Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 983 - As you command, Master

Chapter 983: As you command, Master

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Heidi angrily rolled up her sleeves. “Who dares to have the guts to cause trouble for Master?!”

But currently, Master was hiding her identity, so it made sense…

“Let me think about who to send…” Ye Wanwan murmured as she swept her gaze over the group of five.

“Master, me me me. Let me go, I’ll kill whoever you want! Just say the word!”

Ye Wanwan didn’t reply but the corners of her lips curved upwards. “You’re only there to settle things. I’m not telling you to kill anyone…”

Judging by Ye Mu Fan’s tone, the situation seemed fairly severe. Their opponents were former members of the provincial Chinese boxing team, so sending a more reliable and responsible person would be better.

The best fighter amongst the group of five was Jiaojiao, so why not send Jiaojiao?

Thus, Ye Wanwan ordered, “Jiaojiao, head on over!”

Jiaojiao immediately held up her skirt and happily curtsied before crisply replying, “As you command, Master!”

Ye Wanwan felt a bit regretful after making her decision. Say, isn’t Jiaojiao a bit too vicious?

Whatever. Being vicious was also a good thing.

At the filming location.

“Smash! Smash it all!”

An endless racquet of shouting noises enveloped the area.

Luo Chen appeared anxious. “Was that Ye-ge on the phone just now? What did Ye-ge say?”

Ye Mu Fan solemnly replied, “He said he would call some helpers over…”

Dong Zai asked, “Ye-ge is going to get help? But they have so many people. Not to mention that Zhang Wei came personally. If Liang Xin Dong came, he might consider letting us off.”

Ye Mu Fan didn’t have any hope towards Ye Wanwan. She was only a girl, so how could she know anyone who could fight?

“Let me go make a phone call.” Ye Mu Fan took a deep breath.

He had some connections with people in the industry, but after his father lost his position, he didn’t contact them anymore.

Despite everything, he wanted to try…

Old Three Zhang’s gang of people were going overboard, so Ye Mu Fan didn’t dare to overthink it and immediately made the call.

The phone rang for awhile but someone finally answered his call.

“Hello, Liang-ge…”

“Hey, who are you?”

Ye Mu Fan tried to sound as respectful as possible. “Liang-ge, it’s been a long time. Sorry to bother you. I’m Ye Mu Fan and I wanted to ask you for help. I currently have a conflict with Zhang Wei and I was wondering if you could be our mediator and help sort things out…”

The man over the phone seemed to suddenly recall who he was. “Oh, I was wondering who you were. It’s actually my good nephew Ye. Ah, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I’m preparing for the global martial arts conference right now and I’ve been training people in seclusion. I don’t have the heart to interfere in such a trivial matter. I’m really sorry…”

Once the person over the phone finished talking, he didn’t even wait for Ye Mu Fan to reply and directly hung up like an aquatic animal slipping away into the water.

The other party clearly didn’t want to get involved with Old Three Zhang over something so trivial and also knew that the present Ye Mu Fan was no longer the Ye family’s precious young master. Based off his current status, Ye Mu Fan wasn’t influential enough for Liang Xin Dong to feel compelled to help out.

Ye Mu Fan grinded his teeth but couldn’t think of any more solutions. He could only depend on Ye Wanwan…

Wanwan had changed a lot and wasn’t as reckless as she used to be. She sounded so confident over the phone, so maybe she really could find someone…

As Ye Mu Fan kept worrying, Gong Xu rushed out furiously from behind him–

“F**k! The one surnamed Zhang, aren’t you doing all this because me?! I’ll take responsibility, so if you’re looking for trouble then come directly at me!”

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