Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 993 - Wouldn't he know best?

Chapter 993: Wouldn’t he know best?

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The next morning.

Gong Xu was in the headlines again.

The popular topic that was trending was #Gong Xu’s repertoire of bad acting#.

It was obvious that this was another planned attack to diss Gong Xu as well as a chance to drag down Ye Wanwan’s movie, A Life and Death Struggle, by predicting it would be a wreck because of Gong Xu.

Ever since Ye Wanwan revealed Gong Xu’s true personality, no one was able to falsify rumors about him anymore. As for his acting… Until now, even Ye Wanwan was incapable of helping him…

Han Xian Yu was an idol with abilities and was practically perfect. Luo Chen, who debuted at the same time as him, had acted in Director Song Jin’s Terrifying Dragon and again in Terrifying Dragon 2, which proved he had real talent.

Only Gong Xu wasn’t able to escape his title of “flower vase.”

Even though the majority of celebrities lived off their visual appearances and didn’t have any real skill, Gong Xu’s acting was way too off and he stood out too much. If one had to be honest, his acting was so bad that anyone who watched would remember. His acting was so bad that no one in the industry could compete with him for worst acting.

If one mentioned bad acting, everyone would first think of Gong Xu.

Ye Wanwan swiped through the forums while watching the trending video that Jiaojiao was secretly watching. It was a video which listed and showed clips of all Gong Xu’s bad dramas.

This child… Aren’t her tastes too unique…

She especially loved really tragic and dramatic scenes. As a result, Gong Xu’s scenes became her favorite…

Besides the trending disses towards Gong Xu, there was also a post from Gong Xu’s Weibo which he uploaded not too long ago.

[Damn! You all only know how to diss me all day. My acting is bad? That’s because I don’t care! If I become serious, I would even be scared of myself! Isn’t it just acting? Isn’t it just ability? Then with my next film, I’ll win the Golden Orchid for Best Actor and throw the award in your faces! If I can’t do it, I’ll livestream eating sh*t with Luo Chen! This post is my oath and I’ll never delete it!]

This Weibo post gave Ye Wanwan a massive headache.

Gong Xu, this child, always has to make such a commotion…

The main point is if you’re going eat sh*t, fine. What are you doing dragging Luo Chen into this?

When Gong Xu posted this, the comments section became flooded instantly…

[Damn hahahaha! What did I just see?! There must be a problem with Weibo, Gong Xu actually claims he’ll win Best Actor!]

[This is the biggest joke I’ve heard all year! Gong Xu must’ve gone mad, right?! How could he say this kind of thing? Shouldn’t he know best how bad his acting is?!]

[Isn’t the main point… why Gong Xu has to drag Luo Chen into eating sh*t with him?]

[Hahaha, even though he’s bluffing too much, why do I suddenly think Gong Xu is actually kind of cute?]

It was good that Gong Xu’s relationship with his fans wasn’t bad. Besides a few mean comments, the majority was kind-hearted teasing. Even Luo Chen’s and Gong Xu’s CP fans were joining in on the fun which controlled the overall atmosphere.

Ye Wanwan had just finished flipping through the forums when her phone rang.

Dong Zai was calling her. “Ye-ge, it’s over. Gong Xu made a mess of things again…”

Ye Wanwan exhaled. “I know. I’ve already seen it.”

“I’m sorry, Ye-ge. I couldn’t stop him… Ye-ge, what do we do now?! Xu-ge would rather die than delete that post. Will he really need to livestream eating…”

Ye Wanwan laughed. “Don’t be so pessimistic. Who knows, Gong Xu might really be able to win Best Actor?”

Dong Zai sounded as though he wanted to cry. “Ye-ge, don’t joke anymore…”

Shouldn’t I know best what kind of acting my artist is capable of?

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