

Ye Wanwan propped up her chin with both hands as she stared at the father-son pair with satisfaction.

*sigh* What more could I ask for when I have such a perfect life?

Ye Wanwan thought this as she picked up a poached egg.

She was about to put it on someone’s plate when she met two familiar gazes.

“Ah…” Ye Wanwan’s chopsticks froze in midair.

Because she wanted to be able to live, Ye Wanwan used her left hand to pick up another poached egg and placed both eggs simultaneously with both her hands onto the plates of the father-son pair.

After receiving the poached eggs, their piercing gazes retreated.

Ye Wanwan secretly wiped her sweat.

Ah… Aside from one thing, everything else is perfect…

That one thing being how the father-son relationship seemed strained and competitive…

“Oh right, Tangtang. Because Mommy and Daddy are always working and don’t have time to accompany you, Mommy found an adorable pet for you to play with!” Ye Wanwan said.

Tangtang naturally hoped to stay by his Mommy’s side but didn’t want to give her any trouble.

Although the little fella wasn’t interested in dogs or cats or even bunnies, he still obediently nodded. “Thank you, Mommy.”

“Such a good child…” Ye Wanwan tousled his hair. “I’ll introduce you to him later. You will definitely love him!”

As she said this, footsteps came from the door.

“Miss Wanwan!” Xu Yi had only received his orders last night, but he rushed over in the morning.

“Housekeeper Xu, you came. Where’s Great White?” Ye Wanwan immediately peered behind Xu Yi.

Xu Yi lightly coughed then hesitantly glanced over to his master for help.

Originally, he wanted to say something to his master but decided against it. It was useless to ask his master.

Thus, Xu Yi directly asked Ye Wanwan, “Miss Wanwan, are you absolutely sure you want to bring Great White over? Won’t he scare the little young master?”

Ye Wanwan instantly frowned. “How could he?! Great White is so cute! Quickly bring Great White over! I really miss him!”

Xu Yi: “Alright, then I’ll go…”

Say, why do I feel like Miss Wanwan is the one who wants to play with Great White more than the young master…

Tangtang tilted his head in confusion. “Great White?”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Yes, that’s his name!”

“Is it a bunny?” Tangtang asked.

The mother-son pair were still talking when Xu Yi returned, but this time, a large snowy-white animal was following behind him.

“ROAR-” The white tiger let out a low roar as it slowly walked in.

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