Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 984 - When my boss comes, you're dead

Chapter 984: When my boss comes, you’re dead

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Zhang Wei’s gaze darkened. “Ah, young master Gong, don’t be so impatient. Naturally, I haven’t forgotten you!”

Today, he would definitely return the humiliation this brat made him go through before.

Ye Mu Fan angrily scolded him, “Gong Xu! Who let you out here?!”

Gong Xu tossed his jacket to the side. “F**k! They’re already stepping all over our faces and I still have to hide inside? Why don’t we just fight?! Roll with the punches! Let’s see who’s really scared of who?!”

Ye Mu Fan felt very stressed. This guy’s personality was like fireworks. Once he was lit, he would explode!

Ye Mu Fan grinded his teeth. “Your Ye-ge told you to obediently stay inside and not to come out!”

Gong Xu looked at the mess in the surrounding area and his expression darkened. “Even if you mention Ye-ge this time, it’s useless!”

He couldn’t let the entire production team get implicated because of him…

Gong Xu became even more determined to head out and settle things by himself.

At that moment, Luo Chen, who had been standing to the side, spoke. “Ye-ge cares about you. He’s afraid you’ll get hurt.”

Gong Xu stopped at the words “Ye-ge cares about you.”

Luo Chen took this chance and dragged him back as he continued speaking. “Not to mention you’re the star. If you get hurt, it’ll impact the production of the whole movie. The props and equipment are negligible but you’re the most important here, do you understand?”

When Ye Mu Fan heard that, he wanted to cry. Look, look how Luo Chen is so understanding !

Can’t Gong Xu change his bad temper?

Zhang Wei noticed Gong Xu had stopped proceeding forward so he taunted, “Weren’t you ferocious when you stole my girl? So what, you’re a coward now?”

“You’re the coward!” Gong Xu furiously shouted back.

Ye Mu Fan was afraid Gong Xu wouldn’t be able to hold back and quickly went to restrain him. “Gong Xu, just wait a bit. Ye Bai is already bringing people over!”

Gong Xu took a deep breath. “The one surnamed Zhang, just you wait and see!”

Zhang Wei laughed aloud. “You’re still crazy. You still think of yourself as the Gong family’s second young master! Let this old man tell you that even if your old man showed up, he can’t protect you today!”

Gong Xu jumped up and shouted back, “My old man my a*s! I’ll tell you a secret – my backing right now is even stronger than my old man! Just you wait, when my boss comes, you’re dead!”

Ye Mu Fan: “…”

This guy…

If his old man heard what he just said, he would die of anger…

Zhang Wei couldn’t stop laughing. “Hahahaha… Oh my, I’m so scared!”

His lackeys also started to laugh. “Second young master Gong, who’s your boss? He wouldn’t be that pretty boy called Ye Bai, would he?”

“Hahahahahaha… Too funny!”

Zhang Wei sat back down in his chair. “Fine, I’ll wait. I also want to see what kind of people that strong boss of yours will bring to defeat me!”

Zhang Wei’s expression was only filled with ridicule and no trace of fear.

Right at that moment, several employees cried out in delight. “He’s here, he’s here! Ye-ge came!”

“That’s great! As long as Ye-ge’s here, things will be fine!”

Following the cheers, a white car parked at the side of the road.

Everyone on the production team eagerly looked towards the car.

Particularly Luo Chen, Gong Xu, Dong Zai and everyone who had been with Ye Bai for so long. To them, Ye Bai could do anything and there wasn’t any problem he couldn’t solve.

So when they saw Ye Bai’s car arriving, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

When Zhang Wei witnessed their reactions, his eyes dilated. That so-called Ye Bai was originally part of Dazzling, so he didn’t have a full understanding of him but heard rumors claiming that Ye Bai was a bit evil…

Was it possible that he could hire an amazing fighter?

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