Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 992 - So obedient and docile

Chapter 992: So obedient and docile

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After returning to the Little Rose Garden, Ye Wanwan called over the group of five for a small meeting.

Ye Wanwan specifically told them that in China, she was a businessman who needed to adhere to the law. She couldn’t fight and kill so easily.

Ye Wanwan only relaxed once all five of them wrote it down in their little notepads.

The sound of a sports car came from outside the door. Si Ye Han had finished his social function and returned home.

Due to Tangtang, Ye Wanwan talked to Si Ye Han. He agreed to try to come to the Little Rose Garden every night so they could pretend to be a family of three.

Thankfully, Si Ye Han was willing to accommodate her.

“Ah-Jiu, you’re back!”

Ye Wanwan looked at Xu Yi, who was behind Si Ye Han. He was holding several bags in his arms.

Ye Wanwan’s gaze swept over them and noticed there some flowery toys. “Oh, where did these come from?”

“Xie Zhe Zhi gifted these,” Si Ye Han replied.

Ye Wanwan was both surprised and speechless.

It was actually Xie Zhe Zhi. I never imagined that megastar Xie was so considerate.

Xu Yi wanted to say that only a small portion was from megastar while the rest were picked out by the 9th master but he ended up not speaking…

Si Ye Han saw that it was late yet Ye Wanwan was still awake, so he asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

Ye Wanwan shook her head. “Someone caused some trouble at the filming location but it’s nothing, everything’s been settled!”

Ye Wanwan decided to simplify her story.

Afterwards, Ye Wanwan wrapped her arm around Si Ye Han’s arm and said, “Hey, there’s some people in this house that need rehabilitation. They’re so impulsive and aggressive when they handle matters. How are they not able to stop once they start fighting?”

Si Ye Han looked at her with an expression that was hard to read.

Ye Wanwan blinked. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

Si Ye Han: “It’s nothing. As long as you remember what you just said then it’s fine.”

Ye Wanwan was confused. Why did he say something so strange?

“Where’s Tangtang?” Si Ye Han casually asked.

“Already sleeping!” Ye Wanwan replied as she pulled Si Ye Han over to sit on the sofa. “Ah-Jiu, I have something to discuss with you…”

Si Ye Han: “What is it?”

Ye Wanwan blinked innocently then said, “We’re both so busy with work. Don’t you feel like Tangtang is too lonely all alone at home?”

Si Ye Han glanced at her. “So?”

“Hehe, so let’s let Tangtang get a pet! Pets can cultivate the love in children and can keep Tangtang company, isn’t that great?” Ye Wanwan excitedly suggested.

Si Ye Han replied, “What kind of pet do you want? I’ll have Xu Yi go buy it for you.”

Ye Wanwan waved her hands to indicate no. “No need, no need. It doesn’t need to be that troublesome. Don’t we have a live animal?”

Si Ye Han went silent and frowned as he stared at her.

Ye Wanwan instantly continued, “We have Great White! How about you directly bring Great White over to accompany Tangtang! Tangtang will definitely love it!”

Si Ye Han: “…”

Ye Wanwan excitedly said, “Great White is so cute and obedient and docile! How great would it be if he could accompany Tangtang! Isn’t my idea amazing?”

Xu Yi, who was quietly organizing things: “…”

You actually want Si Lu Te as a pet?

Miss Wanwan… Do you even understand what the word “docile” means?

He felt that 9th master definitely wouldn’t agree to a request that ridiculous…

Si Ye Han: “Xu Yi, go prepare Great White.”

Xu Yi: “Yes!”

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